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Die Welt: Poor Households Suffering Most From Green Energies, Households Crushed By “540 Euros In Extra Costs In 2016”

Martin Greive and Daniel Wetzel at Germany’s center-right national daily Die Welt have a commentary on renewable energy, telling readers that it will hit the poor in Germany the hardest. They write that the Energiewende (transition to renewable energy) will result in 540 euros in extra costs for each German household in 2016. And things […]

A Hell Week For Global Warming Alarmists: Crumbling Consensus, Inconvenient Data And Policy Rejection

It hasn’t been a good week for the global warming alarmists. Three events have rocked the movement and caused alarmists to go into a state of alarm. Putin calls global warming “a fraud” The first event Russian President Vladimir Putin, who used to play along with the issue, has come out and called global warming science […]

Siesta Energy...Germany's 40 Gigawatts Of Installed Wind Capacity Habitually Fails To Report To Work!

Siesta Energy…Germany’s 40 Gigawatts Of Installed Wind Capacity Habitually Fails To Report To Work!

We already know that solar energy refuses to show up for work at night and also for the most part when it’s cloudy or wintertime. Green energy proponents like to tell us that when the sun is AWOL, we can always switch to wind. The wind, after all, is always blowing somewhere, they like to tell […]

Renewables Flop: Former Harvard Professor Gives Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ A Grade Of “D” …In A “Deadend”!

Risky Energiewende By Dr. Sebastian Lüning und Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) Konrad Kleinknecht is a professor of experimental physics and researched at the universities of Heidelberg, Dortmund, Harvard, Mainz and Munich. His publications in the fields of high-energy physics have been awarded top prizes, among them the Leibniz-Prize of the DFS, the […]

Greens In Denial: Health Impacts From Wind Turbines Are Real – And Not “In People’s Heads”

The following video is really worth taking the time to watch. It explains clearly how very low frequency sound waves (infrasound) from wind turbines have an adverse effect on some people, making them feel ill. Like the motion sickness that people experience in a car, plane or boat, infrasound sickness results from “sensory conflict” in […]

German Nutritionist Exposes UN Junk-Science-Based Meat/Cancer Link …”Intimidation Of The Public”

Prominent German nutritionist Udo Pollmer (photo right), a frequent guest of the media on issues concerning food, recently commented on and dismissed here the UN’s latest claim that especially processed meats cause colon cancer and red meats show a strong link. Background here. In the segment Pollmer first says that the science in the […]

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