German Wind Turbines “In Conflict With Health”…Physicians Recommend 3-Kilometer Minimum Distance!

NDR German public television recently broadcast a critical report on the health effects of wind turbines.

According to state physician Thomas Carl Stiller, infrasound from wind turbines causes an array of ailments among a segment of the population, such as dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, fatigue, sleeplessness and difficulty concentrating.

Nationally, protest groups are banding together in numbers never seen before to fight off wind projects, demanding that issues surrounding infrasound and environmental impact be addressed and clarified more thoroughly before wind parks are permitted.

According to the video report, German Constitutional lawyer Rudolf Wendt says the norms for permitting wind parks need to be updated as “they originate from the 1990s, the last century!

As wind turbines have grown to huge dimensions, wind park protest group spokeswoman Jutta Reinhardt says that human health “is now in conflict with Germany’s Energiewende” and so there should be nothing to negotiate.

German doctors like Stiller say turbines less than 3 kilometers away from occupied buildings should be turned off.

Wind parks destroying biodiversity

Meanwhile the German Wildlife Foundation issued a press release earlier this month warning that wind turbines have killed and currently endanger cranes in the German state of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. According to Foundation sole chairman Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt:

The rapid species die-off and disappearance of biodiversity is being played down, ignored due to a questionable climate policy, and against the will of the citizens.”

Vahrenholt also blasts the plans for further wind parks in the region, claiming that the power grid infrastructure to transport the power to markets on windy days does not even exist, and so the parks are routinely idled. Yet, the wind park operators are still paid (by the power consumer) for the power that would have otherwise been produced.

Vahrenholt adds that it’s only the wind park project developers and the wind park operators who benefit. “The bill gets picked up by the private household consumers while nature gets thrown overboard.


19 responses to “German Wind Turbines “In Conflict With Health”…Physicians Recommend 3-Kilometer Minimum Distance!”

  1. sod

    Just a word of caution:

    “state physician” sounds great, but i think the better translation is “countryside doctor” (without any harm being meant).

    1. Analitik

      True but his qualifications seem rather more comprehensive than those of your typical “countryside doctor”

    2. lemiere jacques

      sure.. though i am not a fan of wind parks.. till now i never saw clear evidence of harm caused by wind turbines except of some evident ones, it is plausible but hard to demonstrate and quantify.
      And if we speak about noises and sounds..your neighbour’s washing machine can make your night a hell..

      1. Analitik

        This post describes a case in Australia where a couple being paid to have wind turbines on their farm want them gone because of the infrasound.

    3. Graeme No.3

      So it is OK if we refer to you as the Village Idiot?

      feel free to snip this, but sod’s persistent stupidity is too much.

      1. Colorado Wellington

        Graeme, you are right about the inanity of some of sod’s comments but I agree with Pierre. I understand your frustration and I’m familiar with the figurative idiom but please do not refer to him as the Village Idiot. I know real cases of birth defect “village idiots” in real villages and we both know sod is not one of them. His thinking is influenced by his experiences as Pierre says but ultimately he is a well-to-do Westerner with free time on his hands, he can read, he has access to the same information you and I have, and he makes conscious choices what to think, write and advocate.

        I prefer Commie, Nazi or Sozi if a moniker is needed here though I don’t use these as insults but rather as political and ideological definitions. I also prefer to identify the ideas rather than the person even though I know that most Commies, Nazis and Sozis proudly identify with their ideologies (crypto-Commies being an exception).

        I hate it that the Left has succeeded to fraudulently disassociate itself from National Socialism. It’s one of the biggest deceptions of modern times. I do understand the sensitivity in post-WWII Germany but I also hate it that Nazi symbols, propaganda and ideas are illegal there but Commie equivalents are not only allowed but frequently promoted. Personally, I would like to see decriminalization. I don’t enjoy it but I like my Commies and Nazis out in the open so we know who they are and what they want. I don’t expect it happen in Germany anytime soon, though. The pattern is entrenched too much.

        I admire Pierre’s courage and determination to go against murderous “conventional knowledge” on so many fronts and I prefer that he gives people like sod the opportunity to publish on his site. Especially in Germany, the connection between Red, Brown and Green needs to be exposed and discussed. I am too old and jaded to expect any substantial breakthroughs in the official acceptance of the equivalence of international and national brands of socialism but I like it that sod is forced to defend ideas here that are eerily similar to those of the Nazis.

        Who knows, maybe he will even learn something. He certainly considers himself an open-minded person but I won’t hold my breath. I’ve seen a few cases of epiphany over the decades but I also would have been dead many times over if I hung around waiting with bated breath.

  2. DirkH

    Wait, that would mean we could build only far less of them and that means we couldn’t syphon off so many subsidies and that would ruin this entirely pointless attempt at creating a war-like effort of a centrally planned economy to artificially inflate the GDP of a nation in a bankrupt debt money system. Meaning, Neo-Keynesianism would end. We can’t have THAT can we. How would we pay for our Methamphetamin?

  3. Bernd Felsche

    Wind parks are similar to the steam locomotives of 1944/45 in Germany. Supported by the state, not because they are especially good; not because they’re effective; but because any idiot can build them; even if they get bombed out before travelling a single kilometre from the factory. Indeed, building more is justified by them being bombed out.

    Meanwhile, the slave labourers spend sleepless nights and days, unable to escape the din and the incessant propagandist rhetoric, promising a better future.

  4. Bob in Castlemaine

    In the State of Victoria, Australia we once had a 2km minimum setback requirement between windmills and residences. A change of state government in 2014 brought the far Left, Andrews, Labor Government to power and with it renewed save the planet zeal – the 2km minimum setback was thrown out and is now a 1km setback. With renewed enthusiasm these ideological zealots are determined to save the planet even if they have to destroy it in the process.

    The devastating impact of wind generation on the cost of electricity to average power user is obvious, since the renewables obsession commenced in earnest Australian electricity prices have gone from being amongst the world’s lowest, to being one of the world’s highest. The Australian state with by far the largest number of wind turbines, South Australia, is also the state with the highest priced, least reliable electricity.

    As for the environment it’s obvious what is happening when one sees the pointless desecration of once beautiful landscapes across the world. Similarly the destruction of birds and bats is becoming more well recognised, in spite of the wind industry’s attempts to cover-up their slaughter.

    It’s been known since the 1980s that infrasound, such as produced in copious quantities by wind turbines, is capable of causing noise problems at residences located at least 10km from wind turbines. Refer to the US research of Neil Kelley et al.

    In more recent times research has also shed light on the likely physiological mechanisms underlying wind turbine induced illness. One of the most promising hypotheses relating to the infrasound/wind turbine sickness connection is that advanced by Kevin Dooley. Based on Mr. Dooley’s research, assertions that wind turbine syndrome is all in the mind (or “nocebo” as one prominent Australian academic describes it) have about the same relevance as telling the millions of motion or sea sickness sufferers world wide that it’s all in their minds. Well in a sense I suppose it is in their minds, not imagined but a matter of how their brains process very real sensory inputs.

    1. Analitik

      Actually, South Australia only has about 200MW more installed wind turbine capacity than Victoria. The big difference is that Victoria has vastly more thermal (brown coal/lignite) power stations than South Australia and have been keeping them operational.

      The whole of South Australia will be off grid soon (when it crashes and the interconnectors are overloaded).

  5. yonason
  6. Asmilwho

    I do wish people would stop talking about wind “farms” or “parks”, we have all fallen into the trap of persuasive definition here.

    whenever Jo & Joe Public think of farms or parks, I’m sure vast industrial installations are not the first thing that pops into their minds.

    My preferred description is “turbine array” but I’m afraid the environmentalists have set the terms of the discourse too firmly for it to change it now.

  7. Walter H. Schneider

    Re: “Vahrenholt also blasts the plans for further wind parks in the region, claiming that the power grid infrastructure to transport the power to markets on windy days does not even exist, and so the parks are routinely idled. Yet, the wind park operators are still paid (by the power consumer) for the power that would have otherwise been produced.”

    Makes perfect sense. You’ve got to keep in mind the enormous amount of extra tax revenue that produces. Those extra taxes do not even require legislative scrutiny or approval. They certainly receive absolutely no public attention. They are the perfect scam!

    1. yonason

      On the way home from day care my kids would ask to stop at the farm store. They loved to watch the cows being milked, and to pet the lambs, etc. It was a fun outing.

      A wind farm conjures up an image of a macabre Adams family dead bat and raptor petting zoo. If one is lucky, he might get there just as one falls to the ground, and can witness it’s death agony. If he’s very fortunate, perhaps he will be able to observe a fox or a coyote coming to feed on the carcasses.

      If it becomes popular enough, admission could be charged.

      As if that isn’t disturbing enough, I can’t help but think that the predators coming to scavenge can be compared to the speculators, and the carcasses to those of us upon whose financial backs the turbines spin.

      If you can recognize the predator for what he is, you may avoid being his prey.
      But if not, as seems to be the case, . . . you might as well join the fox for lunch?

    2. DirkH

      “You’ve got to keep in mind the enormous amount of extra tax revenue that produces. ”

      That is a much smaller amount than the total of 28 bn EUR a year in subsidies extracted from the citizen via a) electricity rates b) higher taxes to pay for the higher electricity rate of the public sector c) higher product prices to pay for higher elec. cost of industry.

      Keep your eyes on the ball. 28bn EUR a year. All Bundestag MP’s have shares in wind farms / solar plantations. With their insider knowledge they know exactly where to invest. They or their masters, the press oligarchs like Bertelsmann control the press so it isn’t disclosed.

      The MP’s all get their kickback.

      1. yonason

        Yes. In other words, we are not only dealing with predators, but also with an massive enabling parasitic infestation.

  8. Duits protest tegen windenergie zwelt aan -

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  9. Ирина

    While a wind farm may cover a large area of land, many land uses such as agriculture are compatible with it, as only small areas of turbine foundations and infrastructure are made unavailable for use.

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