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Profound Admission: New Nature Study Shows Models Still Very Embryonic, "Hardly Trustworthy" Says Top Climate Modeler

Profound Admission: New Nature Study Shows Models Still Very Embryonic, “Hardly Trustworthy” Says Top Climate Modeler

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Share this…FacebookTwitterSpiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski held an interview with climate modeling scientist Edouard Zorita of the GKSS Research Center in Geestacht near Hamburg, Germany. Eduardo Zorita, paleoclimatologist, GKSS Research Centre Germany tells Spiegel climate models have a long way to go, much remains poorly understood and that they are hardly trustworthy. Photo:; CC […]

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GISS Temperature Data Website Changes (For The Better!)

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Share this…FacebookTwitterBy Ed Caryl Yesterday, I resumed some temperature analysis I had been doing and found an amazing improvement in the GISS website for station data. Instead of the tiny map with no station locations marked on it, I found a nice rotatable and zoomable globe with dots marking the station locations. There is also […]

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