Climate Campaigner Beyoncé Exposed As Lavish Living, Slave-Driving Sweat Shop Labor Exploiter

British tabloid The Sun recently featured a story exposing hypocrisy by entertainment superstar Beyoncé titled: Sweatshop ‘slaves’ earning just 44p an hour.

The Sun article describes how a sweatshop, contracted by Philip Green’s Topshop, produces the high-end Beyoncé garments in Sri Lanka and employs “mostly young women from poor rural villages” who “can only afford to live in boarding houses and work more than 60 hours a week“.  In fact the seamstresses are paid so poorly that even a month’s wages cannot buy a pair of Beyoncé leggings.

Many fear losing their jobs if they speak up, and they see little chance of ever escaping poverty, the Sun reports.

That’s pretty sad given the extreme wealth Beyoncé enjoys. You’d think she’d see to it that the poor seamstresses would be paid a bit more for their grinding labor. Can she pass all the blame on to Philip Green?

And wouldn’t you know it? The jet-setting, lavish-living Beyoncé is also of course active in the fight against climate change, yet ignores her own huge carbon footprint. Last year she lent her support for a campaign with the United Nations “to fight inequality and raise awareness about climate change“.


7 responses to “Climate Campaigner Beyoncé Exposed As Lavish Living, Slave-Driving Sweat Shop Labor Exploiter”

  1. ClimateOtter

    A friend of mine where I post skeptic climate arguments came up with this

  2. Edward.

    climat-art and be yon surreal are modern icons, raised up to be demi Gods but still with heads filled with vacant nothingness.

    Faux stage managed, shameless playing on emotions, of lerve and saccharine piety, my heart bleeds for them, as does the world, in shame.

  3. strip that fat

    Yes! Finally something about cause excessive weight.

  4. gnome

    Wouldn’t it be more fun to try to find a climate warrior who isn’t a hypocrite? Now there’s a challenge!

  5. Antares

    Pierre, I think at the beginning of every single one of your posts you should post …THIS link.
    Everybody should “argument / disprove” the “data” in this graph
    before being allowed to proselytize/peddle …”their own religion! !

    What do you think ? Cheers ! 🙂

  6. gallopingcamel

    Beyonce is just a tiddler in the ocean of climate hypocrites.

    Prince Charles, Al Gore, Maurice Strong, David Suzuki and on and on.

  7. Hoi Polloi

    Another classic example of the celeb libtards motto “Do As We Say, Not As We Do”.

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