Clinton Shuns Visit To Louisiana Flood Zone… Too Frail For The Heat And Humidity?

Too frail? Has Hillary Clinton shunned a visit to Louisiana because getting out and visiting flood victims would require her to spend extended time outside her fossil-fuel, air-conditioned comfort zone?

Hillary Clinton’s suspected major health issues refuse to go away as a political issue in this year’s election. The latest herehere and here.

Though claims that she may be “at death’s door” are certainly a stretch, her low frequency of appearances resembles a light workload one sees for a person in poor health.

A no-show in Louisiana

Yet another sign of poor health likely is Clinton’s absence from flood-stricken Louisiana. Heavy criticism has been launched at President Obama, who opted to play golf instead, but also at Clinton, who has mysteriously never shown up to lend support and let the victims know they are not alone. Moral support in times of crisis is crucial to the victims as they struggle to get back on their own feet.

How could Hillary not have shown up?

Trump is the only one who stepped up.

Not a picture of health

So why wouldn’t Clinton show up? Face it, the summertime climate in the Deep South region is hardly a favorable one for persons in poor health having to spend more than just a few minutes time outdoors fully exposed to the scorching heat and high humidity – away from their air-conditioned comfort zone. Hillary is probably unable to cope with it, and so was instructed by her doctor to just stay away. Especially the elderly and sick are advised to stay indoors and to drink plenty of fluids in times of heat.

And from appearance Clinton hardly projects a picture of health. She is pale, moves about cautiously, and often looks unsteady. She is also clearly overweight, and not just at the legs and hips, but at places where health experts agree are not where fat ought to be stored (visceral fat) – another sign of poor health.

Tucked away in air-conditioned comfort zone

A visit to flood victims would require Clinton to actually be out in the harsh elements, in full heat and high humidity for at least half an hour, something for which she likely is too frail to do. Trump, in contrast, was shown unloading supplies from a truck out in the burning sun and humidity. Clinton doing the same would be something her doctor would advise anyone in poor health not to do. Clinton sweating profusely and struggling to endure the heat would hardly make a good photo-op, and certainly not a heat stroke with cameras rolling.

To sick for a boat ride?

Clinton, who also claims to be a tireless warrior against man-made climate change and a champion of environmental protection, is also reported to have recently used her private jet and gas-guzzling SUV to travel a mere 20 or so miles. Ironically her protective, constantly air-conditioned comfort zones are powered in large part by fossil fuels, something she insists the rest of us should start learning to forego.

Martha's Vineyard

Image cropped from Google Maps

So why would she take a private jet to Nantucket instead of a boat?

Sure some people get queasy flying in an airplane, yet it is still in most cases far less turbulent than racing across the waves of the Atlantic in boat. The risk of sea sickness is much higher – especially when one’s health isn’t what it ought to be.

If Hillary Clinton is not up to visiting Louisiana, then she should issue a statement saying so. We could all understand and respect this. But instead, in typical Clinton style, she seems to cover it all up and insist she’s healthy. No one is buying it.


33 responses to “Clinton Shuns Visit To Louisiana Flood Zone… Too Frail For The Heat And Humidity?”

  1. Don B
  2. sod

    really impressive sources for this story

    Very important information. Must be passed on to every blog right now!

    1. ClimateOtter

      Yes, the idea that she is having seizures and MIGHT BE A BAD CHOICE TO PUT INTO OFFICE IN SUCH CONDITION ought to be spread far and wide.

      You know if you bothered to look at the things happening with her of late- such as her starting to jerk back and forth right in the middle of an interview- you might begin to figure out what the above article is saying. But you appear to be ultra-closed-minded on that issue, too.

      1. yonason

        “Dr. Drew: Hillary Receiving ’50s-Level’ Medical Care”

        Summary: she’s a sick woman, and here treatment may be making her sicker.

        And you know what, for someone who supported the equally crappy (and often far worse) Obamacare for Americans, I think she may be getting what she deserves.

      2. yonason


        Kinda makes ya wonder why they’re bothering. Maybe to get the V.P. in, instead? And what if she kicks the bucket before election day? What then? It’s definitely a possibility. Even so, what do they gain by it? They must think it’s worth it, because otherwise why keep up the pretense? It’s so very odd. Whatever it is, if they succeed, it won’t be good.

    2. AndyG55

      “Must be passed on to every blog right now!”

      Yep, even the ULTRA-FAR-LEFT blogs should be running it to let their cult members know just how badly they are being let down by this decrepit piece of nothingness.

  3. TD

    A boat you say? That’s for little people.

    Likely no Yacht at hand – where ARE those Saudi donors when you really need them? Perfectly Serviceable Private Jet just sitting on the runway waiting though.

    Pick one Hillary:

    Louisiana – Hot, Wet, Dirty, Poor, Homeless people, struggling to put their lives back together.

    Nantucket – Wealthy Donors, Luxury Accommodations, Useful Idiots i.e. CHER!

    For the Progressive Globalist Elitist, there is only one choice in this situation.

    Wait, there really is no choice is there? Keep the endless party going.

  4. mikewaite

    If Sod means to be as sarcastic about Hilary Clinton’s medical condition as his reply above suggests then my former respect for him will have disappeared.
    That is because , as a young man , I knew someone with hypothyroidism . From being a lively , middle aged business woman she declined in a short time into a near catatonic state , made worse by the fact that she was aware that it was happening- and that thyroxine treatment seemed to be ineffective.
    If not treated properly it is as devastating and similar in effects to acute Alzheimer’s and no fit subject for sarcasm.

    1. sod

      i was obviously not making fun about ill people but about these conspiracy theories.

      Trump gave a completely fake report from a very weird doctor.

      It is hypocrisy at it s top, if anyone here is attacking Clinton on this subject.

  5. tom0mason

    25 August 2016

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released a letter from one of her doctors giving her a clean bill of health after a full medical exam and attesting to her physical ability to serve as president. The letter revealed that Mrs. Clinton is being treated with the drug Coumadin to help prevent blood clots, which she experienced in 1998, 2009, and 2012. Coumadin (also called warfarin) is an anticoagulant intended to prevent blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes.

    1. yonason

      Come on, tomomason, she’s being attended by a a href=””>team of highly skilled medical professionals. They came highly recommended from Obama himself, I understand. And, from the looks of it, I would guess they may be from OhiO?

      Just because some propagandists are telling you she’s receiving 1950’s health care, is no reason to suspect foul play. In fact I don’t suspect it at all, I’m pretty darned certain.

  6. yonason
  7. sod

    Clinton is making fun about this conspiracy theory.

    In general: if it is written on Breitbart or spoken by Trump, it is a lie 100% of the time.

    1. AndyG55

      And if spoken by Clinton et al….

      .. A lie 400% of the time.

      Everything is comparative, hey Sop.

      1. sod

        simple challenge: find a lie bigger than this one from Hillary Clinton:

        “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,”

        1. AndyG55

          Perhaps Hilarity should respond…..

          ““If elected, I can state unequivocally, that H. Clinton will be the UN-HEALTHIEST individual ever elected to the presidency,”

          Sick in body, but FAR sicker in mind.

          1. yonason

            Speaking of “sick,” it seems that sod is worse than ever.

            An e.g., of Hillary’s truthiness, according to the FBI.

    2. DirkH

      sod 23. August 2016 at 10:43 AM | Permalink | Reply
      “In general: if it is written on Breitbart or spoken by Trump, it is a lie 100% of the time.”

      Interesting! I saw video of the Nice truck attack with 80 dead there. I saw the bloodied bodies. (Video that the German media hid!) So you say that didn’t happen!

      Sod denies the terror attacks in Europe!

      Hey Sod! That’s a new low!

      1. sod

        “Sod denies the terror attacks in Europe!”

        stop being stupid. I wrote about writing and i was obviously talking about everything with an opinion in it.

        Just scanning the head lines under “big government” and “big journalism” (moronic!) gives me the shivers.

        But i am fine, when you take your information from Breitbart, you are basically lost. The site is total ignorance.

  8. Edward.

    Her {Klinton] physical health does concern me, though it’s her mental fitness for office which is of far greater concern and lets not forget, this woman is an inveterate liar, a known fantasist and to top it all Hellary is – a plain old, crook.

  9. sod

    It is like the birther theory., Every part of it falls apart the very moment you take a look at it.

    How pathetic must a candidate be, if questioning his (YOUNGER!) opponents health is his single option?

    1. yonason

      And the very FIRST “birther” was….

      Obama, himself.

      Disregarding where he was actually born, we see that when it was convenient, he claimed to have been born in Kenya. And when that became inconvenient, he claimed to have been born in the US. ONE of those statements is clearly a lie. So, he appears to be a pathological liar, who will say whatever he thinks will get him what he wants.

      Little sod seems to want to emulate his heroes, even though they could care less who he is, and wouldn’t lift a finger to save him if he were in trouble (they left far better people to die in Benghazi). Only a fool would shred his own credibility to defend such scum.

    2. DirkH

      “How pathetic must a candidate be, if questioning his (YOUNGER!) opponents health is his single option?”

      Well when video of your opponent in uncontrollable convulsions shows up, the most convenient way to destroy that opponent is pointing at her deteriorating health. After all you want to prevent the nation from falling under the command of a brain-damaged person right sod? Oh wait.No you don’t. You want a brain-damaged person to control the nuclear arsenal.

      Well will the fun with you never end.

      1. yonason
  10. David Johnson

    Interesting how SODs beloved Liberal MSM gives Obama/Clinton a free ride over not visiting disaster areas, but when Bush did the same he was metaphorically. the hypocrisy is immense. crucified

    1. sod

      “Interesting how SODs beloved Liberal MSM gives Obama/Clinton a free ride over not visiting disaster areas, but when Bush did the same he was metaphorically. the hypocrisy is immense. crucified”

      Sorry, but this is a totally absurd claim.

      Please do some reading about both events:

      One simply can not compare this events at all. But the most important point is, that during Katrina there was obviously a huge failure of government (and of Bush, of course!).

      1. yonason

        “during Katrina there was obviously a huge failure of government (and of Bush, of course!)” – sod the clueless idiot

        He just blathers on, regurgitating the most ridiculous nonsense.

        You are so full of crap, I can smell it from here.

  11. yonason

    I’ve posted this before, but for those who haven’t seen it, all I can say is “enjoy.”

  12. M E

    I don’t like Mrs Clinton, myself, but all this fuss about her apparent health is off the point in adult political debate. The candidates themselves would do better to recall that the world is in serious state and therefore try to project images of competent and reliable prospective leaders. At the moment the press reports are scandalously adolescent in tone. Though, come to think of it, it may be that it is reports that we get from the news media which are what are adolescent, and are distorting reality to fit templates prechosen by the news desks. Do we know what actually happens and what is actually thought and said by the candidates ? Most reporting is narrow and shallow and tainted like ditch water.

    1. DirkH

      Well in the US it is the president who commands the nuclear weapons so the rest of the world doesn’t feel particularly unconcerned when a crazy old person with seizures gets to control it. And you and sod can deny the existence of the videos showing the seizures all you want. It reminds me of a Soviet joke; they had a slogan “Lenin has died, but his cause lives on!” The comeback was “What a coincidence: Brezhnev has died, but his body lives on”.

      US elite is now gerontocratic like in the USSR in the 1980ies.

      1. yonason

        LOL – “gerontocacy” I.e., not only are they loopy Leftists, but they are suffering from dementia, as well? And they are able to con kids into voting for them, to boot!

        What a world.

    2. yonason

      “I don’t like Mrs Clinton, myself, but all this fuss about her apparent health is off the point in adult political debate.” = Y.O.U.

      So, for one of the most physically and mentally challenging jobs in the world, upon which the fates of at hundreds of millions of lives depend, not just in America, but around the world, health is not an issue?


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