Rare Event …Millions Of Children Under 11 See First Time Major Hurricane Hit Florida!

After days of uncertainty, Hurricane Matthew finally took a track taking it directly to Florida. It’s the first major category hurricane to hit the sunshine state (and the US, if I’m not mistaken) in almost 11 years.

The last major hurricane to strike was Wilma in 2005. This 4000-day hiatus is a record since hurricane statistics began to be recorded in the 19th century. This all flies in the face of claims made by global warming believers and alarmists, who crystal-balled hurricane activity would become more frequent and ferocious over time. Yet, globally there has been no trend in global cyclone activity.

The reality is that Matthew will be the first major hurricane to hit that millions of children 12 years old and under can remember. And already no child on the planet under 18 years of age has seen any real global warming at all. Climate scientists could not have been more wrong.

Many more hurricanes when CO2 was low!

Veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi at Weatherbell reminds us that hurricane activity was far worse in Florida some 70 years ago, in the 1940s, back when atmospheric CO2 concentrations were down near the 310 ppm level:

6 major hurricanes in 7 years with CO2 at 310 ppm!

Count them! Six major hurricanes in only 7 years. Imagine the hysteria if that were to happen during the present time. Instead we are getting the first one in over 10 years – an unusual period of calm.

Clearly this tells us that there’s a heck of a lot more to it than just a trace gas. Of course ocean and solar cycles are the major climate factors.

Everyone’s prepared – except for Trump!

drudge_hurricaneThe table is already being set for the upcoming Presidential debate. And I’m ready to bet my last dollar that Trump is going to fall in the trap and make a terrible impression like he did in the first debate. The trap this time: climate change and Hurricane Matthew.

Hollywood megastar Leonardo DiCaprio has already launched it by declaring that anyone who denies climate change is unfit for public office. Hurricane Matthew is now slamming into Florida, and Hillary Clinton is already blaming it on man. The timing just before the debate couldn’t be better. The debate is already rigged: It is going to feature climate change prominently, and Hillary is being prepared well for it. They are going to make Trump look like an uninformed fool – if he allows it.

Trump can avoid this:

1. He has to acknowledge that climate is always changing.
2. Man, however, is playing only a small role.
3. 97% consensus is phony – the science is hotly disputed.
4. Already 750 published papers since 2014 dismissing catastrophic AGW.
5. Temperature trend is far below what scientists projected in 2000.
6. Fact: NASA’s Gavin Schmidt has been altering the historic data.
7. Hurricanes are less frequent today then they were 50, 60 years ago.

He should then ask Hillary directly: Can you honestly promise less storms and nice weather in exchange for more regulation and taxes? If so, then she’s a weather charlatan.

It should take Trump about 60 seconds to say this. But, expect him to come in unprepared and to babble a bunch a nonsense and look bad.

In this debate I expect to see Trump fumble in his own end-zone. You just watch.


33 responses to “Rare Event …Millions Of Children Under 11 See First Time Major Hurricane Hit Florida!”

  1. tom0mason

    To see a record of hurricane records —


  2. David Johnson

    Recently downgraded to Category 3 according to a post on WUWT

    1. KuhnKat

      The Cat3 designation is based on speeds from sat observations which are showing up higher than ground measured speeds.

  3. David Johnson
  4. sod

    “And already no child on the planet under 18 years of age has seen any real global warming at all. ”

    sorry, but that claim is total garbage. people do not live up in the troposphere.


    1. Arsivo

      Sorry, but GISTEMP is total garbage. People do not live in the oceans nor the Antarctic.

    2. tom0mason

      Must sting you so much sod.
      It must really annoy you that the climate has not behaved as required by the models.
      No real warming for eighteen years, yep that probably stings like a wasp in your advocacy world with its modelled climate. Eh sod?
      No real warming?
      It is the truth that youngster of less than eighteen years of age have not seen any real warming!

      Of course advocates like you sod say there has been but it is simply untrue. a lie. Take out the spurious El Niño events what’s left?
      No Significant warming.

      Unless you can prove what causes El Niño, prove that the warm phase of the Southern Oscillation has anything to do with human derived CO2.
      But you can not. Or at least not in this world, maybe your much championed modelled world can but we all know the models are unreal — isn’t that right?

      There has been no real warming.

      Nothing sod, nothing!
      Got the message of this planets reality yet?
      There has been no real warming sod.


      1. gallopingcamel

        “sod” lives in an alternate reality. He should change his moniker to”sad”.

    3. Kenneth Richard

      “people do not live in the troposphere.”

      No, they live on land surfaces, where satellites show no warming, as seen here:


      The NASA/GIS land surface temperature rise is based upon made-up data, as seen here (gray means no measurements available, so these areas are in-filled with artificial warming):


    4. handjive

      “people do not live in the troposphere.”

      Lol. Don’t look at the surface temperatures:

      “This is only the global average surface temperature and it’s only one measure of the climate system – and it’s a very fickle measure.

      There’s an over-emphasis on the surface air temperature.” – Prof Matt England


      NASA Climate Change then directed commenters to multiple independent analyses of temperature data which show global warming while reminding readers:
      ” There is far too much focus on surface temperatures.
      They are but one measure of warming.
      All other measures . . . continue unabated.”


      And, whatever you do, don’t mention the oceans:
      “Most people are not fish, most people live on land,” Professor Karoly said, noting that the sustained warming over land had been about 40 per cent more than over the oceans.”


      Missing Global Warming pea, meet thimbles …

    5. KuhnKat

      So Sod, are you telling us that the models are total garbage and that the tropical troposphere is NOT supposed to warm at a rate about twice as fast as the surface??


      1. Sunsettommy

        Actually warm Tropical Atmosphere,at THREE times the rate on the surface,but has not as shown here:


    6. AndyG55

      1. No warming in the UAH satellite record from 1980 to 1998 El Nino

      2. No warming between the end of that El Nino in 2001 and the start of the current El Nino at the beginning of 2015.

      3. No warming in the southern polar region for the whole 38 years of the satellite record.

      4. No warming in the southern ex-tropicals for 20 years.

      5. No warming in Australia for 20 years, cooling since 2002

      6. No warming in Japan surface data for the last 20 years, No warming from 1950-1990.. ie, a zero trend for 40 years through their biggest industrial expansion

      7. No warming in the USA since 2005 when a non-corrupted system was installed, until the beginning of the current El Nino.

      8. UAH Global Land shows no warming from 1979-1997, then no warming from 2001 – 2015

      9. Iceland essentially the same temperature as in the late 1930s as now, maybe slightly lower

      10. British Columbia (Canada) temperatures have been stable, with no warming trend, throughout 1900-2010

      11. Chile has been cooling since the 1940s.

      12. Southern Sea temperatures not warming from 1982-2005, then cooling

      13. Even UAH NoPol shows no warming this century until the large spike in January 2016.

      Note: UAH and RSS for the US are an EXACT trend match to the only pristine surface data set in the world, USCRN
      This VERIFIES the satellite data as been totally reliable for surface temperature trends.

      And all of this NON-WARMING is DESPITE a large climb in CO2 levels over those regions and time periods.\

      There is NO GLOBAL WARMING.

      there is some regional warming

      but the ONLY places that have had any warming at all have been those places directly affected by ocean oscillations, and El Nino events..

    7. David Johnson

      Ooh, less than 0.2′ As the previous poster said “NO DISCERNIBLE WARMING” That is so scary even if we can measure surface temperature to 1/10 degree of accuracy which we cannot on the surface. I have to pity you in your ignorance

    8. tom0mason
  5. R2Dtoo

    And when we retire, those of us who live in the great white north head to the southern states to avoid “winter”. As the rust belt developed in the USA and Canada, all the folks that could moved to California, Texas, Arizona and Florida. It is called the “sun belt” for a reason. People seek warmth.

  6. Curious George

    Four branches of American government: The executive branch, the Congress, the judiciary, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

  7. Dorian

    Technically Hurricance Matthew has not made landfall as of yet. And it appears it will not make land fall, as it is just moving offshore up the coastline. The eye of the hurricane is still 10s of miles out to see.

    The question then arises, what does it mean a hurricane making landfall anyway? Surely the eye of the hurricane has to hit land, which with Matthew this has not happened as of yet.

  8. D. Steven Fraser

    Onshore sustained winds have been just barely cat 1, and often quite below that. Stay tuned.

  9. Billy G

    This was also addressed by Tony Heller. Lets hope Trump listens.

  10. stan stendera

    Strick One PG! Matthew has not hit Florida. Dr. Roy Spencer has posted the 4000 day no major hurricane hitting the US is still valid and is now 4001 days. Matthew is not Cat 2 and rapidly declining in strength. It will most likely fizzle out within 24 hours.

  11. stan stendera

    Strike One PG. Matthew has not hit the coast yet. Dr. Roy Spencer has posted the 4000 day hiatus in major hurricanes hitting the US is intact and now 4001 days. The eye has never made landfall. Matthew is now barely a Cat 2 and rapidly declining. It will most likely fizzle out in the next 24 hours.

  12. John F. Hultquist

    Early on Friday (Eastern Time) the H. was about 50 km. off the coast of FL. Now (10:30 pm) at about the Lat. of the GA-FL line it is about 80 km. out.
    Because the western side did rake across land many are calling this a “hit” or a “near miss.” “Near hit” sounds better to me. The NE sector is the more dangerous — it has not come onto land.

  13. gallopingcamel

    It won’t matter what Trump says on Sunday. The Media have already called the debate a “Win” for Hillary Clinton. They have also called the election a “Win” for Hillary.

    The Media are infallible:

  14. gallopingcamel

    Matthew was supposed to make landfall between Melbourne and Cocoa Beach which is where I live. My family evacuated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina yesterday.

    My hardy neighbours who stayed assure me that my house is still there and the electric power is still on.

    Back in 2005 a house across the street lost its roof and Al Gore said such storms would hit Florida every year at even greater intensity.

    It would be nice if pompous asses like Al Gore would at least acknowledge that 4,000 days have elapsed and we still don’t have a major hurricane landfall in Florida.

  15. DirkH

    If you want to charge your electric car that you bought to profit from subsidies and save the planet and you need to wait in line several hours for the one driver in front of you who currently charges up HIS car, do NOT walk away to do something else in the meantime because your car will then count as illegally parked and towed away, costing you 150 EUR. Just happened in the paradise of the future, Germany, Berlin.

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    […] In the 1970s Florida was hit by six major hurricanes in seven years: https://notrickszone.com/2016/10/07/rare-event-millions-of-children-under-11-see-first-time-major-hur… […]

  17. D. Steven Fraser

    Just barely cat 1 at landfall, but,the onshore measurements are quite lower.

  18. gallopingcamel

    Having evacuated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina that is 150 miles from the coast I was not expecting to have any problems with hurricane Matthew given that it has weakened to “Cat 1”.

    We got four inches (10 cm) of rain but the power stayed on until 2000 hours. After three hours the power was restored. Major storms (e.g. Hugo) caused power outages lasting a week or more.

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