Veteran Meteorologist Warns Europe Winter To Make “Global Headlines”…”Tremendous Amounts Of Snow”!

A couple of days ago I reported here how Joe Bastardi warned that Europe would soon be turning cold and wintry. Well, he hasn’t backed off at all from that forecast and appears to be gaining more confidence with it.

Although the timing may have shifted about a bit , the overall pattern remains: cold Arctic cold and winter precipitation are about to seize the European continent.

At the 2-minute mark Joe mentions the 11-16 day forecast for Europe, where the GFS model shows “brutal cold” across Europe.

Then at the 3:35 mark he focusses in on the European continent, showing a chart of projected snowfall (in inches!):


Chart forecasts massive snow blanketing Europe later next month. Chart cropped from 12/30/2016 Weatherbell Daily Update.

Bastardi warns:

This is going to be a huge deal. You’re going to see the weather in Europe making global headlines as it gets covered with tremendous amounts of snow. And when you look at this […] Europe is brutally cold […] and Europe, get ready because there’s going to be all sorts of you know what is going to break loose over there.”

The forecast is still a couple of weeks out, but it is solidifying and the watch by now ought to be taken seriously. For me it is time to go out and buy that back-up generator – and don’t count on wind and solar energy to be there in a time of need! Most solar panels will likely be buried until spring.

In fact global headlines have already been made, with reports of massive snowfall in Turkey, Japan and North America, along with extraordinary cold and snow across all of Siberia and Russia.

Joe’s childish critics

It’s only natural that some obstinate fans of global warming are not thrilled about hearing such news, and they lash out childishly — steadfastly remaining convinced that snow is a thing of the past and is not supposed to happen anymore.

And if harsh wintry weather does strike in a way it did in the old days, without hesitation they insist it’s a freak anomaly, or indulge in an orgy of creative rationalization and blame it somehow on global warming.

These readers always attack and discredit messenger Joe.

Concerning Joe’s meteorological credentials, let’s keep in mind that he is not just some run-of-the-mill weatherman who parrots whatever bulletins the weather services put out. He is in fact a decades-long meteorological veteran who actually looks at the monthly forecasts issued by the weather services and questions them using a huge database of historical weather data and meteorological science.

Moreover meteorology for the Bastardi family has become a generational thing. His father was a successful weatherman, and now Joe’s son is following the family tradition as well. If there ever was such a thing as meteorological genes, the Bastardis certainly seem to have them. These guys have precipitation running through their veins!

And of course mistakes are made, that’s all part of the weather forecasting business — especially when forecasting more than 7 days out.


37 responses to “Veteran Meteorologist Warns Europe Winter To Make “Global Headlines”…”Tremendous Amounts Of Snow”!”

  1. John F. Hultquist

    I suggest you fill available containers with clean water and have non-perishable food on the shelves.
    A lot of water does 2 things: (a) allows you to do all the usual things, such as drink it, and (b) specific heat and heat of solidification work in your favor when the furnace is cold.

    When an entire single air mass is very cold the available water vapor for snow is not great. If there is a second “humid” air mass involved there may be considerable snow. Up-slope air flow and cold-air-damming are aids in snow development.

    Regarding very cold: Read about Whisper of the Stars (the actual thing, not the fiction stuff)

    Stay warm & Happy New Year.

  2. George

    As long as you don’t live in the U.K., it will be fun to watch the various energy sources (coal, nuclear, gas turbine and wind) struggle to meet the demand for power as they freeze in the dark.

    If it’s going to be very cold they should be hoping that it will be very (but not so much as to shut the system down) windy as well.

    1. Ulric Lyons

      We typically get high air pressure and little wind when most cold.

      1. Ian W

        And the STOR diesel generators will be snowbound and out of fuel in a few hours. While the windmills freeze and start taking power from the grid to keep turning to keep the gearboxes functional.

    2. Colin MacDonald

      Scotland is the canary in the mine here; our magnificent investment in windpower has left us reliant on 2 nuclear stations at times when there is no wind. A reactor trip during windless Siberian cold and high demand will likely cause the grid to shutdown, unless England can make up the difference, unlikely if they’re running at the limit themselves. It has been pointed out that restarting the grid from nothing could prove difficult and we could be without power for weeks.
      Of course if this happens our excellent rulers can pass the blame onto the English for refusing to share their power!

  3. AndyG55

    Where-ever sop lives, I hope it hits hardest, and all the wind turbines ice up.

    He would then have no power, because he would NEVER use coal or gas fired electricity, would he. 😉

    1. Mindert Eiting

      To give you some fresh input, Andy, there is probably not a direct cable between a wind turbine and his home. Likely, he lives in a city and writes his texts from an office in the time of his boss. If he works at the head quarter of the Salvation Army in Baden-Wurttemberg, he will be busy with rescuing the homeless in the time to come. Happy New Year.

      1. Graeme No.3

        My impression was that he was associated with a University, although in what category the mind boggles. I assume either as an office clerk or in a Government office administering Universities and Colleges of higher education.
        We had persistent postings in Australia (until he got banned) from someone in a university physics laboratory who set up experiments for the students, cleaned up afterwards etc. He was just as vehement as sop, and just as prone to insert links to politically correct climate propaganda, but I must admit did display somewhat higher intelligence (hardly surprising).

        But I wonder if the trolls are being directed e.g. sod here, David Appell as a sort of senior troll. Lately JoNova has been infested by Harry Twinotter who gets AndyG55 in response which seems to upset him. Occasionally David Appell turns up. On the Australian newspaper comments pages there is Patricia who is even more infected than sod. Their regular appearance despite discouragement highlights the few numbers remaining in the cause, and you wonder why they keep trying. Are they paid? Or have they psychological reasons?

      2. AndyG55

        I don’t think he would be employable !

  4. Derek Colman

    Here in the UK we will almost certainly see the lights go out if this hits us. Due to the closing of coal fired power stations and increasing reliance on wind power, our National Grid currently has only about 5% of reserve capacity.If we get a really bad cold spell which will increse demand, and no doubt wind turbines will have to shut off, we will be in deep trouble. Our winter cold snaps are almost always accompanied by a deep depresssion over the North Sea where half of our turbines are located. Most people heat their houses with gas boilers, which have solenoid operated gas valves and electronic control, so need electricity to work.

    1. Hivemind

      People could actually die from such conditions: a combination of extreme cold and no power to operate heating.

      In an ideal world, people who created policies like that would be charged with causing their deaths. Likewise people that falsified the data used to justify these policies.

      Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world.

    2. Mikky

      For those with gas cookers, keep a box of matches to light the hobs, good enough to keep the kitchen warm and make hot food and cups of tea/coffee.

      1. Dave Ward

        Bear in mind that if your gas cooker has a timer controlled oven, it will need electricity to make the solenoid valve open, so you won’t be roasting a joint during a power cut!

        1. Annie

          You can still pot roast on top of the stove. I keep a few candles and we have a flat topped wood stove.
          I worry about my mother who is in an all electric flat in England.

  5. David Appell

    Re: “Joe’s childish critics”

    Bastardi makes very wrong claims on national TV.

    Instead of name calling and whining about the critics, why don’t you tell me why this criticism is wrong?

    1. ptolemy2

      “Instead of name calling”

      then two lines later


      That’s hypocritical, as well as hysterically childish.

      Why not just wait and see if JB’s prediction is correct pr not about big cold for Europe?

    2. Graeme No.3

      Well, he has predicted colder weather.
      You obviously, from your opposition, claim that it won’t be colder.
      Another week or two and we will know who is right.

    3. Mikky

      Meteorologist make a living, and retain their integrity, by striving to make accurate predictions. Climate scientists make a living from alarm, and many long ago lost all integrity.

      1. Glyn Palmer

        A good point, Mikky. Mr. Bastardi is a climate scientist of the worst kind; he only gets paid if his forecasts are right!

        1. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

          That’s actually an important reason to take Joe much more seriously than most – he’s spent his entire professional career in the commercial weather forecasting sector, where indeed you have to be good (and better than the “free stuff” from the NWS) or you don’t get paid.

          Joe spent most of his career at Accuweather. Accuweather was started as a commercial, for-profit weather forecasting service back in the 1970s. The general reaction was that this was insane, since there was no way you could get paid when everyone could get all the weather forecasting that they needed from the NWS for “free.” Accuweather not only survived but prospered – and as this was/is only possible because people were/are willing to pay them for weather forecasting services that must be significantly better (in at least some critical way(s)) than what the NWS provides, they must be doing something (at least) right.

          A few years ago, Joe and some other folks set up WeatherBell, which is another commercial, for-profit weather forecasting service – which exists and is in business because it is able to provide better results than both the NWS and various competitors (other people have figured out since the 1970s that there is plenty of opportunity for commercial, for-profit weather services).

          The midgets who throw mud at Joe should put their own money where there own mouths are. How many of THEM have ever said, “I can do better than this stuff, and I’m going to go prove it!”? (I’ve done this myself, in other fields, more than once – and it’s one of the best ways to tell the people who actually know what they’re doing from the windbags.)

          Anyway, Happy New Year to all! It’s shaping up to be a great year for truth, justice, and the American way! 🙂

  6. David Appell

    I’m done here. This blog is like from 1997, too difficult to keep up with, having no emailed comments and no real way to keep up with what’s going on.

    Not worth my time. But you might appear in my book, Pierre.

    1. Kenneth Richard

      David Appell: “I’m done here.”

      And a job well done here, David. Your comments and contributions have convinced us to become believers that the entire globe is dangerously warming primarily because of human CO2 emissions and we must consequently brace ourselves for the extinction of about 1 of every 4 species on Earth in the next 33 years (Thomas et al., 2004).

      Oh, and that coal mines kill millions of birds and bats a year.

      We believe, David. We believe.

      1. AndyG55

        “Oh, and that coal mines kill millions of birds and bats a year.”

        Thanks for reminding us about that particular piece of stupidity from Appell.

        There have been many, many more Appell peelings that have been left rotting on the floor.

    2. ClimateOtter

      David Appell: “I’m done here.”

      What…? Who…..? Did you contribute something………?

    3. Graeme No.3

      Your book had better be well advanced; I think that by the middle of next year it won’t excite much interest.

    4. Harry Passfield

      What a pity you’re ‘done here’, David. If you’d just hung around for SIX more minutes you’d have had the feeling of being WELL done by Ptolemy2’s proof of your hypocrisy (at 10:03). Bye-bye.

    5. AndyG55


      You have been “done, roasted, chewed up and spat out” for ages, you just never had the brains to figure it out.

      Seems Appell is writing yet another piece of fantasy (his stock in trade), a collection of LIES, mis-information and hypocrisy, no doubt.

    6. AndyG55

      “This blog is like from 1997”

      That would be about the last time you actually did any science, wouldn’t it.!

      1. Manfred

        As it marked the dawn of The Pause, retrospectively it may be seen that the AGW propaganda machine went into proportional wind-up, switching from ‘global warming’ to UN defined ‘climate change’ by 2000.

        The only answer: DefUNd

    7. yonason

      parting is such sweet sorrow

      we’re going to hold you to it, you know.

    8. DirkH

      David Appell 31. December 2016 at 9:07 AM | Permalink | Reply
      “Not worth my time.”

      We feel so honored by your presence, David.

      ” But you might appear in my book, Pierre.”

      What’s it called? “Doxxing and Stalking For Dummies”?

  7. Dave Ward

    “This blog is like from 1997”

    No it isn’t – 1997 was 12 years before Climategate broke, and the full extent of its implications was unknown.

  8. Happy New Year | Frank Davis

    […] I’m sure there are plenty of other things that will happen. Perhaps a big freeze in Europe in the next couple of weeks? Meteorologist Joe Bastardi warns: […]

  9. Kenneth Simmons

    I would not pay any attention to the snow maps. I have nothing against Joe, but those maps need to hit the scrap Heap. For the past 3 years up to 1/1/2017, the snow prediction maps have been absurdly wrong, except for a spot now and then-I am not sure why he still uses that crap. His long range climate forecast for years in advance have proved to be very accurate-among the best. However, if we had the snow the maps have predicted over the years (this year included) we’d be under a 10 mile high glacier.

  10. John

    It is now 5 Jan, and the big freeze is in Germany hitting the rest of Europe later tomorrow.
    Global warming right?

    1. DirkH

      We’re so glad we have elevated CO2. We’ll be at -15 centigrade tomorrow. Imagine how much worse it would be without 400 ppm CO2.

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