Germany’s Flagship Media/Top Pols Fanning Trump Hatred. Veiled Attempt To Trigger An Assassin?

Germany’s elite establishment is having a very difficult time coming to terms with the outcome of USA’s democratic process. The country’s ZDF national public television recently and energetically fanned the flames of Trump-hatred, going so far as to compare the U.S. President to Adolf Hitler.

Madonna has company – in Germany.

Smiling ZDF German moderator Ilka Brecht proudly introduces the Trump-Hitler comparison under the guise of a parody. All images cropped from ZDF Frontal 21.

The spread of hatred and the defamation of Trump in Germany has been going on for some months now, but has reached new shrill levels. Last September German SPD (Socialists) Martin Schulz told Spiegel magazine last September: “Trump is a danger to the entire world,” comparing the then US candidate’s rhetoric to that of pre-World War II Nazi Germany:

Behind it there is sometimes even a blood and earth rhetoric that strongly reminds me of the time between the two world wars of last century and whose demons we all indeed still know.”

And since Trump’s “surprise” election success and his inauguration, the rhetoric and raw emotion have boiled to a head among Germany’s state-supported flagship media and top political leaders. Yes — the top political leaders — and not solely among some regular citizens venting in beer-halls. Without any surprise, the anger and hate are now rapidly spreading and radicalizing increasingly the population.

Assassination as solution to Trump presidency

Last Sunday in a televised discussion round German national weekly Die Zeit publisher Josef Joffe sparked outrage by telling viewers “an assassination” would be a solution to the “Trump catastrophe”.

Josef Joffe of German weekly Die Zeit said that “assassination” could be one way to remove Trump from office. Image cropped from Phoenix.

German media/top pols portraying US president as mad and evil

Last Tuesday the hate-filled rhetoric from the ruling elitist classes intensified several notches more: On ZDF national television political show Frontal 21, President Trump was directly compared to Adolf Hitler in a clip disguised as a parody, which was far more offensive than it was funny.

 “They both have funny hairdos.”

The Frontal 21 “parody” also said that both Hitler and Trump promised to build new roads and infrastructure, and boasted about drawing “huge crowds”, The ZDF used the following image:

ZDF then portrayed the US President as a maniac…

“rather vague”, “clueless”, “from the grace of God”

What is disturbing is that this “parody” is not something produced by some fringe site, but by federal government supported German ZDF national television, and thus cannot be dismissed. It is “public television” and so all citizens are forced to pay mandatory annual fees. Non-payment involves severe penalties. Yes, as a resident in Germany, I also have to watch my money get used to pay for this hate-garbage aimed at my President.

Leading politicians involved in public broadcasting

Not only the German top media are defaming the US president, but ao are the country’s top political leaders. Thomas Oppermann of the SPD party announced: “Donald Trump is not playing with a full deck.” Soon to-be-President Frank Walter Steinmeier called Trump a “hate-preacher“.

Also the Chairman of the ZDF administrative council is Kurt Beck (SPD) and it includes Bernd Neumann (CDU). Germany’s powerful public television and radio media network is increasingly a communication arm of the the German government. Other ZDF higher ups include politicians Matthias Platzeck (SPD) Horst Seehofer (CSU), Stanislaw Tillich (CDU) and Olaf Scholz (SPD).

Designed to unleash an assassin?

What could be behind the spreading of so much Trump-hatred and the harboring of assassination thoughts? It would not be overreach to suspect that the German government is fantasizing about triggering its own twisted new version of Stauffenberg, as Joffe openly expressed. What’s the point of the Hitler-comparison? It’s supposed to be funny?

How all this is supposed to serve to strengthen transatlantic relations with Europe is puzzling. On the economics side Germany itself enjoys a hefty trade surplus with USA, it’s 3rd largest trading partner, and so risks inflicting more economic harm to itself than to Trump. Already some in Germany are proposing closer ties to China as an alternative.

Moreover, the dirty attacks by the country’s leaders/media will hardly help lead to a solution concerning the VW fuel emissions scandal, and those of the other German manufacturers. In fact the potential $18 billion in fines from VW would be more than enough to pay for the border wall to Mexico.


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  1. Bernd Felsche

    It’s “odd” that prosecution isn’t threatened against the broadcaster under the same law under which a comedian’s bad joke about Erdogan was pursued.

    1. Harry Dale Huffman

      Bernd Felsche: Notice how no one seconded your opinion, much less tried to answer your implied question — and “sod” just snowed you with irrelevant claims. This is called “debate” today, especially between the Insane Left and anyone else. In the end, your question remains, unconfronted: If the law is still on the books, why hasn’t it been evoked in this blatant case?

      1. sod

        ” If the law is still on the books, why hasn’t it been evoked in this blatant case?”

        because nobody did invoke it. Erdogan did this in his case. and he lost badly.

        The idea, that comparing politicians with tyrants from the past could be criminal in a comedy show. Even Trump seems to understand that.

        here is the funny song that started the Erdogan controversy:

        here you can see the poem (which includes really tough insults, and again, even these were not enough to trigger punishment):

        the most successful comedy attack on Trump abroad currently is from the netherlands:

        1. sod

          “The idea, that comparing politicians with tyrants from the past could be criminal in a comedy show IS ABSURD.

          Sorry, i missed two words.

  2. DirkH

    German Bundetag politicians and media are 100% cultural marxist, SJW’s. So much so that Germans do not even know the word SJW: we say Altparteien instead. Old parties, as opposed to AfD. All conservatives have left the CDU for the AfD which operates since 2013.

    Trump will vaporize the EU. The SJW governments will not survive it.

    1. DirkH

      Note: They are running away already: GAUCK, president, has retired a few days ago; GABRIEL, vice chancellor, head of SPD, social democrat coalition party, refuses to run for chancellor in next election and retreats to post of foreign minister. This also happened after TRUMP election. GABRIEL doesn’t want to be burned in the election and hopes to get a chance some time later. They know the jig’s up for the 2017 election.

      1. SebastianH

        Sorry, that is just nonsense.

        Also, Trump is playing the isolationist card. True, the world of the late 20th century seems to be gone now, but the incompetence the Trump administration displayed in just the first week … well, my bet is on a golden age for China and the rest of Asia.

        1. AndyG55

          No incompetence from the Trump camp..

          They are squashing the far-left agenda exactly as the voters wanted.

          A golden age for all the world, once fools who think like you are put in their place.

          Hopefully even socialist minded states like Germany will wake up to the far-left scam, and take the appropriate political action at their next election.

          1. yonason


            It’s the incompetence of the Leftists that allowed SebH’s sub-human pals to gain so much influence. They are the ones causing the chaos that SebH (along with all other leftist propaganda hacks) blame on Trump, as I’m sure you are aware.

          2. SebastianH

            “sub-human pals” … what would you think of any other person writing something like this? Your insults are a sign of weakness, not strength.

          3. yonason

            @SebastianH 30. January 2017 at 2:45 PM

            “what would you think of any other person writing something like this?”

            It would depend on who they were saying it about. In this case it is not an “insult,” but a statement of fact

            They are beasts!

            And they teach their children to be beasts.

            Like ISIS, they are some of the most depraved “people” on the planet. Your defense of them shows your ignorance and moral bankruptcy.

          4. AndyG55

            Oh look, seb slimes his way all over the forum, then starts crying when someone kicks back.

            What a weak, feeble, little person you truly are, seb.

          5. AndyG55

            “as I’m sure you are aware.”

            Yes, yonason,

            Of course seb is aware.

            He’s doing the leftist thing , and denying the evil and deceit of his anti-human, leftist-scum pals.

        2. yonason

          “Trump is playing the isolationist card.” – SebH

          So, you don’t distinguish between good friends and bad? You allow yourself to be influenced by whoever wants to, without regard to what they demand of you? I doubt that. And, if you don’t, why do you think we should?

          As usual, your advice is bad, and anyone who takes it is a fool.

          1. SebastianH

            This has nothing to do with good and bad friends and their influence over you and I didn’t give any advice.

          2. yonason

            ” I didn’t give any advice.” – SebH

            Of course you did. When you criticize someone for being isolationist, you are telling them mot to be. Of course, since Trump isn’t an isolationist, you also lied.

            And why do you not want us to be “isolationist?” Because you want us to take in more terrorists, as has foolish Merkel. More “bad advice.”

            “This has nothing to do with good and bad friends and their influence over you”

            It was an analogy. Concrete thinking leftists like yourself aren’t good with analogies. You want us to indiscriminately take in more refugees, among whom there will be some sub-human ungrateful killers, as well as some “moderates” who “only” want to act to change us politically, to make us more like the hell-holes they claim to be escaping from. Their influence will be a bad one. You may be foolish enough to think that’s a good idea, but most Americans do NOT.

    2. sod

      “Trump will vaporize the EU. The SJW governments will not survive it.”


      1. AndyG55

        And you would one to recognise Fantasies.

        Your whole life is built around them.

      2. yonason

        It’s within the realm of possibility, sod. Why else would they be so afraid of him?

    3. sod

      “Trump will vaporize the EU. The SJW governments will not survive it.”

      to give a little more detail: everybody here is watching Trumps actions and we all fully understand his intentions about the EU.

      He is trying to rip apart his best allies. These kind of very obvious and blunt bully tactics might work to pressure smaller companies in your building business, but they will fail on a global level.

      We have also seen Trump s first attempt at negotiation with Mexico and it was a total disaster. Trump could not buy a car at full list price with this plain out stupid approach.

      People will unite to fight back against Trump (even stupid politicians should understand how badly he treated the Mexican president after he had invited him during the candidacy!) and american companies will suffer the full burden of boycott in a world angered by Trump.

      Meanwhile Trump policies are targeting people who worked a decade for the US military:

      “Customs and Border Protection agents who detained the men at JFK are pointing to Trump’s executive order, telling the immigrants’ attorneys: “Mr. President. Call Mr. Trump,” according to the 20-page lawsuit. which was also filed by the Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization at Yale Law School and the American Civil Liberties Union.

      Darweesh, now 53, worked on behalf of the U.S. military in Iraq for a decade as an interpreter and electrical engineer, earning him a so-called “special immigrant visa” that are allotted to Iraqi nationals who aided the U.S. government during the Iraq War and now face threats staying there. Darweesh applied for the visa in Oct. 1, 2014, which was issued on Jan. 20, the same day Trump was inaugurated. ”

      Good luck with this kind of insanity.

      1. DirkH

        Well I can’t expect SOD to pay attention so here’s a little update for you SOD; you use only German Bloc media so you can’t actually know.
        “Neil asked Malloch why on earth he’d want to be Ambassador to the EU.

        AN: I mean you’re clearly not a great fan of Brussels or these bureaucrats like Juncker.

        TM: Well, I had in a previous year a diplomatic post where I helped to bring down the Soviet Union, so maybe there’s another union that needs a little taming.”

        GIVEN that the EU is close to disintegration by its very own MARVELOUS efforts already, just give it a kick in the butt and it will fall face down into the gutter.

      2. AndyG55

        Everybody can see that it is the far-left socialist German fake-news media that wants to wage war on The President of the United States.

        Trump wants peace , not war, but you can bet your bottom dollar he will fight back with everything he can.

        When you wrote…. “He is trying to rip apart his best allies. These kind of very obvious and blunt bully tactics might work to pressure smaller companies in your building business, but they will fail on a global level”

        …you must surely have been talking about the previous POTUS. Obama was the one that has cause so much to fail at a global level. His legacy, so to speak..

        But don’t fret, its OK!

        The new POTUS will do everything he can to tidy up the total mess left by that moronic islamic goose, Obama, over the last 8 years.

        1. SebastianH

          Trump wants chaos or at least that is what he and his administration displayed in the first week. They will lie on even small things and are very conscious about their perception in the media even though “the media” is naturally all FAKE NEWS (there I wrote like the president, in caps just after waking up).

          Everyone with a set of two eyes (or even just one) can see the current level of incompetence. The real stories are enough, you can’t make something like this up …

          1. AndyG55

            Poor Seb.. No incompetence from the Trump camp.

            WINNING all the way.

            Get used to it 🙂

          2. yonason


            SebH is as delusional as sod. Calling Trump incompetent because he doesn’t want us to end up like Germany.

            Who knows? Maybe SebH is correct. Maybe the appearance of chaos generated by the violent and dishonest protestors, people he never criticizes, really is Trumps fault. //s//

          3. SebastianH

            Ehem no … incompentent because of everything that has happened in just the first week of this new administration.

            If that is not incompentence and they are doing everything on purpose, well … that would be just evil and I can’t see how anyone – even conservatives – could get behind this.

          4. yonason

            Note that SebH says Trump is incompetent based on …. what? He neglects to mention.

            We’ve had 8 years of Obama’s incompetence.
            We know what Incompetence is.

            Trump has yet to show any incompetence.

            But Democrats and the media, on the other hand, are wallowing in it.
            …as is SebH!

          5. AndyG55

            Yep seb.. LOTS has happened.

            All of it good,

            all of it extremely well handled.

            Trump is WINNING, he is LEADING, and he is pushing through all manner of left-agenda destroying regulation.

            It is the far-left media reporting that is grossly incompetent…

            you know, the only stuff you read.

            They are becoming a laughing stock..

            …. and you are joining them.

          6. AndyG55

            Speaking of incompetence..

            Have you managed to find a paper that proves empirically that CO2 causes warming I a convective atmosphere.??

            Or can we just dump the whole AGW thing in the trash, were it can join the rest of the leftist totalitarian agenda as Trump grinds it into pulp.

          7. SebastianH

            So you are telling us you don’t see the incompetence? That explains a lot …

          8. AndyG55

            Yes seb, YOUR incompetence, which goes hand in hand with your far-left socialist ideology, is clearly evident.

            Trump is getting things done exactly as he said he would.

            Bad luck too incompetent idiots like you.

            So incompetent are you, that you can’t even find one single paper to support the very basis of your putrid, anti-human, anti-economic, AGW religion.

          9. SebastianH

            1) Trump lied on the smallest of issues on his first day and let two members of his administration lie on his behalf about the same unimportant issue. The term “alternative facts” was coined on this day. What else are they going to lie about in the future that is not so easily verifiable?

            2) Trump continues to take it very personally whatever “the media” writes/says about him. To the point where you’d think first thing he does after waking up is reaching for his smartphone and write something about “failing” and/or “FAKE NEWS” (in capital letters).

            3) The executive order to close the borders for certain citizens of other countries was purely executed. While he might not have any experience he ought to have advisors/consultants who know how to do something like this.

            Should I go on? I sure hope the current US administration (and Trump) is a quick learner, but currently it’s one week of incompetence …

            P.S.: How about you presenting your theory why earths surface is as hot as it is?

          10. yonason

            @SebastianH 29. January 2017 at 9:55 PM | Permalink

            Paraphrasing you vacuous assertion:

            So you are telling us you see incompetence where there is none? That explains a lot!

            See. Two can play that stupid game. It must be wonderful to be able to insult others without having to worry about substantiating your insults.

          11. yonason


            SebastianH 30. January 2017 at 3:02 PM | Permalink

            “1) Trump lied on the smallest of issues on his first day and let two members of his administration lie on his behalf about the same unimportant issue. The term “alternative facts” was coined on this day. What else are they going to lie about in the future that is not so easily verifiable?”

            A. – WHAT ISSUES, MORON?! Give us details. Are you too stupid to know what we are asking you for?
            B. – WHICH “MEMBERS” OF HIS ADMIN?
            C. – WHAT LIES DID THEY TELL?

            Like all Lefties, Seb…H is long on slander, but short on specifics.

            “What else are they going to lie about” – SebH

            You haven’t even told us what you think they lied about in the first place.

            “While he might not have any experience he ought to have advisors/consultants who know how to do something like this.”

            Who do you think writes these things for him?

            YOU ARE A CLOWN!

          12. AndyG55

            Poor seb.. he regurgitates all the spew that the far-left media come out with.

            Must be difficult sucking up all that putrid spew before you spew it out again.

            Tasty for you, no doubt, seb.

    4. Harry Dale Huffman

      “SJW” is not a word. I don’t know what it means (I am American, but a scientist and independent of any political group), although I could guess from your usage that it stands for “Social Justice Warrior”.

      When different groups start routinely arguing in acronyms, without bothering to spell them out, that tells me real war (not just the political “War of the Insane Left”, a term I invented to express my own developing understanding, under Obama’s Imperial reign) is right around the corner. It means the divisions, and the insanity, have gone too far.

      1. DirkH

        And here’s an update for you, the German invention AntiFa / Black Bloc has been transplanted into the USA. Those are the guys who destroyed that Muslim entrepreneurs 70k USD stretch Limo, bankrupting him.

        Think divisions have gone too far? Well the USA took in the Frankfurt School, and when transplanting Adorno and Horkheimer back to Germany to brainwash the Germans, payed by US tax money, they forgot to also get rid of MARCUSE.

  3. Sunsettommy

    I am an American,who long admire Germany for their great scientific,Military,Musical achievements.

    However I never liked people such as Hitler,Goering,Goebbels who hurt and embarrass the German nation,with their Criminal/Megalomaniac behavior,murdering millions of Gypsies,Jews and Polish people,causing Wold War 2 and fighting literally to the last building in Berlin.

    President Trump,has never killed anyone,sent them to camps or push ideas of enslaving people.Trump is saying America first,while Adolf Polzi was saying Hitler first, a vast difference.

    The idiotic comparison between Hitler and Trump,is an indication of mental illness,as it is absurd to the extreme,simply nothing to compare with that is true.

    1. Jeff Wood

      We had Bush Derangement Syndrome,mostly confined to the USA.

      Now we have Trump Derangement Syndrome, which seems to be international, and was boiling over before the Donald was inaugurated.

      A mental illness, pure and simple. In fact, if you count Obama worship, the illness is well established.

  4. Timo Soren

    The law has not been scrapped and infact, a formal complaint can still be filed. The guy what stated a ‘fix’ to the Trump one carries and incitation situation which is more than hate speach under the clause.

  5. tom0mason

    Josef Joffe of German weekly Die Zeit said that “assassination” could be one way to remove Trump from office.

    Does Mr Joffe not remember his history?
    Does he not know how Gavrilo Princip precipitated one of the greatest catastrophes of the 20th century when he shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria? How does he feel the assassination Trump would help move the world politics towards a more peaceful era?

    So Mr. Joffe just shut-up, your input is an dangerous antagonism in world politics. Mr. Joffe, your name will be front and center of the frame if any attempt is made on Trump. Exactly how do you feel an assassination would affect German/American and Europe/American relations? Do you understand the possible outcomes from you stupid comments.

    1. DirkH

      Joffe is ur-editor of SLIGHTLY LEFTIST (meaning Social-Democrat, meaning Marxist) Hamburg paper ZEIT.
      Social Democrats called themselves that because it was not allowed in the 1850ies to run a Communist party and call it that – Founder LaSalle was admirer of Karl Marx.

      So Joffe is as admired by German journalists as PULITZER is amongst American journalists. PULITZER propagandized for the American-Spanish war, brought about by the false flag sinking of the Maine. So journalists have worshipped a professional liar as their Messiah for 118 years now. You don’t need to know anything else about journalism. A 5 Dollar whore is a luxury item compared to a journalist. Journalists are the preparators of mass killings. That is their role. Joffe is a prime example obviously.

  6. Nigel S

    Count your blessings, at least you’re not Brexit voters! Then you would really know what hate speech is (from BBC uzw.).

  7. Johannes Herbst

    The netherland commedy is really funny and even Trump shows it on his youtube channel.

    I Think this is a how political commedy could be done.

  8. yonason

    “…Veiled Attempt To Trigger An Assassin?”

    Not so “veiled,” IMO. They are all transparently insanely violent. But that’s the “tolerant” Left for you.

  9. cary

    So if I remember correctly during the Reagan administration Germany was terrified of Reagans policies against the evil empire. It should be noted that his policies brought about the collapse of the USSR and the ultimate reunification of Germany.

  10. Bryan

    This is all part of the deep world wide establishment kickback against Trump.

    Soros, McCain, CNN, and Google fan dangerous tendencies because Trump is going in a direction away from the elite’s world view.

    1. sod

      “This is all part of the deep world wide establishment kickback against Trump.”

      There is no “kickback”.

      Trump is doing stupid things. he has not wasted a single minute thinking about that muslim ban. the effect is immediate and people who supported the USA and the US military now get arrested or lose their flights.

      Their stories will be the ultimate recruiting tool for the IS and will put to full stop any further cooperation in any of these countries by individuals whos cooperation is the key to success.

      1. yonason

        “There is no “kickback”.” – sod, the dim of wit.

        The world wide mass media are run by wealthy leftists, and they are all connected.

        If you see the same story in Germany that you see in the UK and the US, there’s a reason for that.

  11. Colin MacDonald

    When Obama was elected he received the Nobel prize before he even had a chance to lift the executive pen. Conversely Trump has evoked mass hysteria when he hasn’t even got halfway across the Oval office carpet. Can we expect war crimes indictment by tea time?

  12. Bryan


    The ‘spontaneous demonstrations’ turn out to be quite contrived social media events .

    I think that quite sinister puppet masters pull the strings and will stop at nothing to get rid of Trump

    1. sod

      The Koch brother are planning to spend $400 million.

      And they directly benefit from Republican anti-environment laws. This is “Soros^10”

      1. Sunsettommy


        you missed this quote,

        ““We couldn’t get comfortable with either candidate,” said Mark Holden, a longtime Koch aide who leads the policy and political network.”

        The Koch brothers are long time LIBERTARIANS,they have disagreed with Republicans many times.

  13. sod

    “Trump wants peace , not war, but you can bet your bottom dollar he will fight back with everything he can.”

    Ah, i got it. That is, why he is throwing out Iraqis who worked for the US military and who earned a green card!

    You are talking about the orwellian version of war and peace?!?

    1. AndyG55

      Poor sop.. you are LOSING !!!!

      The far-left agenda coming crashing down in the USA.

      How long until the Germans wake up and do the same thing, I wonder .

  14. sod

    sorry, but could we simply agree that what Trump did with the travel ban was simply horrible?

    The executive order was simply totally chaotic (one journalist said, it looked like it had been written by an intern). Obviously basically no thought had gone into it and to expertise was present when it was written (green cards, people in flight, reactions abroad, positive vs negative effects, chaos at the airports). And that is not me saying that, but republican politicians:

    This could be accepted as a particularly stupid beginner error, but there is evidence that it is not.

    At the same time, Trump is removing important expertise from the security council and replacing it with Bannon.

    errors will be the hallmark of the future.

    1. yonason

      Yet again, sod falls for the media’s narrative, and proves he/she/it/whatever is as clueless as ever.

    2. Rob

      “The executive order was simply totally chaotic”

      otherwise known as a continuation of Obama policies:

      1. sod

        “The executive order was simply totally chaotic””

        well, “the other kid also did it” might work in your kindergarden, but not in the real world.

        What is happening now was done by Trump, not by Obama. Fact (oh it hurts, just return to fake news Breitbart to cure)

        1. yonason

          The only chaos is in what passes for sod’s “brain.”

          1. AndyG55

            I wonder, how does chaos exist in a bowl full of blancmange ?

  15. M E

    Nice to hear from the s o d conglomerate.

    Do any of you ever read books?

    Orwell was writing in “1984” about the Ministry of Truth.

    The Ministry of Truth rewrote History and changed news not favourable to Big Brother, if I remember rightly.

    Switch off the computer and go and buy the book.. read it.
    It describes the kind of situation in the Eastern Block in the post war years, as Orwell saw it.
    He transferred it to future England in 1984 reversing the date of 1948. It is not prophecy it’s a novel with a point of view.
    But the rewriting of news is what is happening today. The BBC is very good at it and I expect DW is too. Who is the Big Brother they serve? The indefinite total ban on immigration to the U.S A we hear about is a case in point, go back to the source to find out and earn your right to comment . Trust but verify, comrade.

    1. sod

      ” Do any of you ever read books?

      Orwell was writing in “1984” about the Ministry of Truth.”

      yes. Me and the majority of kindergarden kids each alone have read more books than the combined Trump family together. In the real world 1984 is currently selling like crazy BECAUSE of Donald trump and his lies. You are a little bit behind the curve there…

      1. AndyG55

        you are a bit behind in logic.

        It is selling because Trump is EXPOSING the fact the Democrats were using “1984” as an instruction manual.

        The more people read “1984”.. the more people will vote for Donald Trump next election.

        So please .. keep pushing people to read it, sob.. you are obviously on Trump’s side. 🙂

  16. M E

    for sod
    about the seven countries included in the ban
    Conway said the Obama administration and Congress essentially came up with the list of seven, citing the Terrorist Prevention Act of 2015.

    A federal judge on Saturday evening issued an emergency order temporarily barring the administration from deporting people from the seven countries.

    Deporting is the word . So even that report about the judge was wrong.

    ps I got it from Fox News.. oh Horror.

    1. yonason


      Thanks. They never get it right. And it’s often deliberate.

      Also, the lawyers told the acting A.G. that Trump’s executive order was perfectly legal, but since she’s an activist leftist she refused to support it. Now, she has, as she should, been fired.

      In fact, she is the one who broke the law. Lucky for her she only got fired. I expect when the current administration gets all the bugs worked out, there’ll be a lot less activism, and a lot more complying with the law, …or else. Well, at least I can hope.

      1. SebastianH

        The reality distortion field is strong with you.

        1. AndyG55

          “The reality distortion field is strong with you”

          seb’s looking at himself in the mirror again…

          … probably preening himself… or worse.

          1. yonason

            “… probably preening himself… ” – Andy

            Gotta impress the SJW babes, ya know…

            “…or worse.”

            eh, no no no, not EVEN gonna go there…

        2. yonason

          “The reality distortion field is strong with you.” – sebH

          LOL. Where did you learn to come to such profound conclusions with such a paucity of facts?

          Is that what your dousing rod tells you? …maybe your magic eight ball?

          The DOJ lawyers said that Trump’s executive order passed legal muster. There was NO LEGAL REASON FOR HER TO NOT COMPLY WITH A LEGALLY VALID ORDER.

          It’s you who is living in the SJW distortion field. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are drugs involved, either. If not, you are pathetically easy to fool.

      2. AndyG55

        Trump is really rather clever. 🙂

        As I read it, any political campaigning by non-profits can now lead to them losing their non-profit status. 🙂

        1. yonason

          “any political campaigning by non-profits can now lead to them losing their non-profit status.” – Andy

          Oh, I hope so!

          A brief word on Sally Yates…

          Apparently she wasn’t always a Leftist hack. In fact, she was a well respected and competent attorney. I wonder what happened to her? Advocating non-compliance with the law is just not normal for someone with her history. I don’t want to speculate, but I do hope she gets whatever care she seems to need.

  17. sod

    “No incompetence from the Trump camp..

    They are squashing the far-left agenda exactly as the voters wanted.”

    Sorry, but even a lot of Republicans disagree on FOX news:

    But why bother with facts?

    1. yonason

      “Sorry, but even a lot of Republicans disagree on FOX news:” – sod

      What, you mean the ones who couldn’t beat him in the primaries, and/or their feeble friends?

      You haven’t a clue what you are writing about.

    2. AndyG55

      Republicans in name only.

      More than a few would be far happier in the ranks of the ultra-far left suck-ophants.

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