US Asked To Consider “Criminal Proceeding” Against ZDF Public Television For “Defaming” Trump, Trivializing Holocaust

It appears leftists have made it a habit of comparing anyone who disagrees with their views to Hitler/Nazis.

Of course climate science skeptics know this very well, as they are routinely referred to as “climate deniers”, which by reverse logic wrongly puts denying the Holocaust on the same level as doubting global warming science.

Last Friday I wrote here how German flagship ZDF national TV compared President Trump to Hitler.

This is no small matter, as the ZDF in Germany is comparable to the BBC in England.

Germany’s ZDF public television may be regretting its comparison of Trump to Hitler. German Jews call on US authorities to investigate for possible “criminal proceedings”.  Image: ZDF Frontal 21.

Now, just days later, it appears there could be potentially serious consequences for that tasteless, hatred-inciting brand of journalism.

The Germany-based online Jüdische Rundschauua has published an open letter by its publisher, Dr. Rafael Korenzecher, addressed to the head of the ZDF, Kurt Beck.

I’ve taken the liberty to make a general translation:

Dear Herr Beck

We take the liberty to bring your attention to the ZDF show ‘Frontal 21’, broadcast on 24 January, 2017, and one of its segments on newly elected US President Donald J. Trump, which in our view was completely defamatory.

Using suggestive, selected film footage and accompanying audio, the President of our most important ally and the leading western democracy was in spirit and in fact put in the same proximity as Adolf Hitler.

This is not only untruthful and completely defamatory, it also trivializes the historical assessment of an unprecedented crime committed by German war criminals and those responsible for the murder of 6 million European Jews.

We bring this case up because we assume that the broadcasting of this deliberate false content got by you, and so you did not exercise the input of your political and ethical responsibility for the broadcast content of this institution of public television.

With all regards for how essential freedom of the press is for democracy, we are convinced that the irresponsible dissemination of false historical references and defamatory content cannot and must not be a part of programs that are transmitted by public broadcaster ZDF. We therefore hereby request your corresponding and appropriate action to correct this scandalous situation and to be sure that this type of incident is effectively prevented from occurring again in the future.

For the sake of good order, we further point out that we have notified the appropriate US authorities for the possibility of legal proceedings concerning the appalling poor behavior of the “Frontal 21“ editorial board and to check for the possibility of launching a criminal proceeding against the responsible persons.

Yours truly

Dr. Rafael Korenzecher 
Publisher “Jüdische Rundschau” and “Evrejskaja Panorama”


13 responses to “US Asked To Consider “Criminal Proceeding” Against ZDF Public Television For “Defaming” Trump, Trivializing Holocaust”

  1. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

    Believe it or not, the cover of the new issue of Der Spiegel is even worse.

    Germany has lost its collective mind.

  2. sod

    I have never heard of that paper.

    and again: comparing evil leaders today to evil leaders of the past is the very essence of satirical magazines. You can not really complain about it!

    1. AndyG55

      “I have never heard of that paper. ”

      Its not one of the ultra far-left rags you get your fake-news from, hey sob.

    2. M E Emberson

      I’m not clear what you mean,sod. The magazine is complaining about comparison of Mr Trump to Hitler in the ZDF. The ZDF was satirical.
      The magazine is not being satirical is it?
      So whether you have heard of the magazine which is complaining is beside the point.
      I’m not surprised at German satirical humour being offensive to to people abroad. However Charlie Hebdo satirising the founder of Islam in France caused offence yet world leaders defended it. So I think protest will get nowhere.

    3. tom0mason

      “DER SPIEGEL, along with FOCUS, is one of the two largest-circulation news magazines published in Germany. DER SPIEGEL is Germany’s oldest news magazine, founded in 1946 as an obvious imitation of America’s TIME and NEWSWEEK magazines.”
      From —
      When I lived in Germany it was THE magazine to read! Mind you that was nearly 40 years ago.

  3. mothcatcher

    I would be totally against any such action, however unfair the comparison is. The laws in Europe against ‘holocaust denial’ are very heavy-handed and surely stink of the ‘Ministry of Truth’. They create an appalling precedent and I guess they are only possible because of residual German feelings of guilt over Nazi actions. They are, amongst other things, quite against the spirit and letter of the US constitution. Don’t align yourself with such oppressive laws.

    If you think ‘holocaust denial’ is a worthy target for the law, it’s only a short step to ‘climate denial’ and many other things.

    1. gnome

      Don’t you just hate suffering from the curse of reasonableness? Not a problem for warmist catastrophists.

      It’s nice to be able to rant and threaten, but in the end, the value of freedom of speech comes through. Not sure though, that the spirit and letter of the US Constitution is a worthwhile argument against overseas laws. Other places have other Constitutions.

    2. Streetcred

      That is a ridiculous assertion … the sozialista attack conservatives on a daily basis in this same way. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Put the bustuds in jail!

  4. AndyG55

    It should be Soros’s face next to that of Hitler.

    1. Streetcred


  5. John F. Hultquist

    Such actions in the USA are not likely.

    Still, Pres. Trump is very good at redirecting such stupid actions and, if not too busy with swamp draining, he may have a remark.

    In this instance, I am in agreement with Sod. I’ve never heard of that paper.
    Of course I haven’t heard of most EU papers.

  6. Jeff

    It’s not a paper, it’s a TV show. Same trash, different medium.

    And I don’t think it’s trivial. There’s an Irish rag which advocates assassinating Trump. Were the parties reversed, and HildeBEAST President (or Obama)(same thing…), I believe the hounds of the Secret Service, et. al. would be despatched to deal with the arrant journalist(s) (and, yes, I mean arrant).

    This has to stop. Yellow journalism (Urinalists of the YSM, as it’s been put) is one thing. Sedition, and incitement to murder, is quite another.

    The fact that my FORCED TV taxes go for this trash (as well as the infinitely stupid “container” shows) is all the more irritating…

  7. CheshireRed

    Disgraceful. Try depicting the types of people who really DO saw off heads and, well, that’d be hate speech and all hell would be let loose. Yet they think Trump is fair game? Absolutely cretinous.

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