7 Gunshots Fired At National Space Science And Technology Center In Possible Attempt To Intimidate Dissenting Scientists


One of the nation’s leading scientists Dr. Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama reports at his website that 7 shots were fired at the National Space Science and Technology Center in Huntsville Alabama, all hitting the fourth floor where the office of renowned pioneering climate scientist Prof. John Christy is located.

Target of brazen intimidation, or worse? Huntsville Alabama National Space Science and Technology Center climate science critical researchers Prof. John Christy and Dr. Roy Spencer may have been the targets of gunshots.

It is suspected that the shots were fired over the weekend during the “March for Science” demonstration. Dr. Spencer’s office is located in another part of the same building.

“I think this is more than a coincidence,” Spencer wrote at his site.

Both Spencer and Christy have been outspoken critics of the climate science alarmism often spread by alarmist scientists, militant environmental activists and mass media.

For years they and a number of researchers have claimed that the models have severely exaggerated the projected warming by greenhouse gases emitted by man and that observations over the past 20 years for the most part refute the theory.

A shaken Spencer writes at his site:

A total of seven shots were fired into our National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC) building here at UAH over the weekend.

All bullets hit the 4th floor, which is where John Christy’s office is (my office is in another part of the building).

Given that this was Earth Day weekend, with a March for Science passing right past our building on Saturday afternoon, I think this is more than coincidence. When some people cannot argue facts, they resort to violence to get their way. It doesn’t matter that we don’t “deny global warming”; the fact we disagree with its seriousness and the level of human involvment in warming is enough to send some radicals into a tizzy.

Our street is fairly quiet, so I doubt the shots were fired during Saturday’s march here. It was probably late night Saturday or Sunday for the shooter to have a chance of being unnoticed.

Maybe the “March For Science” should have been called the “March To Silence”.

Campus and city police say they believe the shots were fired from a passing car, based upon the angle of entry into one of the offices. Shell casings were recovered outside.

This is a developing story. I have no other details.”

If indeed targeted, the level of violence aimed at shutting down scientific dissent and open debate reaches a whole dimension. Scientists with dissenting views on climate must now fear life-threatening hostility and psychological intimidation that up to now has been unprecendeted in the USA — a nation that has traditionally prided itself in its freedom of speech, open debate and alternative ideas.

Skeptics of alarmist scientists have long been the target of harsh rhetoric from hostile climate alarmist parties, who often refer to scientists such as Spencer and Christy as “climate deniers”, a thinly veiled reference to Holocaust deniers.

Harvard astrophysicist Prof. Willie Soon, also an otspoken critic of climate science alarmism, has also felt firsthand vicious attacks from both colleagues and militant alarmists. In an e-mail comment, he like Dr. Spencer also called the shots more more than just a “coincidence”, and characterized last weekend’s March for Science” demonstration as a political charade.

“The whole ‘March for Science’ movement during the weekend proves how ill climate science has become today,” Soon wrote. “This incidence of shooting into Professor John Christy’s and Dr. Roy Spencer’s office building is an act of violent intent and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. Those anti-science cowards have not only lost their grounding in science, but clearly have also bankrupted their moral currency.”

Not long ago a University of Graz Professor called for the death penalty for scientists who did not agree with the visions of alarmist climate scientists, who have dominated the media and public scene with scare stories of super-storms and Biblical sea level rise for 15 years. While the professor’s harsh rhetoric was viewed as bizarre, it now totally pales compared to the 7 gunshots in Huntsville.

Joe Bast, spokesman of the U.S. think tank Heartland Institute in a comment by e-mail: “We should take this threat seriously, and all of us should take precautions in our professional and personal lives.”

22 responses to “7 Gunshots Fired At National Space Science And Technology Center In Possible Attempt To Intimidate Dissenting Scientists”

  1. Robert

    This truly is “ecoterrorism”.

  2. tom0mason

    I am truly shocked!
    What mentality does it take to shoot at a building that houses scientists, researchers, academics, and administrators? What possible motive could the perpetrator have for this obscene act of violence? This makes no sense, it is both an outrage and madness, The kind of madness previously only endorsed by authoritarian dictatorships.
    Roy and John keep yourselves and your loved ones safe, we are living through difficult times.

    1. yonason (from my cell phone)

      After all these years of climate true believers spewing hate you are shocked to see that they behave in accord with their violent demented ideology?

      I’m not. What I am, is very upset that that sane among us, who I believe vastly outnumber the lunatics, have allowed the situation to degenerate to the point that they pose such an existential threat to not only individuals, but to the very fabric of civilization.

      It’s not too late, but we are pushing the envelope.

      And, yet, please G-d the bravest among us who have stood up against their tyranny will not only survive, but will prevail!

  3. AndyG55

    May all those fighting for “The Resistance” remain safe and strong !

    I wonder how much more of this we will see as the AGW scam/religion continues to crash in on itself.

  4. John F. Hultquist

    I’m posting this at several sites”

    Most cities have laws against guns being fired. Outside of cities shots across roads is not allowed. Likewise aiming at buildings is against laws, as is toward places where people can be expected.

    However, I would interpret this to be either a jerk misbehaving, or someone wanting to make known their views of John Christy’s work.

    Regardless of the possible interpretations, a crime was committed.

    I suggest the University replace the windows (and a few others) with inch thick LEXAN.

  5. CO2isLife
  6. toorightmate

    I think we can guarantee that the imbeciles responsible for this shooting would not have a clue about science or climate.
    They would be violent activists of the violent left.

    1. DirkH

      That is the perfect description for the typical warmunist Gamma “scientist”.

      AntiFa are typically US college professors wacking innocent people over the head with bike U-locks.

      You think the typical warmunist fanatic who managed to snatch himself a post in academia is any different? Most warmunists aren’t even involved with computer programming but some “ethicist” pondering how to fix humans, their brains, their opinions or how to genetically manipulate humans to become smaller. The latter is not a joke. One of the crazy, insane lunatic warmunist assclowns in US academia did publish about just that.

      1. yonason (from my cell phone)

        “They would be violent activists of the violent left.” – toorightmate

        Yep – and most, if not all, of what DirkH wrote. PS – wander over to his website and enjoy some very interesting material you will find nowhere else. I don’t agree with all his interpretations, but what he bases them on is for the most pretty solid. Very impressive IMO. There are very few who deviate from what most consider ‘normal’, but DirkH seems to instinctively gravitate to essential matters. So, even when he’s wrong, he’s at least partially right, IMO.

        ASIDE – Not trying to suck up to you, DirkH. That’s my honest assessment of your contribution. You aren’t always right, but damned if you don’t have a nose for what’s important. Talk to you more when I’m back home. ALL BEST.

        1. DirkH

          Oh you flatterer. And thanks for calling my blogging an instinctual behaviour. Like a mollusk. I like that a lot.

  7. yonason (from my cell phone)

    Those shots tell you all you need to know about the Warmunistas. They are a violent, deceitful, and hate filled ideology.

    Anyone who subscribes to it is delusional, at best:

  8. CraigAustin

    You have to understand, these snowflakes do not understand the word “no”, they have never been wrong and everything they do is virtuous. They have been told that honest men and women are Nazi’s (everybody they disagree with is a Nazi/facist) and it is morally necessary to stop them. These people have only one goal, global depopulation.

  9. CO2isLife

    Climate “Science” on Trial; The Prophet Eisenhower Warned Us About Climate Scientists

    Here is a clip of the Eisenhower speech used in a global warming documentary. The entire documentary is worth watching and was/is very prophetic.

  10. Katana

    You know they are losing the argument when they become violent; no matter what the subject of the debate is! The police recovered shell casings so they know the type and caliber of gun used. The police will recover some bullets which will provide further evidence. A video camera may have taped the vehicle passing the building; which could further aid identification of the perpetrator. I feel sure the perpetrator will be caught and punished.

    All people active in controversial fields need to be alert and look to their security in today’s world riven with fanatics of all types.

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  12. Robin Whitlock

    What absolute rubbish. There is absolutely nothing in what Spencer says to suggest that it was anyone attending the March for Science that fired those shots. It’s pure propaganda and basically lie. This is the kind of rubbish climate change deniers come out with when their attempts to debate the subject academically are totally trashed. You can’t debate any longer, so you start lying. Pathetic.

    1. AndyG55

      Have you still got your pink vag hat on , Robyn ?

      Wear it with pride. 😉

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  15. CO2isLife

    March For Pseudoscience and Watermelon Environmentalism

    Nowhere on the list of speakers or sponsors can you find anything close to legitimate scientists or scientific organizations. Real climate scientists like Dr. Spencer and Christy at UAH were not only not invited or welcomed, they had their windows shot out. Dr. Pielke Jr and Dr. Curry were also notably absent, as were Anthony Watts and Kenji.

  16. CO2isLife

    Political “Scientist” Michael Mann Prefers Censorship, Slander and Punitive Action Over Debate

    “It should trouble everyone in the scientific community that the primary response of its leading voices when they encounter a voice they don’t like is to try to get that person fired from their job. That is doesn’t trouble anyone very much says something,” wrote Roger Pielke, Jr. in a blog post this month.


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