The Skeptics Witch-Hunt Is On …Pope Francis Unleashes Inquisition 2.0

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It is the duty of every Catholic to persecute heretics.”

– Pope Gregory IX, 1170-1241, organizer of the Inquisition

They that approve a private opinion, call it opinion; but they that mislike it, heresy: and yet heresy signifies no more than private opinion.

– Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), Leviathan

Now fast forward almost 800 years since Pope Gregory IX’s proclamation on heretics. Guided by global warming dogmatists such as Hans Joachim Schellnhuber of the ultra-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Pope Francis went on to issue a Papal encyclical on the environment and human ecology: Laudato Si, thus making environmentalism a part of Catholic dogma – one that makes challenging climate science heresy.

Now in the wake of Hurricane Irma, Pope Francis has sharply criticized man-made climate change skeptics, implying they are “stupid”. He said on Monday during an in-flight press conference:

Those who deny it [climate change] should go to the scientists and ask them. They speak very clearly. I am reminded of a phrase from the Old Testament, I think from the Psalm: ‘Man is stupid, he is stubborn and he does not see.'”

So says His Holiness, whose Church obstinately took 390 years to apologize for the persecution of heretic Galileo. The bad weather was in fact brewed by skeptics and bad people, the pope insists.

Today a number of (Democrat) politicians and overzealous alarmists in USA are hysterically calling for the criminalization of climate science skepticism and skeptic opinion. For those having read some religious history, this may sound very familiar and remind them of the ugly Inquisition days of the Catholic Church – time when “heretics” were rounded up, brutally tortured and murdered by Church higher-ups — all over Europe, 600 years long.

Papal pact with population control advocate Paul Ehrlich

For many of the faithful, something is terribly amiss with this Pope. Recently he even suggested that Donald Trump was not really a pro-lifer, thus seemingly turns a blind eye to the US Democratic Party’s staunch support for Planned Parenthood abortion factories and a US health care law that forces faithful Catholics to fund abortions against their will.

Earlier this year “population control activist Paul Ehrlich spoke at a Vatican conference on how to save the natural world” today despite an outcry by members of the Catholic faithful“, writes here. Pope Francis appears to be opening the door to population control.

This is all getting monstrous, hysterical and irrational, and so it’s time for global warming skeptics and the faithful to take a firm and resolved stand against this rogue Pope.

We must never cave in to the Pope’s destructive Inquisition-like dogma and demonization of free thought. We have to remain steadfast, and possibly so for decades or even centuries. Those who want us to forget the past, are those who long for its repeat. Inline with his “stupid and stubborn” statement, Pope Francis seems to harbor a detestation for the human race.

I’m done listening to this Pope.


23 responses to “The Skeptics Witch-Hunt Is On …Pope Francis Unleashes Inquisition 2.0”

  1. ClimateOtter

    Should have used the Monty Python version for an image.

    The Pope is a Leftist. He needs to be Removed. Oddly enough he became Pope right about the time an Anti-pope was predicted (if I recall my Nostradamus correctly).

  2. Reasonable (fat) Skeptic

    “The scientists” also told my fat ass that fats were bad and carbs were good.

  3. Bryan
  4. JMS Martins

    Let to Science what is scientific, and to the pope what is religious. Do not mix things.

  5. Rob

    “Those who deny it [climate change] should go to the scientists and ask them“….. whether or not God exists

    1. Greg61

      And ask scientists how they feel about virgin birth, resurrection, life after death,….

  6. BobW in NC

    This Pope has a closed mind to anything that does not fit into his social justice dogma. I recall that when climate alarmists and climate skeptics went over to talk to him about “climate change,” he received only those who affirmed it. The others, he turned away.

    And what ever happened to truth? He should leave science to science and faith to faith, and take care of those given to him as would a shepherd, especially a Good Shepherd (e.g., John 10:10).

  7. oldbrew

    Don’t mention carbon footprints.

  8. mwhite

    Perhaps the Pope will put Vatican money where his mouth is???

    “If the Winton market is successful, Mr Roulston envisions it being a source to show how experts believe world events — such as the US withdrawing from the climate accord — could impact climate change.”

    This fund needs a bit of publicity

  9. Newminster

    Until Francis declares this to be a matter of “faith or morals” he can say what he likes. I and millions of other Catholics will continue to believe that the planet God created is a little more robust than he and the eco-activists would like us to believe.

    I am genuinely surprised that someone of his standing can be so naive as to allow himself to be used — by either side, to be even-handed! — as a pawn in such a contentious matter. There is little doubt he is the most blatantly political pope for many years and in the long run he is doing neither himself nor the Church any favours.

    ClimateOtter is not the only person who has muttered the word “anti-pope”. I don’t think we are there yet but much more questioning of truths that the faithful have been taught for centuries are immutable and that accusation will certainly surface again.

  10. R. Shearer

    As a scientist, I go to myself and ask, is this Pope honest? No, I reply.

  11. Tom Sheahen

    The mainstream media is quick to confuse the Pope’s opinion with Catholic dogma. His views on weather, climate, atmospheric physics, rainfall, etc., are no better than the next guy’s. The Pope himself probably already realizes that, which is why he gives so much leeway to Sorondo, Schnellnhuber, Sachs & Ehrlich. He can run any old scientific notion up the flagpole and it has no long-term consequences. Actual practicing Catholics pay attention to statements about religious topics.

    1. sunsettommy

      Problem is Thomas, is that he supposed to be mediating religious matters.

  12. gnome

    Freedom of speech is a good thing. Popes can say what they like and fear no response stronger than ridicule.

    Luckily, popes don’t have the power to enforce their beliefs any more.

    1. Newminster

      Ah, but! He is the leader of over a billion Catholics. Supposedly, the Holy Spirit guides the cardinals when it comes to deciding whom to vote for in the Conclave.

      Without getting bogged down in theology the only, very limited, area in which he is entitled to claim to be infallible is when 1 he is speaking ex cathedra (ie in his capacity as Pope), 2 on a matter of faith or morals, 3 to the whole Church. There have been only three or four such pronouncements in the last couple of centuries.

      But his flock will say: 97% of scientists – and now the pope himself – say … So it must be right! It’s even better than having Leonardo di Caprio on your side!

      Which is why I said I was surprised to see him add his weight. Popes have been very good over the years at fence-sitting in subjects like this and have usually been proved wise to do so!

  13. MGJ

    There was a time people would ask “Is the Pope Catholic?!” in a jocular way, to emphasise how obvious something was. Not any more. It’s no longer clear whether he even qualifies as a Christian, sincle Global Warming & Islam seem to be his top two favoured religions.

  14. yonason
  15. M E Emberson

    As a sceptic of the Press and broadcast media I do not believe anything that they report about the Pope.

    They may just be fomenting discord for some reasons of their own.
    Money is always a good reason to set up controversy. If they get more people reading or viewing or listening they get more advertising revenue.

    They think it doesn’t matter since science and religion do not matter to them.

  16. M E Emberson

    Also, if I may add. The Pope is a Jesuit and if he says what the press claim, that denying Climate Change is stupid, he is being jesuitical as no one is claiming that climates do not change.

    Look up jesuitical !

    He knows how to keep both sides confused . Subtlety is not a hall mark of news paper reporters or radio interviewers.

    I’m not Roman Catholic but I appreciate subtlety.

  17. SebastianH

    no one is claiming that climates do not change.

    You are kidding, right? This very blog often publishes lists of papers which are intended to show that places are cooling or haven’t been warming or alternatively show that the institutions keeping the temperature record are faking the warming.

    1. Kenneth Richard

      no one is claiming that climates do not change.

      You are kidding, right? This very blog often publishes lists of papers which are intended to show that places are cooling or haven’t been warming

      “places are cooling” is a change.

      “haven’t been warming” is a change (if they had been warming previously).

      In-filling temperatures where no measurements are available does indeed occur.

      1. yonason

        Strawman SebastianH strikes out again.

        When SebH doesn’t have a legitimate objection to make, he’ll make it anyway, usually by accusing us of advocating something we didn’t.

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