Breaking: Northwest Pacific Volcanic Eruption Fires Ash 15 Km Into The Atmosphere!

There’s been a volcanic eruption in Northwest Pacific at Bezymianny Volcano, reports here. Already an aviation colour code RED has been issued.

The spectacular, Mount St. Helens-like eruption has even been posted on YouTube:

The 2882-meter Bezymianny Volcano in Russia in the northwest Pacific blew on December 20, 2017, and the eruption was so powerful that it is reported to have blasted ash 15 km up into the atmosphere.

According to KVERT here, strong ash explosions up to 49,200 ft (15 km) are occurring at this time and ongoing activity could affect international and low-flying aircraft.

Here’s another view of the eruption, which shows successive explosive blasts the seem to have obliterated part of the mountain.

Video: Kamchatka Branch of the Geophysical Survey RAS (

Impact on global climate?

There”s been no report on the eruption’s volcanic explosivity index (VEI) and so it is difficult to asses the possible consequences on global climate. The eruption is located at 55°N, and so its effect would not be as pronounced as one of similar magnitude occurring near the equator.

The Bezymianny volcano is part of the Russian Kamchatka volcanoes.

Satellite photo, by Jesse Allen, NASA Earth Observatory, public domain.

TASS here just reported “ash as high as 17 km above sea level“.

More technical information available here at KVERT. Background information here:


24 responses to “Breaking: Northwest Pacific Volcanic Eruption Fires Ash 15 Km Into The Atmosphere!”

  1. ClimateOtter

    Of course you realize the alarmists will LEAP upon this as an excuse for any possible cooling the next little while.

    1. SebastianH

      I don’t get it. Climate science is describing the cooling effect of volcanoes all the time and somehow you are now afraid that cooling could be associated with errupting volcanoes? What’s the logic in that statement?

      1. ClimateOtter

        Intellectual dishonesty is your hallmark, seb.

        1. SebastianH

          To play sunsettommy’s role … where is the (counter) point in that reply? Care to elaborate on your logic?

          1. AndyG55

            Yet another TOTALLY EMPTY comment from seb.

            If you don’t comprehend basic principles, seb, you should probably stop showing your continued wilful ignorance.

          2. AndyG55

            Basic principles like scientific proof, are an anathema to you seb.

            You JUST BELIEVE, despite being TOTALLY UNABLE to produce one single paper that proves empirically that CO2 causes warming in our convective atmosphere.

            You DO NOT understand basic principles of maths, science, physic or biology.

      2. David Appell

        Agree with Seb.
        Climate impact will depend on VEI and the economic eruptions latitude. Generally only eruptions in the tropics significantly affect climate.

        1. AndyG55

          Proof positive that these AGW troll work in concert.

          One gets banned, another immediately appears.

          What a SAD lot of non-entities they are.

          1. Jeff

            Yep, Andy. What was it with CNN and fake news?
            Oh yeah, Appells and Bananas?

            I think the economic eruptions are happening in Brussels, the EZB, the UN, and the swamp (but I repeat myself)…..

      3. RAH

        Seb, this eruption is not near big enough nor located close enough to the equator to make THAT much difference.

        1. AndyG55

          I read somewhere that Mt Laki in Iceland, erupted in 1783, caused a cold year or two in Europe. Latitude 64N

  2. David Appell

    Latitude is 55 N so climate impact is unlikely unless the explosion is hugely huge.

    1. AndyG55

      Its good to know that you and your AGW troll mates won’t be using it as an excuse for the coming cooling trend.

      You, having said it won’t have any affect, can be pretty much relied on to say it did, at some stage. !

  3. Edward

    We all too often forget about the Russian far east and in particular the Kamchatka peninsula – it is a very siesmically speaking, area of some fierce volcanic activity.
    Here in the north of the UK, we have observed some quite spectacular sunsets in recent days, one ponders on the news of this volcano ‘going up’, I’ve been following the progress of this eruption for the last few weeks…. and throwing particulates and dust into the upper atmosphere plus not least aerosols ie coolants, forebodes worse?

    Is it entirely possible that, it could, have some affect on the NH’s winter, I don’t know but it maybe that it will cause it to be a wet and cooler summer – ‘might’ and I stress it.

  4. Russell Cairns

    How come neither of these You Tube videos is “available” at the moment? I tried going on to You Tube and searching for “Kamchatka Volcano” and only videos from a year or more ago came up.

  5. Jack Miller

    I read an article today, apparently climate change and the warming planet will cause more volcanic eruptions ? Everyday for the last few weeks climate change is causing all sorts of distress, I’ve lost count of the variety of ways things are possibly going to go extremely bad. Here’s the link to the latest alarm :

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