Have you ever wondered why the opposition and European elitists are freaking out?

Many can no longer cope with the reality. Trump has performed extremely well under the most hostile of circumstances, and accomplished a lot:

Now the huge tax reform bill moves to the President’s desk for signing. The tax burden is about to get a lot lighter. Also countries across the world are going to face pressure to follow suit and reduce the burdens placed on their own citizens.

The planet has gone from the bleak prospect of global high taxes and extreme climate regulations, to one of low taxes and plentiful, cheap and clean energies.


Goodbye to Paris Climate Accord.

Goodbye to wide-open borders.

Goodbye to shackles of globalism and elitists. Eat your heart out, Soros.

America and its workers are becoming unchained from the iron chains of global government.



  1. AndyG55

    Please Mr Trump, send some of your common sense down to Australia.

    Our politicians are totally lacking in any, at all !!

    Here we are, with some of the best thermal coal in the world, and we are closing coal fired power stations, and not building new ones.

    All based on a totally ANTI-SCIENCE CO2 hatred. !!

    The absolute height of moronic stupidity. 🙁

  2. J Martin

    He also made the inspired choice for the man to run the EPA. What he did get wrong was he missed an opportunity to make another inspirational choice and appoint Kevin Warsh to run the FED. Warsh has published a list of problems with the FED and listed all the damage it does to business and society at large. Powell is more Yellen and will likely deepen the crash when it comes.

  3. John F. Hultquist

    The tax bill removes the requirement that all Americans have health insurance that is part of the ACA (Obamacare). Much of the 2010 health law remains in place but it needs the healthier folks to pay premiums. So future premiums are expected to go up, fewer will pay, and there comes a ratcheting down of the ACA. Republicans, or Trump, have said they will improve this.
    “The Donald” has told Congress, several times “Do your job.”
    The previous president “had a pen” and did what he wanted. That’s why the Obama administration actions are being so easily undone.
    With Congress now passing laws, undoing them will be much harder.

  4. RAH

    Many great developments under Trump being under reported in the US press. And one of the most important are his Judiciary appointments. He is consistently putting forth young conservatives that do not believe in judicial activism. IF the Republicans can hold their majority in the Senate where the presidents appointees are confirmed or denied this will continue and transform the judiciary back to one where the majority of justices interpret the Constitution instead of ignore it or try to get around the intent of it’s words.

    IF President Trump is gets a second term while maintaining a majority in the Senate there is a very good chance he will appoint two more Supreme Court justices there by putting the power in the court of the Constitutional Constructionist for many years to come.

    This transformation would change many things for the better in the United States for many generations to come.

  5. Bitter&twisted

    Wish we had a government with b@lls to kick out the greens and cultural Marxism as well.

  6. oebele bruinsma

    Thanks Pierre for the summary of the deeds of a man steering at least the USA away from the liberal fascist route leading to 1984.

  7. Fredar

    So, few stupid questions here:

    How reliable are those data?
    Where are the sources?
    Did those things happen because of Trump, or despite of Trump? Big difference here. He’s only been in power for a year…

    Also good bye to free trade?

    You know, I don’t understand why people who worship Trump as some kind of a god, claim to be for capitalism while at the same time being against free trade. But if Trump is against free trade it has to be bad? And they say liberals worshipping Obama was creepy and weird. But hey, if US wants to commit economic suicide with its protectionist policies then their loss. Protectionism has only failed, I don’t know, EVERY single time it has been tried. But you know, it’s all for the “greater good”. Just like alarmists always say.

    I appreciate a US president with skeptical position to climate change, but I feel like he’s a worst man to advance skeptical position. Outside his fanatical fans, nobody seems to take the guy seriously. And, it’s no wonder. He really is doing all he can to undermine America’s position in the world.

    I’m a skeptic too, but he basically rose to power by fear mongering and claiming to be the answer to every problem. In other words, typical lying populist politician. Skeptics out of all people, should find that suspicious. But hey, if has shown to be skeptical towards climate change, then he has to be right in everything. Again, how is this different from liberals worshipping Obama? Of course both sides think they are right and the other side is wrong. Both sides accuse the each other of being fascist. Both side has this simplistic black and white view of the world. And both sides have retreated in their own bubles. Does anyone else think this is worrying?

    1. AndyG55

      “He’s only been in power for a year…”

      Well they certainly aren’t anything t do with Obama.

      Massive forward steps in the USA since he was elected.

      Hopefully more to come 🙂

      And yes, your view is very simplistic.

  8. Fredar

    Cheap and reliable energy are the key to prosperity and wealth. But equally important is free market capitalism, free trade and open borders, but if Trump opposes those last two, they have to be bad. You would think that it’s the leftist enviromentalists who would oppose free trade and open borders.

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