High Profile German Climatologist Blasts Global Warming As ‘Politicogenic’ …’Clever Propaganda’

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Retired German climatologist Dr. Werner Kirstein recently spoke on the topic of climate change before a packed audience at the 14th Anti-Censorship Conference (AZK) last November, blasting the politicization of climate science and taking issue on how data are (mis)handled and deceitfully presented to the public.

Image: Werner Kirstein, source: snipped here.

“Politicogenic warming”

During the presentation Kirstein comes down extremely hard on the media, claiming that German flagship news media offer the public only propaganda on certain issues. Thus in Kirstein’s view climate change has little to do with man (anthropogenic) but mostly is what he calls “politicogenic” because the science has been seriously compromised by politics, power-hungry bureaucrats and politically motivated organizations, such as the WMO, IPCC  and The World Bank.

“Sad, but that’s how it works”

Kirstein also claims that universities have been corrupted in that government funding flows only if a researchers show there is a connection between something and CO2-induced warming, no matter how absurd the subject. “It all comes down to funding,” Kirstein notes. “It’s sad, but that’s how it works.”

Climate science is totally politicized.”

Kirstein also informs the audience there are many scientists who have been very critical of climate science, and that the media in Germany supplies only half-truths on the subject, and is thus providing audiences “pure propaganda“.

Hockey stick a propaganda tool

The retired professor shows that climate change has been the norm throughout the earth’s history, and that we’ve seen even warmer periods during our current Holocene. He characterizes Prof. Michael E. Mann’s hockey stick chart as a propaganda tool. Kirstein also feels the climate models are faulty and unreliable, and that they have been manipulated to make CO2 appear as the driving climate driver.

History, he says, shows there is no correlation between CO2 and global temperature and that statements claiming otherwise are “bogus correlations”.

Even a quadrupling would benefit…

Kirstein then asserts that atmospheric CO2 concentrations have a long way to go before there would be a risk of trouble, noting that especially C3 plants would benefit immensely from a quadrupling the atmospheric CO2 concentration.

Chart: Werner Kirstein, snipped from presentation at AZK conference.

Fear and fraud

Kirstein also believes that climate scientists are irresponsibly using climate science to spread fear and panic among the population, and says that Potsdam Institute Director Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber “ought to be happy he does not reside in Switzerland” because there falsely spreading fear among the public is punishable with up to 3 years in prison.

Media, scientists propagating fear

The long outspoken German professor also characterizes the notion of “climate protection” as a superstition, a concept that makes no sense. He showed the packed audience a variety of ways of how alarmist scientists and media have used a variety of bogus claims to propagate fear among the public, such as those relating to glacier retreat, polar bear population, unexpected heavy snowfalls, polar sea ice, cold winters, desertification and sea level rise.

Smear, and then run from factual discussion

The politicization has gotten so bad that Kirstein is saddened to say that today “belief in the true nature of climate variability is labelled as conspiracy theory or populism – a killer argument that allows retreat from every factual discussion.”

Kirstein summarizes:

You don’t have to be a climatologist to reveal that manmade climate change is in fact presented as a political ideology that uses the aid of clever media propaganda.”

Delightfully, Kirstein was applauded throughout the presentation, indicating that the audience is on to the scam of catastrophic “anthropogenic” global warming and all the tricks used by the media.

39 responses to “High Profile German Climatologist Blasts Global Warming As ‘Politicogenic’ …’Clever Propaganda’”

  1. donald penman

    We get this AGW propaganda from the UK media a lot every time I tune into the BBC it seems they are lecturing us about the danger of climate change so I normally don’t .

  2. SebastianH

    So he changed from back then? Or is he still telling BS to the listening skeptics crowd who swallow it without being skeptic about it at all?


    And we all remember this ridiculous interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPVT7iihMTs

    Before somebody replies with not bringing up a counterpoint, no I won’t participate in playing chess with a pigeon anymore. It’s pointless and time-consuming, so you go on and just believe what this guy says without questioning. Have fun and a happy new year 🙂

    1. yonason (from my cell phone)

      How are those warmist predictions working out for you SebH?

      It must be such a relief not having to reconcile your beliefs with actual data.

      Just as well you don’t play chess with pigeons. They’d always win.

      1. SebastianH

        How are those warmist predictions working out for you SebH?

        I don’t know who else you put in the “warmist” group, but so far predictions are just fine. The article you are linking to refers to something Al Gore said about a prediction made by a scientist named Maslowski of the Arctic having a 75% chance of being ice-free in the summer months in 5 to 7 years (so in 2014 to 2016). We all know that didn’t happen, but if you want to base your judgment of the “warmists” by the extremes, then your side (whatever that may be) must be judged by the extremes too. Are you willing to support those extremes?

        The Arctic ice volume is still pretty low in case you thought there is no such thing as vanishing polar ice mass: http://psc.apl.uw.edu/research/projects/arctic-sea-ice-volume-anomaly/

        It must be such a relief not having to reconcile your beliefs with actual data.

        He makes the same mistake as Kenneth made, the interviewee clearly states it’s depending on location and even that more snow is possible. Also, the voice of Tony Heller is just terrible. Listening to this guy equals torture, he should definitely do something about his sinuses.

        And before Kenneth asks again “what locations? be specific!”:

        Go through these datasets, find the regions where snow cover is decreasing and there you have your locations. It won’t be any city in the northern U.S. as they regularly experience low enough temperatures. 2 or even 4 degrees Celsius more won’t change that it might snow there around Christmas. But humidity could decrease and make it rarer. Or to say it with the words of the interviewee “climate is complicated”.

        Just as well you don’t play chess with pigeons. They’d always win.

        The pigeon always wins, that’s the whole point.

        1. AndyG55

          “The Arctic ice volume is still pretty low in case “

          Again the CONTINUED IGNORANCE and LIES

          Arctic sea ice is still above what it has been for 90+% of the Holocene.


          Why do you constantly IGNORE SCIENCE, seb??

        2. AndyG55

          “find the regions where snow cover is decreasing and there you have your locations”

          seb YET AGAIN, admits that he has NOTHING !!

          He is SO LAZY that he wants someone else to do the cherry-picking of some minor areas that might be decreasing in snow while the general NH snow expanse in INCREASING.

          You really have got very much to the PATHETICALLY EMPTY stage, seb.

          1. SebastianH

            some minor areas that might be decreasing in snow while the general NH snow expanse in INCREASING.

            What is so hard to understand about this interview? The interviewee clearly says that because of higher humidity snowfall can increase where it is still cold enough, e.g. if it has -10°C somewhere today than even if it warms by 5 degrees there it will still be cold enough to have snow. Understood?

            This comic is not about 0°C, but 0°F. But it would not be hard to find similar locations where 0°C is the limit:

            In case you don’t understand it:

    2. AndyG55

      How’s that proof that CO2 causes warming, seb

      You are still an empty nonce.

      Best you can do is quote a slimy AGW blog, and give a youtube link which has a title at least that is totally correct… CO2 is HARMLESS.

      ZERO science.. just an EMPTY sack !!

      That is what you started as, that is what you remain.

    3. AndyG55

      “so you go on and just believe what this guy says without questioning.”

      You have brought up absolutely NOTHING to counter anything said in the report .

      This report coincides very closely to what I have found over several years.

      AGW is a political propaganda/religious campaign, with zero basis in real science.

      Heck, you still can’t even provide empirical proof of the very basis of the Agenda.

      You have NOTHING , an you never have had.

    4. AndyG55

      And as far as I can see from your first link, it is NOTHING but an anti-science ad hom hack job, presenting nothing but innuendo and biased data by a rabid AGW believer.

      It, like you, is EMPTY of any real science.

      No wonder you remain totally ignorant of reality.

    5. AndyG55

      “Before somebody replies with not bringing up a counterpoint”

      So HILARIOUS. Even you know you have no counterpoint.

      Your very comment shows you know you are an empty sack.

      Self-awareness, for once, hey seb.

      1. SebastianH

        AndyG55, as your 4 comments in a row rant shows, you seem to be quite desperate. I won’t fall for your insulting troll attempts this time, but I’d like to explain what I meant by mentioning pigeon chess.

        Your denier/skeptic side pumps out nonsense at a high frequency and publishes it without checking – after all you claim to be the skeptics – if it has any merit just because it sounds about right. And you expect those who you criticize to reply to everything over and over. It’s very similar to a denial of service attack and it seems to work as climate scientists – at least on Twitter – comment almost all the nonsense, at the least what gets picked up by bigger outlets. Fact checking sites came into existence because now even the President of the U.S. is putting out nonsense which his believers believe until shown that it is not true (just kidding, they continue to believe it anyway). The same is happening in Germany, where we now have a party in the Bundestag which claims the strangest things to be true. When somebody fact checks them they cave and claim that they meant something completely different. This strategy enables them to say the worst stuff and their supporters celebrate the nonsense and don’t care what happens days later to that statement.

        That’s how the world has become in the last few years. Bringing up counterpoints to every nonsense out there is a waste of time. The pigeon will always fly home and claim that it has won the game.

        1. Kenneth Richard

          Your denier/skeptic side pumps out nonsense at a high frequency and publishes it without checking

          Your rebuttals are getting more substantive, SebastianH.

          1. SebastianH

            This wasn’t a rebuttal, do you have any text interpretation skills? Or is everything imagination with you?

            Happy New Year 😉

        2. AndyG55

          More EMPTY waffling from seb.

          You have ZERO SUBSTANCE.

        3. AndyG55

          “When somebody fact checks them they cave and claim that they meant something completely different”

          You are describing YOUR action to a “t”.

          Are you SO BLIND that you can’t see that ??

          So self-unaware ???

          What is WRONG with you.!!!!!

        4. Bitter&twisted

          I have given up on feeding the troll.
          I advise others to do likewise and let Sebastian wallow in his delusions.

        5. AndyG55

          “This wasn’t a rebuttal”

          Nope, I was just another empty mindless rant from a clueless trollette.

          Just another EMPTY seb post.

          Your New Year’s resolution should be to GET A LIFE.

    6. AndyG55

      “It’s pointless and time-consuming,”

      Yes. YOU and your comments most definitely are POINTLESS and time CONsuming.

      You cannot counter one sentence in the post..

      ...and you ADMIT that you can’t.

      Why bother commenting at all, seb. ?? !!!

      You say NOTHING anyway.

  3. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

    Actually, “Clippy” (remember “Clippy”?) briefly came out of retirement recently to offer some pointed observations on this sort of thing:


    Looks about right.

  4. Steve

    People who believe that humans can control the Earth’s climate by any or all presumed means, have extremely large Egos.
    AND…what temperature do they want it to be?
    Do they want it to be the same all over?
    Lets just make it a steady 25 degrees and those who want to go skiing will just have to get roller skates.

  5. Steve

    About 7.6 billion kilos of CO2 are exhaled by humans every day.
    Stop exercising!

  6. John F. Hultquist
  7. High Profile German Climatologist Blasts Global Warming As ‘Politicogenic’ …’Clever Propaganda’ – CO2 is Life

    […] Read More: High Profile German Climatologist Blasts Global Warming As ‘Politicogenic’ …’Clever Propagan… […]

  8. AndyG55

    USA interests offering Australian businesses relocation funds.


    Australian businesses won’t be the first REFUGEES to try to escape the AGW Agenda.

  9. AndyG55
  10. AndyG55

    It is so cold … climate scientists have their hands in their OWN pockets!

    h/t Richmond on WUWT.

    1. Bitter&twisted

      Like it!
      And makes a welcome change.

  11. Steve

    My guess is that there was around 10,000 people enjoying a lovely sunbake on Bondi Beach this evening. Gentle waves, normal temp water, no problems, no sharks. All good. No increase in sea level.
    What isn’t there to like?
    I think I will sink a few German beers ( Beck’s) to celebrate.

    CHEERS everyone !!!!

    1. AndyG55

      I grew up in the Cronulla region, a young surfie, so to speak.

      I went back there a few weeks ago.

      Absolutely ZERO sign of any change in sea levels

      There was a boat shed near where I used to live . The floor was flooded in a king tide around 1980. The last king tide was no higher.

      In this region at least, the Australian east coast…

      …. sea level rise is a NON-EVENT !!

  12. AndyG55
  13. Steve

    NEWS…38 deg C Moree NSW
    24 deg C Hobart Tas

    Holy catfish Batman !
    Don’t worry Robin, nothing unusual about that.

    1. AndyG55

      hmmmm.. Sound pretty much normal for Moree at this time of year !

      Hobarts highest for December is listed as 40.6°C in 1897.

  14. AndyG55

    Well, its almost that time down here, so…..

    Happy New Year to all those who want it. 🙂

    May the CO2 bring you all its glorious life-giving benefits….. especially bubbles. 🙂

  15. Liam

    Kirstein is elderly, not fully competent, has neither the inclination nor the resources to keep up to date with climate science in the last couple of decades, so why should it be a surprise that he is wrong? The thing is that being wrong on this question is a marketable blunder, because there are plenty of other people who are wrong and want their opinions confirmed.

    There is no plausibility left in the thesis that the recent rises in temperature are not anthropogenic. There is no basis for suggesting that such a rapid rise is normal. A competent scientist (like almost all those in the field) know these things from the body of research Kirstein ignores.

    1. AndyG55

      Poor liam.. All you have is yap.

      It is you who is stuck in a backward brain-washed lack of climate knowledge.

      There is absolutely no sign of any CO2 based warming in the whole of the satellite temperature data, just energy released from the oceans in El Nino events. There is no anthropogenic effect in El Nino events.

      The radiant greenhouse effect has yet to be observed anywhere in the solar system. The radiant greenhouse effect is fiction.

      If you think it exists somewhere and has been measured, then show us where.

    2. AndyG55

      Liam is a child , and totally incompetent, with neither the ability or the inclination to overcome this manic brainwash AGW religious nonsense.

      Why should we be surprise he is totally ignorant, and intent on staying that way.!

  16. yonason (from my cell phone)

    Thank you, LiarM, for a that fact free ad hominem hominem hominem hominem…. rant, …or was it just a bad Jackie Gleason imitation?

    (It’s what you say when you don’t know the answer to the question, btw, which warmists NEVER do, so in a sense it’s both.)

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