Russian Cold Shot Set To Shock-Freeze Europe …Cold Temperatures…High Winds…Homeless At Risk

A vicious cold blast is about to invade Europe from the Russian Front and shock freeze the continent:

Above chart shows wind-chill temps for Europe over the coming days…meteorologist Dominik Jung warns homeless at serious risk.

Interestingly some people – meteorologists among them – have been poking fun at the “hype” or even have blasted media outlets and other private meteorologists for “sensationalizing” the forecast Cold Beast from the East.

Sure, a number of locations over Germany for example may not even see temperatures drop below -10°C. What’s the big deal? It’s winter after all, they are saying. Just put on an extra coat. Some of these critics have even called the loud warnings of the Siberian cold “shrill, dumbass, click-baiting headlines“.

But at his German meteorologist Dominik Jung warns against such complacency and dismissive attitudes:

The icy cold, also called the Russian Whip, is really going to hit starting on Sunday. Foremost nights are going to be especially cold. Low temperatures are expected to fall under double-digits below zero. Over snow covered ground minus 20 or minus 25°C are possible. Even lower temperatures are possible directly at ground level.”

Cold’s hidden danger

The hidden danger is that this is extreme cold (factoring in the wind) and it is not the sort of thing someone expects for early March, or especially in an environment where the public is incessantly bombarded by exaggerated warnings of a planet that is “rapidly heating up”.

Jung adds:

A big problem will be the icy east wind. It will make the cold temperatures feel even colder than they actually are. In some places gusts of between 30 and 45 km/h will be reached. At 45 km/hr and a measured temperature of -8°C, the air feels like -20°C.”

Contributing to dangerous complacency

Unfortunately the critics (some meteorologists included) who sniff at the cold alarm are underestimating or ignoring these risks, and thus could be unwittingly leading authorities and the public to not take the situation as seriously as it needs to be taken. One problem is that the wind-chill will make it be much colder. Heat loss when exposed to wind is far faster than in still air. Scientific studies show that cold is far more dangerous than heat, killing up to 20 times more people.

Homeless and elderly especially vulnerable to cold

The hazard is especially high for homeless persons, or the elderly who venture outdoors to run errands. One false step could easily end up being fatal; a homeless person could freeze to death. Jung advises:

Homeless people will especially be at risk over the coming days. The authorities should now be quickly implementing precautionary measures.”

Also more people will be using extra heating units to stay warm…some likely being defective and thus poisonous. Public awareness is key.

Authorities cannot delay in times of killer cold

The authorities need to be readying for the severe cold now, advising the public through the media to take precautions and making sure the homeless and vulnerable have adequate shelter.

Acting slowly deadly

Over the years authorities have been criticized for not taking forecasts seriously enough. For example is October, 2013, when powerful autumn storm St. Jude (dubbed Christian in Germany) swept across northern Europe, leaving a path of destruction and killing 14 people.

Unfortunately, the authorities in Hamburg did not issue a storm warning until AFTER the damage had been inflicted, even though they had been warned days in advance.

Jung later commented that the inaction was “amazing and unacceptable“.

45 responses to “Russian Cold Shot Set To Shock-Freeze Europe …Cold Temperatures…High Winds…Homeless At Risk”

  1. RAH

    Joe Bastari and the guys at weatherbell have been forecasting this for about a month now. Joe says the NH weather pattern for March is nearly identical to that of March of 1962.

    In March of 1962 the worst winter storm to strike the US East Coast that century occurred. A “block buster” northeaster that had the same impact as a major hurricane.

    And the weather models are starting to “see” there is going to be a major storm in early march. The question is how powerful it’s going to be and exactly where it will strike, and if the timing, like that of the 1962 coincides with an exceptionally high tide.

  2. SebastianH

    The hidden danger is that this is extreme cold (factoring in the wind) and it is not the sort of thing someone expects for early March, or especially in an environment where the public is incessantly bombarded by exaggerated warnings of a planet that is “rapidly heating up”.

    You are kidding, right? The public doesn’t expect the planet to experience summer temperatures all the time because of climate change. Global warming doesn’t mean that a week of -10°C temperatures in Winter will suddenly disappear or be only -8°C.

    Why do you skeptics need to make up these things and brainfart something like “It’s cold outside, where is that global warming when you need it?” …

    1. Bitter&twisted


  3. tom0mason

    Of course this event has it’s origins in the sun’s effect on this planet. In particular the jet-stream. However no variation in atmospheric CO2 levels have an observed effect on the jet-stream therefore have little (if any) effect on jet-stream induced weather. This is especially in the important in temperate regions of the world, where the jet-stream is a MAJOR player, it greatly influences the path of high and low pressures (convection effects) around the globe, and therefore dictate where the precipitation is likely to fall. There are many other factors to the weather (such as topography of the land and the ocean temperatures, etc, but not CO2 levels) but the jet-stream is a major factor in the weather system.

    As a major weather controlling factor are the perturbations of the jet-stream and these are decoupled from CO2 levels, and are entirely natural, solar driven events. The jet-stream is a major control of the weather/climate in temperate regions of the globe, and CO2 levels have NO observed control on this jet-stream process.
    As ‘climate’ as a man-made construct of weather trends over an arbitrary time period (as per IPCC), and long term variations in the sun’s behavior do have significant impacts the on jet-stream variations, and thus do significantly influence our weather and climate. CO2 has no observed effect on these processes, and from this aspect it can be inferred that it has no meaningful control of weather/climate in (at least) the temperate regions of the world.

    Of course some cAGW believers (for belief is all they have) think that the current minuscule levels of CO2 drive the climate. But that it the problem with those who believe that computer models are superior to observations. However as shown if CO2 level doesn’t influence the jet-stream it can NOT ‘drive’ the climate. CO2 is a bystander in the picture of climate, at best it is only an effect of climate variations not a climate driver.
    Of course if any cAGW advocate has such observed evidence (and not more modeled muck) I may change my mind.

    1. SebastianH

      The jet streams are just a result of uneven warming of the planet’s surface. CO2 is not causing jet streams or making them disappear. It’s causing the heat content to increase and thus the surface temperature over climate-relevant timespans.

      But it’s cute that you think you found something that “cAGW advocates” need to first show how nonsensical your nonsense is in order for you to change my mind. Live a long and healthy life with that great feeling of victory 😉

      1. AndyG55

        “The jet streams are just a result of uneven warming of the planet’s surface”

        A sleepy Sun will do that.!

        ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with any human influence…

        “It’s causing the heat content to increase and thus the surface temperature over climate-relevant timespans.”

        More UNPROVEN BS from seb.

        …. just reciting a religious mantra.

        The jet stream wobbly is certainly NOTHING to do with CO2.

        It has happened many times before, when CO2 was at lower levels.

        Just keep with the EMPTY zero=knowledge nonsense posts, seb.

        Its funny.

      2. AndyG55

        There is ZERO empirical science showing enhanced atmospheric CO2 causes any warming of anything

        WHY do you continue with your ANTI-SCIENCE crap, seb ??

    2. tom0mason

      Indeed climate modelers continue to try and find a method to get the mythical CO2 warming to break into the jet-stream, for they know if they don’t then their CO2 assumptions are in jeopardy.
      If CO2 doesn’t affect the jet-stream it can’t majorly affect the weather, or the climate.

      Why else would they try?

      However even recent studies into a modeled jet-stream find —

      “The jet stream changes character every 10 to 12 days, and we use this pattern to predict the weather,” said Anthony Lupo, professor of atmospheric science in MU’s School of Natural Resources, which is located in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. “We were curious about how this would change in a world with higher carbon dioxide levels. We found that in that warmer world, the variability of the jet stream remained the same.”

      The researchers did not extend their simulations past the mid-century to ensure their data was as accurate as possible.

      Yep, no matter how much they tortured the model’s data (and lawd knows they tortured the B’jeses out of it), they could not make it stick.

      Models:0 Nature:1

      Not that it matters what their results were, it’s not real it’s modeled nonsense. Observations are what matter, and thus far convection and the meandering of the jet-stream, and ocean currents, are what gives us our weather and our climate. And all of them move to the rhythm of the sun’s variability.

  4. mwhite
    1. AndyG55

      gees, I can’t imagine what would cause such DEGRADATION I such a short time. 😉

      Who “pays” for this.. the tax-payer, yet again ?

      This whole wind power thing is turning out to be a TOTAL FIASCO.

    2. SebastianH

      Doesn’t read as dramatic in other news outlets:

      1. AndyG55

        renew, is a greenie propaganda site.

        Of course it is going to downplay “inconvenient” facts.

        You are such a GULLIBLE little troll, seb. !!.

      2. toorightmate

        “but declined to say who will pick up the repair tab” – the fairies will pick up the repair tab.
        The same fairies who subsidise renewable energy all over the world.
        Right Seb? You dill.

        1. SebastianH

          5 years guarantee probably, so most likely Siemens Gamesa. They are only refitting rubber edges and the wind park keeps running. The company that owns the windpark has built lots of them and plans on building unsubsidized parks. So what’s the big deal here? Skeptics wanting to see bad things happening?

      3. Bitter&twisted


  5. RegGuheert

    It’s amazing what alarmists will imagine. I recently fielded this post from someone who is normally a reasonable poster regarding a report that production from someone else’s photovoltaic panels had dropped by 9% since 2013:

    “Is it possible that generally warmer weather this year, and in recent years, is causing a drop in production?”

    My reply:

    “Nope, with a temperature coefficient of power of -0.3%/K, the average temperature of San Diego, CA, would have had to have risen by over 54 degrees Fahrenheit to account for a 9.1% drop in production. In fact, there was no real change in temperatures between 2013 and 2017:”

    (Fallbrook, CA, has the closest Climate Reference Network site to San Diego, so it is the closest non-fiddled temperature record. To my knowledge, CRN is still clean, but who knows?)

    Like many things these days, global warming is assumed by some (many?) to cause EVERYTHING, even when the real problem is simply defective design or manufacturing of a product.

    1. John F. Hultquist

      Ask where and when the panels were made.
      Some reports of early loss/failure a few years ago are reported.
      If the installation was installed “on the cheap” there seems reason to expect greater loss than the industry claims and reports.

      Is there a follow up: Does the installation have a warrantee and is the local company still there? Likewise for the maker of the panels?
      Such issues would keep me from having a home rooftop system.
      If I wanted “solar energy” I would opt for buying it via a utility and the regional grid.

  6. tom0mason

    Animation of the Upper air temperature (850hPa) values and movement as it comes across the continent.

    1. tom0mason

      Also see for how low solar activity affect the UK’s winter climate.

  7. AndyG55

    I hear that France and Germany are increasing their IMPORT of USA coal. 🙂

    Will it be enough to account for the NON-FUNCTIONING of wind and solar non-energy.?

    Keep warm, guys.. FOSSIL FUELS ARE YOUR FRIEND. 🙂

    1. SebastianH
      1. AndyG55

        BOM is INFAMOUS for using 1 second reading on their new AWS.

        One day in the middle of a rain-free period, WOW.

        “the hottest day on record since 1969.” whoopy do !!

        Hottest days in Australia were in the late 1800’s, seb

        Do try to keep up with history if you are going to bother comment,

        or just continue to look stupid.

      2. AndyG55

        WEATHER, seb

        I know basic concepts are REALLY HARD for you…

        … But do try to learn the difference

      3. toorightmate

        Brisbane is now very cool and very, very wet.
        I think it’s called weather.
        The records are very easy to break when the real/raw data has been “homogenised”.
        The recent Queensland hot spell is no where near a record based on real data.
        Seb, you truly remain – A DILL.

        1. toorightmate

          By the way Seb old mate, don’t go to Europe next week – it will be as cold as charity.
          Something to do with some rare phenomenon called “weather” – you dill.

          1. SebastianH

            I live in Europe/Germany and you can still walk outside without freezing (it’s 1°C on the balcony).

            But I am glad that you guys recognize that it’s the weather, not impending global cooling 😉

          2. AndyG55

            Poor seb. Now that the Sun is having a snooze, AMO and PDO are turning down, there is NOTHING to drive any more of the slight but highly beneficial warming from ocean cycles that we have had since the LIA.

            Pretty sure the he KNOWS that all climate indicators are starting to point down.

            That is why we are seeing such attention-seeking DESPERATION from him.

            Its getting more and more hilarious by the post… and he doesn’t even realise it 🙂

            Please keep going seb,

            You can’t escape anyway 😉

    2. AndyG55

      And really, what a JUVENILE attempt at distraction from the fact that France and Germany have increased their import of USA coal.

      Can’t you FACE FACTS, seb??

      Hope your fossil fuel heating holds out over the next while, seb.

      Wouldn’t want to the freeze, from “global” warming , would we. 😉

      As you are WELL AWARE, even your insignificant and pathetic existence is TOTALLY RELIANT on those fossil fuels supplying RELIABLE electricity.

  8. John F. Hultquist

    Evidence of warm weather is not evidence of a CO2 cause, or any other cause. Likewise, with cold weather.
    I can say, from local experience, cold weather causes an increase in CO2. A lot of local heat is produced from Propane and wood.
    Those that did not get enough wood last fall for our prolonged cold spell have been using their (gasoline) chainsaws more than usual. Some folks still hand-split the wood, so it warms them 3 or 4 times as it goes from standing tree to the wood stove.

    1. tom0mason


    2. AndyG55

      Gees, I remember when I was living just east of Canberra, minus something degrees C.. and the missus mentioned there was no wood next to the heater.

      Splitting wood at below freezing is not my idea of fun!


      Gees I’m glad I moved to somewhere WARM. 🙂

      Rarely gets down to 5 or 6 Celcius in mid winter here.


      Cold is NOT !!

      1. tom0mason

        Same here in Britain.
        I moved further South (on the advice of relatives) as usual winter temperatures were around 2-3°C and rarely got below that.

        Of course when I look up the local records I noted the 1960s-1970s cold spells but I noticed the more recent ones.

        From the local records of snow in the area —
        December to February 1963, 2 months
        February 1965, 10days
        January 1966, 3 days.
        February 1978, 4 days
        2010, 4 days
        2013, 1 day
        2016, 1 day
        And now it is probable I’ll have to add this year to the list.

        Yes I understand this is just local weather but then again climate is only local too.

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