Monbiot’s 2005 Irrationality Exposed As Deadly Cold Sweeps Over Europe, UK Sees “Coldest Spring Day On Record”

The Telegraph here is calling it “the UK’s coldest spring day on record” with “life-threatening conditions“, adding

The Armed Forces have been forced to step in as police and hospitals struggle to cope with freezing weather sweeping across Britain. […] Nearly every part of the country was hit by snowfall and gales as the Met Office said Thursday was the UK’s coldest spring day on record.”

Armed Forces called out, gas running out

The online British daily also reports that 10 deaths have resulted in Britain so far as storm Emma took its toll with heavy snow as it collided with the massive blast of frigid Russian air which had swept across the continent earlier in the week.

The situation in Great Britain has gotten so bad that the British Armed Forces have been called out and there’s a risk of gas running out.

The mixture of low temperatures and high winds is proving to be lethal, also elsewhere across Europe as death toll mounts.

Monbiot’s 2005 climate hysteria looking senseless today

The brutal winter conditions witnessed this week are in stark contrast to George Monbiot’s 2005 claim:

The freezes this country suffered in 1982 and 1963 are, unless the Gulf Stream stops, unlikely to recur.”

In his February 14, 2005 article, after having sown “11 species of vegetable”, the Guardian journalist appeared to have lost control of his wits, and let the climate hysteria of the time get the best of him. Spiegel journalist Axel Bojanowski tweeted yesterday:

The current cold spell in Great Britain shows us once again just how out-of-place many climate comments are, here from the Guardian of 2005:”

Rising death toll from cold

German Spiegel reported of “already 45 deaths from the cold” in Europe – and that was two days ago. That figure is likely to rise considerably in the days ahead. The good news is that the bitter cold is forecast to loosen its grip by the weekend. But for some, that will be too late.

Spiegel wrote 2 days ago:

The number of deaths from cold since Friday [Feb. 23] has risen to more than 45 – alone in Poland there were 18 deaths. In the Czech Republic there have been 6 deaths, in Lithuania 5 deaths, in France and Slovakia four deaths each, Italy, Serbia and Romania have each reported 2 deaths.”

34 responses to “Monbiot’s 2005 Irrationality Exposed As Deadly Cold Sweeps Over Europe, UK Sees “Coldest Spring Day On Record””

  1. yonason (from my cell phone)

    Don’t worry. The idea that it’s cold is all in your head. You are just imagining it.

    By the end of the year all that cooling will have disappeared, as it so often has in the past, and you’ll see how dangerously warm it REALLY was.

  2. Bitter&twisted

    Again this is an example of something called “weather”.
    It is not a consequence of global warming, climate change, or other nonsensical claptrap routinely spewed out by climate alarmists, whenever weather happens.

    1. SebastianH

      And yet, it is the skeptics who go crazy whenever there a few days of cold. Wonder why 😉

      1. dennisambler

        And yet it is the warmers who go crazy whenever there are a few days of hot weather.

        1. R. Shearer

          They “go” crazy if a temperature sensor in the arctic gives a high false reading. It has something to do with the fundamental issue of being crazy and has little to do with reality.

  3. Bitter&twisted

    P.S in the U.K., Monbiot is known as “Moonbat”, because he is a lunatic.

    1. dennisambler
  4. Robert Folkerts

    “The coldest spring day on record”

    My understanding of the seasons is spring will begin 21 March.

    1. SebastianH

      Meteorological spring starts on March 1st.

      1. Robert Folkerts

        Meterological reckoning does begin March 1. However the Astronomical reckoning has spring beginning at the solstice. Tha Astronomical reckoning is better as it fits with temperature patterns for the four seasons. As a farmer for most of my life, I use the Astronomical dates as they conform much better with reality. As you can see, in NH it is still winter! Spring has not sprung quite yet.

        1. Robert Folkerts

          Not solstice but equinox. Solstice begins summer or winter.

        2. Yorkschris

          Interesting. Yet if we take your view that the astronomical definition of the seasons is the one to use, that conflicts with traditional European experience! Farming communities had midsummer day only 3 days after the solstice! I’m the U.K. the seasons for weather purposes have been accepted as winter DJF, spring MAM, summer JJA and autumn SON since the late 19thC

          1. Robert Folkerts

            Well, here in New Zealand it just so happens that our hottest weather is usually early February, six weeks after the longest day. Our coldest weather is usually early August, six weeks after the shortest day.
            I think the term is seasonal lag.
            From our farming perspective the Meterological calander is much too optimistic for signaling the end of winter and so on.

      2. Tim Groves

        Here in East Asia, the traditional start of spring period, called Lichun in Chinese or Risshun in Japanese, begins on February 4.

        If Monbiot has planted his potatoes around that time this year in expectation of a bumper harvest in May, he’s going to be in for a disappointment.

        But to be honest, he comes across as a Chaucerian fraud—somebody who does his best to sound like he oozes integrity but in actuality possesses absolutely none.

        I don’t think he can be any proper sort of gardener and not be well aware that the weather hasn’t gotten any warmer this past decade or so. And as he is a political hack writing in support of an agenda, I don’t think he will change his warmist stance regardless of what happens with the climate in the real world.

  5. R2Dtoo

    We are battening down the hatches on the Canadian prairies right now. A clipper (from the NW) is teaming up with a Colorado low (from the SW) and moving slowly through this weekend. Snow amounts from 20-30cm with winds up to 60km should white out the region. We’ve had little snow, but frigid cold so far this winter. Looks like everything changes this weekend. I’m sure our Environment Minister will blame it on climate change. She may be even dumber than Trudeau!

  6. AndyG55

    OT. Drop in RSSV3.3 as well.

    from 0.352 to 0.265

  7. tom0mason

    No George Moobat climate change is just a NATURAL variation and not an excuse for a humankind guilt trip by association.
    “The engines of progress merely accelerated our rushed us to the brink’ …The brink of ensuring that real life progressed for all. A better future for all of us that was stymied by being thrown under the UN-IPCC wheels of hair-brained schemes like ruinable energy generation, of needlessly vilifying CO2, of politicians playing the old church game of guilt relief by taxation.
    And all for what? More onerous statutes restricting freedom, restricting personal choice, more indirect taxes reducing personal wealth, industries curtailed and restricted preventing real honest development/innovation, more costly electricity for all, a dirtier more industrialized environment, and government cronies getting very rich at public expense.

    And a final note George ‘bleeding-heart’ Monbiot, on UK-CET temperatures —

    Sub zero CET means for the last day of the meteorological winter (28th or 29th February)

    1783: -0.1
    1785: -3.8
    1786: -0.9
    1795: -1.0
    1796: -0.3
    1800: -0.2
    1816: -0.5
    1866: -3.2
    1875: -0.3
    1877: -1.0
    1881: -0.1
    1886: -0.3
    1904: -2.9
    1929: -1.7
    1946: -0.8
    1955: -2.3
    2018: -3.6

    I’d call that unprecedented!

  8. TedL

    Cold weather is not the primary cause of influenza. To understand what is you should read


  9. RickWill

    Has anyone checked that the Gulf Stream is still running! The Gulf Stream was one of the essential ingredients for UK to turn Mediterranean under Global Warming.

    If the Gulf Stream is still going we may have global cooling – who would have thought!

    It must be tough being a global warming alarmist these days – they will not know which way is up.

    1. SebastianH

      IT must be tough to be a skeptic. Whenever it gets colder you get wet and dream of global cooling. Was the case in any of those years. Remember 2007/2008? 😉

      Someone should record your reactions and make a compilation of the hilarious “predictions” a few years from now …

      1. Robert Folkerts

        Do you not see the irony in many of your comments?

      2. AndyG55

        ROFLMAO. Poor desperate seb.

        It must be REALLY HARD being as IGNORANT as you are seb.

        You still don’t understand the meaning of “sarcasm” do you, you poor ignorant little anti-physics trollette.

        What was the unit of “work” again, seb?

        What is the unit of “strain energy, seb?

        What is the unit of kinetic energy, seb?

        Where is that proof that atmospheric CO2 causes any warming, seb?

        No proof of any anthropogenic CO2 warming ANYWHERE, seb.

        The whole cult AGW religion is based on a FARCE, that many anti-knowledge gullible fools have fallen for.

        If a psychiatrist had to study your thought patterns, they would be in great danger of becoming wacked out, ignorant, and loonie as you are.

  10. gallopingcamel

    “The coldest spring on record”.

    I seriously doubt that given the six foot snow drifts in south Wales in February 1947 that took another month to melt.

  11. Steve

    I had a nice little swim maybe 500 mts at Bronte beach at 7am with the ocean temp 21 degrees… balmy really.

  12. dennisambler

    “The freezes this country suffered in 1982 and 1963 are, unless the Gulf Stream stops, unlikely to recur.”

    In the 70’s there were proposals such as diversion of ocean currents like the Gulf Stream and the Kuroshio current.

    “Omega – Murder of the Eco-system and the Suicide of Man”, Paul K Anderson, 1971
    “Controlling the Planet’s Climate”, J. 0. Fletcher (Rand corporation)

    “The largest scale enterprise that has been discussed is that of transforming the Arctic into an ice-free ocean. Three basic approaches have been proposed:

    a) influencing the surface reflectivity of the ice to cause more absorption of solar heat;

    b) large-scale modification of Arctic cloud conditions by seeding; It is estimated that it would take only sixty American C-5 aircraft to deliver one kilogram (of cloud seeding re-agent), per square kilometre per day over the entire Arctic Basin (10 million square kilometres)

    c) increasing the inflow of warm Atlantic water into the Arctic Ocean.”

    This was to melt the ice cap and WARM the planet, because of global cooling.

    There were ten years left to save the Earth and they predicted a new ice age by the year 2000. We know of course that there really never was a global cooling scare, according to William Connolley and friends…..

    In any event, the Gulf Stream, like CO2, does not do what is claimed for it:

    “Climate mythology:The Gulf Stream, European climate and Abrupt Change”
    Richard Seager, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

  13. AndyG55

    OT a bit.

    TH has some great pictures of Eastern USA “global” warming.

    Worth visiting his site, just for the photography…

    … with the added bonus of watching the destruction of the AGW meme, through real data. 🙂

  14. AndyG55

    Speaking of “climate idiots” That intrepid Antarctic sea ice stucker, Turney, and other climate fools, said Adélie penguin were going to go extinct

    Then, OOPS..

  15. How’s the weather? – IOTW Report

    […] Deadly Cold Sweeps Over Europe, UK Sees “Coldest Spring Day On Record” […]

  16. Colin MacDonald

    Coldest March Day ever? Not to be pedantic but I think this is the 5th coldest in Central England. We have a station recording the lowest maximum temperature for March, impressive, but a stretch I think to deem last Thursday the coldest March day. Although it was the coldest day recorded since January 2011.

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