A Kind Request…

Dear Readers,

Please let’s leave the name-calling aside. It really does not make any positive contribution at all. We all feel the frustration in the debate as we have two sides entrenched with only a few people daring to take a position between all the flying arrows.

From now on Kenneth and I will be simply deleting any comment with name-calling and schoolyard accusations. Concerning “lies”, show the person it’s a lie and then just move on. If that person wishes to continue believing it, then let them. It’s really not your problem, but their own.

Trolling also of course will be deleted.

Smile everybody 🙂


17 responses to “A Kind Request…”

  1. Don from Oz

    You and Kenneth are gentlemen Pierre I couldn’t agree more.
    I have stopped going to another site (REneweconomy) for the very reason you state.
    Don Woods

  2. Pyrthroes

    When peace reigns, it pours.

    In face of much rhetorical provocation, we do strive mightily to maintain a respectable facade. Meantime, let’s hope this estimable site receives the civilized credit and responses P. Gosselin –a name traceable to 9th Century Luxembourg– deserves.

  3. Georg Thomas

    I welcome your decision. Your blog — to the extent that you control/produce it — is outstanding in the most respectable (“seriös”) manner. It is a privilege to be your guest (as a reader and via the comment section). I adamantly feel, we — visitors — should honour our guests by sharing their good manners, and — if possible — their high standards in other regards (as demonstrated in their search for truth), too.

    1. Georg Thomas

      It should read “honour our hosts”, of course, not our “guests”.

  4. SebastianH

    Suberb. I welcome muting of childish/angry mob behaviour …

  5. Bruce

    Here here.

  6. The Other Brad


  7. oebele bruinsma

    A wise decision.

  8. Gilbert Dupuis

    The best move ever…

  9. Bitter&twisted

    Pierre I had hoped that troll comments would be deleted?

    1. Newminster

      To be fair, B&T, I think you have to start with a clean slate.

      Wait for some trollery and then act.

      I’ll add my support, Pierre. DNFTT is a counsel of perfection and we posters tend to be less than that. Sorry we have to pass the buck to you and Kenneth to save us from ourselves!

  10. brad lena

    But comments can have therapeutic value requiring no thought, reason, cause and effect, evidence, etc. while imparting a feeling of self-validation to the author, think of it like a drug for the biased and uninformed 😉

  11. Mike Heath

    Yes, good move.

  12. MJSnyder

    Thanks, Pierre. You’ve just reduced my “wince” count per post.

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