HuffPo: “Vegans Have Better Love-Lives”!…And: Green Grids Still “A Ways Out In The Future”

A German online magazine specializing on trends of the future says green power grids still have a ways to go. Meanwhile a new study suggests vegans have better love lives, and that meat-eaters smell bad and have near-zero sex drive!

According to German Trends of the Future, switching over to solar and wind energy from fossil fuels won’t be as easy as many green energy proponents think, and that “much remains to be done”.

The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050, which means the elimination of most fossil fuels, will take much longer.

Hat-tip: Die kalte Sonne

The site, which believes human-made climate change is a real problem that needs to be solved quickly, writes that prominent energies wind and sun share the same problem: “They are not available on a regular basis”.

Unstable supply and high costs

The report sees problems with the storage technologies that are available today, such as Tesla’s Powerwall, or the larger scale technologies for entire power grids, citing high costs.

That cannot be realized today, especially for a power grid that that is 100% supplied by sun and wind energy and outfitted with the storage technology is still quite a ways out into the future.

The report thus writes that it will not be possible “to completely rely on renewable energies over the midterm”.

However, Trends for the Future adds that green energies have become “an important factor in our power mix” and is able to curb the share of fossil fuels” (although fossil fuel consumption globally continues to climb even today).

Vegans Have Better Love Lives!

And now for the comedy science of the week, from the German language Huffington Post here which has an editorial praising the virtues of veganism – the radically kooky diet that rejects all animal-based foods like “milk, eggs, cheese and yoghurt. And, God forbid, meat!

Not only does veganism offer positive aspects with respect to climate, animal welfare and health, the German HuffPo commentary claims, but it cites a new study that suggests vegans have better love lives!

The HuffPo cites a study commissioned by nutrition portal “nu3”, which looked at the love lives and lifestyles of low-carb, gluten-free, vegan, and paleo diet followers. The result, according to the study: vegans by far have the best love-life.

Vegans separating from stinky meat-eaters

The HuffPo adds that the study found: “Vegan women are averse to having sex with meat eaters, or even having a relationship with them.”

The Huffpo adds:

About 30% of vegans would leave their partner if he or she returned to meat eating!”

Near zero sex drive

According to the New Zealand study, the main reason for the aversion to meat-eaters by vegans is the “supposedly unpleasant odor” that meat-eaters have. In short, vegans think meat-eaters stink too much.

The HuffPo commentary also wrote that people who consume a lot of meat “have to use a lot of energy for digestion. They feel lethargic, heavy and the desire for sex tends to be near zero.”

Really? 🙂

Fact: Meat eaters more sane, happier

Okay, maybe us meat eaters don’t smell as nice as you flower-scented, animal-hugging, climate-rescuing vegans, but at least according to one recently published University of Graz study, us carnivores are more sane, healthier and happier overall. And we are also quite content finding ourselves at the top of the food chain, thank you.


19 responses to “HuffPo: “Vegans Have Better Love-Lives”!…And: Green Grids Still “A Ways Out In The Future””

  1. Curious George

    Authors of this study confirm that Hillary is the rightful President of the USA.

  2. Bitter&twisted

    Not surprisingly Huffpo has got its science wrong.
    Meat is much easier to digest than plants.
    That is why herbivores have longer and more complex digestive systems than carnivores, or omnivores.
    Typical wishy-washy liberal rubbish.

  3. yonason (from my cell phone)

    LOL. At first I thought it said “virgins have a better sex life.”

    The cognitive dissonance would make that a great headline.

    1. Newminster

      I think virgins would probably agree that “virgins have a better sex life”!

      It depends on why they are (or have chosen to remain) virgins and on what you mean by “better”.

      Deep philosophical stuff for a Saturday morning, no?

  4. AndyG55

    Vegans are generally just a re-hash of the “free-love” 1960s flower generation.

  5. RAH

    They really are insane! When did this country accumulate so many neurotic fools?

  6. Henning Nielsen

    Why can’t we all adapt to the rhythms of nature? Work and produce when the wind blows and the sun shines, sleep the rest of the time? Then we would be in perfect sync and harmony with natural variability, and live happily ever after.

    1. Yonason (from a friend's comp)
    2. AndyG55

      Just like in a FAIRY-TALE 🙂

  7. Senex

    Given what shrill, self-righteous killjoys many vegans are, i find that hard to believe.

    On the other hand, they enjoy a good root most nights..

  8. beowulf

    It is remarkable that vegans should be the ones complaining.

    For starters a vegetarian diet produces more methane in the gut, most of which comes out the rear end. It’s unavoidable chemistry when you break down a lot of plant matter and beans. Not exactly a turn-on.

    Secondly vegetarians frequently produce ketones (smells like acetone) on the breath, especially if they are metabolising proteins rather than carbs and if they are losing body mass.

    Thirdly a lot of those who espouse a vegetarian lifestyle are also of a hippy persuasion and are soap-dodgers. BO seems to be a mark of honour amongst some of them. I’m not saying all vegans are like that, but the more extreme ones are.

  9. ClimateOtter

    Say, off-topic, sorry, but a question for seb:

    SEB – the other day you mentioned a place, possibly in Spain (or was it Spain entire?) that got ‘100%’ of its’ energy from wind on a particular date(s).

    Here’s my questions in that regard:

    Did that area get 100% of its energy from wind for every single minute of every single hour for the entire 24 hours of the day (or longer, as your claim may be).

    Was there absolutely ZERO backup from hydro, coal, natural gas or nuclear during that entire period.

    If you answer ‘yes’ and can provide 100% backup for your claim, then it happened.

    If either or both questions come back with a ‘NO,’ then NO, that place DID NOT get ‘100%’ of their energy from wind that day(s).

    Because a YES to both questions (with 100% PROOF**) is the only definition of ‘100%’ anyone should accept.

    I await your response!

    **PROOF: a chart covering that period, showing wind at 100% every single minute / hour / 24 hours,


    Every other power source on the chart FLATLINED.

    1. AndyG55

      Bet it was for a 10 minute interval or something HUGE like that. 🙂

      “Currently, Spain can count on 23,121 MW of installed capacity in renewables, which generated 19% of the country’s electricity in 2017.”

      Or maybe it was on some small irrelevant island off the coast ??

      At least its not solar energy at night, like it has been known to be. 🙂

    2. AndyG55

      And of course, if wind REALLY can do that.

      Then just close all the other suppliers.

      Why spend all the money in running reserve, maintenance etc etc if it will never be needed.

      But if it is needed, it needs to get enough income to survive.

      And that is the crux of the wind and solar feed-in mandate issue.

      Push the RELIABLE suppliers out of the market through a scam and a far-left totalitarian, anti-science, anti-life POLITICAL AGENDA …

      and its GONE when it is needed.

      In a free market, wind and solar would NEVER exist except as a tiny niche market.

    3. Kenneth Richard

      ‘100%’ of its’ energy from wind on a particular date(s).

      It’s probably Costa Rica.
      Costa Rica currently generates more than 99 per cent of its electricity using five different renewable sources; hydropower (78%), wind (10%), geothermal energy (10%), biomass and solar (1%).

      Costa Rican clean development adviser Dr Monica Araya said earlier this year the extent of Costa Rica’s renewable electricity generation is a “fantastic achievement”.

      But she added: “It hides a paradox, which is that nearly 70 per cent of all our energy consumption is oil.”

      The 99 per cent figure only refers to electricity usage, not gas used for heating or fuel used in vehicles, for example.

      1. AndyG55

        or El Hierro.

        Little island that does nothing.

        Uses diesel generators as back-up for wind pumped hydro.

        1. Yonason (from a friend's comp)

          El Hierro – Hippy tourist retreat and cocaine market.

          As to Costa Rica – Hiding wind behind hydro and geothermal is CHEATING. Hydro was the first to be exploited as a major source of electricity. It’s legit. Wind is not.

          Unfortunately many places, like Florida which has few waterfalls, have to make electricity some other way.

          Biomass (wood chips from old, or even new, forests) shouldn’t even be an option.

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