Wind Projects Increasingly Risky, Ontario Says “Nein” To $60 Million German Wind Park Project!

According to the online business daily Handelsblatt, German green energy hustlers and creditors are fuming over the Ontario government’s decision to halt the 54 million euro White Pines wind energy project by Bremen Germany-based WPD.

Wind energy opponents, environmentalists celebrate

Wind energy opponents, who have grown in strength worldwide, view the recent development as a major victory against the destruction of Canada’s natural landscape. The County Weekly News site here reported: “It was welcome news for people who have been battling the erection of wind turbines in Prince Edward County.

Project was not welcome

Prince Edward County Mayor Robert Quaiff said, “Earlier today, the municipality learned that the Ontario Government intends to cancel the White Pines Wind Project upon resumption of the provincial legislature (and) we commend (them) for taking swift action to end this project, which has been met with opposition across Prince Edward County.”

Once a province that welcome wind energy projects, Ontario has slammed the door on them since the province’s new progressive conservative government has come to power. Citizens have had enough of the high environmental price tag that comes with the volatile green energy source.

German profiteers face huge loss

According to the Handelsblatt, Ontario’s newly elected government promised to halt the permitting of new wind energy projects across the province. However, it turns out that also already been permitted projects or those under construction would be halted as well, much to the delight of the growing anti-wind energy movement.

“For WPD this is a bitter setback,” the Handelsblatt reports. “The project was first planned for 29 wind turbines, but the number was reduced to nine over the course of the permitting process.”

The Handelsblatt reports that citizens are becoming increasingly fed up with wind parks blighting the natural landscape. The new progressive conservative Ontario government agrees.

10 years of planning and permitting down the drain

WPD chairman Hartmut Brösamle told the Handelsblatt that they had worked on the White Pines project for 10 years, getting all the permits and feed-in and financing contracts signed, and so the stop came as a surprise for WPD.

Brösamle also told the Handelsblatt that company hopes the government will change its mind and allow the project to move forward.

The halting of the White Pines project also effects other involved parties, such as the German KfW public bank (100% state-owned) and the Munich public utility. So expect German government officials to put considerable pressure on Canada to reverse the project halt.

According to the Handelsblatt, the KfW bank is the world’s largest development bank and Germany’s third largest bank overall.

44 responses to “Wind Projects Increasingly Risky, Ontario Says “Nein” To $60 Million German Wind Park Project!”

  1. Coeur de Lion

    I prefer windmill to turbine. Much less modern.

  2. Bitter&twisted

    I love the sound of pigs squealing in the morning.
    This is great news.
    Let’s have a lot more of the same.

  3. Steve Borodin

    Great news. Can someone infect the UK with this dose of intelligence.

  4. SebastianH

    green energy hustlers and creditors are fuming […] major victory against the destruction […] slammed the door on them

    Strong language for such news. One wonders if you aren’t exaggerating a bit 😉

    Halting a wind park (or really any) project at this stage is expensive. Even if they just wanted to be liked by irrational protesters, this seems a littlebit nuts. They are effectively spending the money without any return in this case.

    1. spike55

      Poor seb,

      “They are effectively spending the money without any return in this case.”

      Pretty normal for wind turbines without feed-in mandates and subsidies.

      This is an absolutely GREAT decision for common sense.

      The government hasn’t lost anything by this, and yes, those wanting wind farms ARE totally irrational.

      People not wanting their environment destroyed by these monstrosities are the rational one.

      But rational think is NOT something you comprehend, is it seb.

      Politics takes down a political agenda.. get over it.

      1. SebastianH

        The government hasn’t lost anything by this, and yes, those wanting wind farms ARE totally irrational.

        Huh? Of course they have. What do you think happens when a government does something like this? That will cost the tax payers in Ontario a lot of money without even getting electricity from the nearly finished wind park.

        People not wanting their environment destroyed by these monstrosities are the rational one.

        Yeah right, … in this case, the windpark would have already destroyed the environment, since it is nearly finished. It’s pretty irrational to risk your reputation for being investment friendly on something like this.

        1. spike55

          Nope, government has GAINED, because they no longer have to pay out subsidies or invent excuses for rising electricity costs’

          They have looked after their people instead a lying disgusting left-wing agenda.

          You are the LOSER, seb

          Zero evidence of CO2 warming..

          Just more headless chook ranting.

        2. spike55

          “That will cost the tax payers in Ontario a lot of money without even getting electricity from the nearly finished wind park.”

          Gees seb,

          That is a pretty good description of most wind farms.

          Well done. 🙂

          Why is it that the only time you are even remotely correct, is by accident ??

    2. John F. Hultquist

      Halting a wind park (or really any) project at this stage is expensive.

      I had the same thought, but cannot find if construction has started or whether “planning” {surveying?, roads?} has started.
      Regardless, “. . . we … will be seeking full compensation” . . . “well in excess of $100 million.”

      1. John F. Hultquist

        I should have added that I would have saved tax payers a lot of money by rejecting a wind “park” the first time the idea came up.
        I’m a fan of the concept of opportunity costs.

      2. SebastianH

        Well, at least two are wind turbines have been constructed already according to pictures like what can be found in articles like this one:

        I should have added that I would have saved tax payers a lot of money by rejecting a wind “park” the first time the idea came up.

        If they really didn’t want that park, yes. Getting out at the last minute is very costly and damaged the reputation regarding foreign investments.

        1. spike55

          “reputation regarding foreign investments.”

          Yep, hopefully other wind farm scammers will get the message.

    3. spike55

      Halting a coal mine, that will actually lead to the production of RELIABLE electricity in a developing country, is also very expensive.

      Politics gives… politics takes away.

      End of story.

      1. Yonason

        Hey, Spike. Did you write this? LOL

        “Blind panic doesn’t cover it: Australia’s energy crisis has MPs and rent-seekers running around like chooks with their heads cut off.”

        1. spike55

          Unfortunately, No.

          Seems others also see the renewable apologists for what they are.

          All wind from the nether regions, ZERO substance.

    4. Joey

      The new Ontario government can legislate how the contracts will be cancelled and how much compensation they will pay. Governments can do that. Government changes is a risk that such companies have to accept as part of life. People in Ontario are fed up paying higher prices for hydro (which effectively enrich these German companies) as a result of these projects.

  5. tom0mason

    Excellent news!
    Someone in Canada has realize that wrecking a reliable electricity distribution system for these virtue signaling monstrosities is a pointless but expensive waste of money.

    Well done Canada 🙂

    1. Yonason

      Also trouble for “ruinables” – in Arizona?

      Also, note the following from that article…

      “…the phony ‘Clean Energy’ campaign …had registered dozens of individuals with felony criminal records to collect signatures, a violation of state law. …[examples include] crimes of violence, ranging from second degree murder to vehicular homicide, domestic violence and aggravated assault,…”

      ….such “nice” friends these environmentalists have.

      And I see that our resident troll thinks that they shouldn’t invest their money without any return. What he neglects to note is that by stopping the destruction of an environment, and halting whatever problems “ruinables” cause at ANY stage of their implementation, the intended victims of the scam win. Why does he care if con artists’ scams go bust? Why should the criminal ALWAYS take priority over the victim?
      Bank Guard – “Sheriff, help. The bank’s been robbed.”

      Crooks friend – “Hold on, Sheriff. You can’t go after them. They’ve already got away. It’s too late to stop them now.”

      1. tom0mason

        Thanks for the link there Yonason,

        Intermittent power providers powered by scam. The scam that CO2 is not beneficial, can not control the weather or climate. Intermittent power ensuring customer’s bills ‘necessarily skyrocket’.

        1. SebastianH

          You two definitely deserve each other. Try to enjoy your retirements by not trying to make life awful for the next generation. Thank you.

          1. tom0mason

            “Try to enjoy your retirements by not trying to make life awful for the next generation.”

            I’m doing my best but cAGW advocates keep on trotting out the same expensive but worthless rubbish, trying hard to get the next generation’s society in a rat-hole of unreliable electricity and ruinous debt.

          2. spike55

            One day seb might grow out of his pre-teen mentality.

            Or maybe even find some actual evidence of CO2 warming.

            Nah.. Neither will ever happen.

          3. spike55

            “not trying to make life awful for the next generation. “

            Poor seb

            Your life will be awful no matter what we wiser folks do.

            It is inbuilt into your very being.

            We are in fact trying to help you poor mindless creatures, by trying to wake you up from your gullible brain-hosed stupid.

            You are just too dumb to realise it.

          4. SebastianH

            I’ll add: you also deserve AndyG55/spike55 …

            The sad part is that you guys won’t witness just how wrong and silly you were by wanting a non-existing status quo to persist forever and spreading nonsense back in the days (now).

            Have a nice weekend

          5. Yonason


            LOL – Interesting variant of the “It’s for the children” argument in support of ________ (fill in the blank with the socialist scam of the day – in this case “ruinable” Rube-Goldberg energy replacement).

            Perhaps one day we’ll find stable, efficient, on-demand replacements for coal and oil, but I doubt it. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to be on the lookout for them. But to implement destructive, unreliable and expensive nonsense based on lies and or gross misconceptions of natural processes – HECK NO!!!

            Losing their investment is a small price to pay. They’re lucky they aren’t in jail for fraud.

            And just wait till those lawsuits start coming in for they harm they’ve caused to nearby residents’ health.
            Superfund cleanup will be small potatoes. We haven’t seen anything yet.

        2. Yonason

          Yup. Welcome. 🙂

        3. Yonason
      2. Yonason


        The activist hacks want us to be sorry for the poor crooks who will lose money because their schemes are foiled, but they haven’t any concern for the people who would be harmed if those scams were allowed to proceed.

        The frustrated con-artists are occasionally getting what they deserve.

        Also, while I’m on the topic of why the con men deserve to lose, here’s some more info on the health effects of wind turbines, from actual health care professionals and noise mitigation experts. (NOT from Wikipedia!)

        1. SebastianH

          haha … keep pushing that Wind Turbine Syndrome stuff Yonason 😉

          Why do you feel cheated on by everyone? Why are you so angry? Why do you constantly promote conspiracy theories and this “con-artist” BS?

          1. spike55

            Seb, yet again DENYING real science

            ZERO science of his own.

            DENIAL of real science.

            So funny.

            And there’s his deep seated conspiracy ideation, yet again.

            If you really think the renewable industry isn’t chock full of con-artists and crooks, you really are UNAWARE of REALITY and haven’t been paying attention !!


          2. Yonason


            Let’s see. The activist troll has the testimony of Wikipee and wind shills, and the link I posted has that of health care professionals and hazardous noise mitigation experts, so all he can do is pretend he’s right. It’s a very common trick of the “confidence men” who hope they can convince you they are sincere, when they are not. It’s a type of lying. He ignores the specifics, because he can’t refute them, just like he ignores the scientific specifics, and for the same reason.

            He’s just always going to be reality-challenged/truth-impaired, it would seem. And that’s why I’m annoyed that Pierre allows him to continue being such a nuisance. I could see if he were sincere and wrong. But he’s so long persisted in blatantly lying to us in every way he can, that it’s clear he has an agenda that doesn’t include getting at the truth at all. Also, all we are doing is giving him a forum for practicing and perfecting his deceit. Not optimal, IMO.

  6. Stephen Richards

    The filthy german windmill planter tried in france. ABO wind which created a shell company to put up wind parks in SW france. Protests ensued and they withdrew.
    No thanks to me. I was for attacking them nationally via the french constitutional court.

    1. tom0mason

      Excellent Stephen Richards,

      Well done, and may you have success with all your future efforts!

      1. Stephen Richards

        Not my success. Thanks mostly to the founder, now retired, of the french equivalent to Amazon.

  7. Steve

    Seb H’s comment above simply shows what an irrational fool he really is.
    Democracy worked. Canadians don’t want wind turbines.

  8. Hugo

    Poor Seb! Sucks to be you on this board. Maybe try to redeem yourself with a better founded argument?

    1. Yonason

      ” Maybe try to redeem yourself with a better founded argument?” – Hugo to SebH

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’ll be the day.

      Nice of you to wish him well, though. Would be nice to see it.

  9. Wind Projects Increasingly Risky – Ontario Says “Nein” To $60 Million German Wind Park Project! – Newsfeed – Hasslefree allsorts

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  10. ClimateOtter

    Hey Seb! 77 600-foot monsters stand around my home, in an around the town of Lowbanks, Ontario. THEY ARE WORTHLESS! Guarantee me that wind power can run an aluminum smelter 24/7/365.

  11. Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #323 | Watts Up With That?
  12. Yonason

    Clap your hands if you believe in the wind “power” fairy.

    Is there anything it can’t ruin?

    1. SebastianH

      Bless those that suffer from the Wind Turbine Syndrome

    2. Yonason

      I no longer cite Wikipee, even when they are correct, because you can’t trust them, as Dilbert so well illustrates.

      Want to appear a fool? Use Wikipee to “prove” your point.

      See also here

      Because only a fool would trust Wikipee after learning how unreliable they are about anything important or controversial.

      Oh, and as to adverse health effects of wind turbines, they appear to be very real.

      If you or anyone you know are experiencing health related problems you think may be caused by wind turbines, here is some information that includes suggestions on how to proceed to deal with them.

      1. Yonason

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