Near Record Lows Set Across Central Europe…Snow Blankets Alps Below 1000 Meters…Surface Frost In Germany!

Parts of Europe woke up to near record low temperatures, snow and surface frost this morning as cold air swept across the continent from the north.

Just a couple of weeks ago the climate ambulance chasers were hysterically crying climate wolf as much of the continent baked at high temperatures under drought conditions. But now the weather pattern pendulum has swung to the opposite side, for the time being.

“Almost 30 cm of fresh snow”

This morning Europeans across France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy woke up to near record low temperatures with snow blanketing some regions in the Alps. The following video posted at Facebook shows:

Almost 30 cm of fresh snow at the Bioch/Rifugio mountain hut shelter in northern Italy (2079 m) was recorded this morning, August 26! Report via Italia Live Meteo

Severe Weather Europe also posted footage of snow at Alta Badia in the Dolomites of northern Italy:

Fresh snow in Alta Badia, Dolomites Italian Alps this morning (August 26, 2018). Video by Albert Frenademez via Meteo Da Correggio.

Up to 40 cm above 2000 m elevation

Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann posted at Twitter here that above 2000 meters some places saw up to more than 40 cm of fresh snow. Click here to see the snow depths from 8 o’clock this morning.

Kachelmann also shows that large areas across Germany were hit by surface frost early this morning. The Zugspitze (2960 m) recorded a low of -6.2°C and Bernau in the Black Forest recorded -2.4°C.

Snow below 1000 meters – in the summer!

There were even reports of snow on the ground at the Golfclub Gastein at 6 o’clock this morning in Austria, at 860 m elevation!Unfortunately the image posted at Facebook was either “taken down” or the “privacy settings were changed”, according to a Facebook message. here reports of the snow fell at some locations “below 1000 meters”.

Near record lows across France and Germany

This morning in the North German lowlands, where I live, the thermometer dipped to nippy single digit temperatures.

At Twitter meteorology expert Dr. Ryan Maue spoke of near “record lows across France & Germany”:

Brits shiver in freezing temperatures and snow

The UK Daily Star here reports that temperature dipped to -2°C yesterday morning in a piece bearing the title: “SNOW falls on UK as Brits SHIVER in freezing -2C start to Bank Holiday.”

23 responses to “Near Record Lows Set Across Central Europe…Snow Blankets Alps Below 1000 Meters…Surface Frost In Germany!”

  1. Bitter&twisted

    As I said with my posts, yesterday, heavy snow down to 2000m, during the day, at the Austrian resort we go to regularly.
    Even lower this morning, with more than 40cm on the upper slopes.
    To quote an oft-used Alarmist word “unprecedented”.
    Looking forward to an early ski-season.
    I see, from the webcams, the lifts are operating.😁

  2. Hivemind

    When I display your main page, I get the following message: is requesting your username and password. The site says: “Adminbereich”

    But when I display this page, I didn’t. Just thought you’d like to know.

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  4. Curt Widlund Tyresö

    Es ist der Beginn der kommenden Eiszeit, mit der wir zuletzt in Berührung gekommen sind, als die schwedische Armee nach dem 30-jährigen Krieg den Großen Belt überquerte und die Themse wieder einfror.
    Die Sonnenflecken haben aufgehört und die Sonne ist zur Ruhe gekommen.
    John Casey Discussing the Grand Solar Minimum, Earthquakes & More GSM EXCLUSIVE

    1. Yonason

      Thanks for that Link to the John Casey interview.

      I’m hoping that the cooling scare is only a scare. I’d rather it be warming a bit than cooling, but time will tell.

  5. spike55

    Climate reanalyzer shows the “warm” has move to Siberia.

  6. spike55

    Isn’t the wobbly jet stream such fun 🙂

    One week is really warm, now they are getting the flip side 🙂

    Waiting for someone to say is all because of a little carbon based molecule. 😉

    1. Yonason


      Roy Spencer spills the beans.

      It isn’t a conspiracy. Warmist skullduggery is real.

    2. SebastianH

      One week? We had 4 months of continuous summer in Germany. And very little rain. It’s still the highest alert level for wild fires and helicopters constanly fly around to watch for possible fires.

      You guys are acting exactly the way you accuse “alarmists” of. One cold day, and suddenly the next ice age is around the corner. *sigh*

      1. spike55


        Poor seb.

        *sighing* again , like a little girl.

        Its called WEATHER , little-cischild. !!!

        Just like a bit of warm is called WEATHER.

        You do know that the world is just a TINY amount out of the COLDEST period in 10,000 years, don’t you.??

        Tiny ocean warming of 0.08ºC, after a drop of 2-3 degrees leading up to the LIA.

        The World would suffer FAR MORE from cooling than from some more beneficial warming and extra atmospheric CO2.

        Time to wake up, time to grow up and time for you to face REALITY, seb.

        (no, I didn’t say “faceplant” as you are so wont to do.)

        1. SebastianH

          When will you face reality, spike55? That would be some welcomed change in your behaviour …

          1. John Brown




          2. spike55

            You are one who’s mind exists in a FANTASY world, seb

            We would all like it if your kept your AGW fantasies to yourself.

            Your aberrant, childish, headless-chook behaviour is past a joke.

            Your post I am replying to is NOTHING but a childish plea for more attention. A TROLL post.

            It contains no counter to any of the facts put forward.

            Q1. In what way has the climate changed in the last 40 years, that can be scientifically attributable to human CO2 ?

            Q2. Do you have ANY EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE at all that humans have changed the global climate in ANYWAY WHATSOEVER?

          3. SebastianH

            What is this reply then? Sorry AndyG55, you’ve lost it a long time ago. The joker that you are doesn’t impress anyone. Especially when you accuse people to live in a fantasy and not have any evidence without providing anything yourself. Continue to capitalize random words and come off as an angry grandpa sitting in his front yard … it can’t get any worse with you at least.

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  9. spike55
  10. spike55
  11. Bitter&twisted

    Do not collude with the Russian troll (DNCWTRT).

    1. SebastianH

      I’m getting a bit worried about your state of mind now. @Pierre: if that is not name-calling and attacking a person instead of countering content, then what is? Moderate you friends to the same standards you try to moderate your opponents 😉

      1. spike55

        sigh, whimper, poor seb

        You ARE a troll,

        You KNOW you are a troll

        Your only purpose is trolling.

        You are NOT an opponent, you are an serial pest.

        There is a big difference.

        1. SebastianH

          A bit of self-reflection would make you realize what you are, spike55. I am not the troll (or rather plural) here 😉

          My purpose (when I reply to you) is …

          Also seems rather fitting to this post.

          P.S.: I don’t even know how to be an opponent to a clown. But obviously, you feel threatened because of all these insults and capitalization usages in your replies. And I am the one seeking the attention of you? And not the other way around? hmm ..

  12. Yonason

    Patience, patience. In the fullness of time, climate “scientists” will adjust the data, warming as needed to show they are correct, and all will be well.

    “Since the climategate leak of e-mails, the instrumental temperature data has been found severely corrupted in many ways, with the obvious purpose to ‘prove’ global warming.”

    They can’t change it right away, while people still remember it. But it will be changed. You can bet on it.

    You do that in business, and you go to jail.

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