Geologists: No Link Between Climate Warming And Rock Slides in European Alps!

Climate alarmists rush to blame every natural disaster on global warming. Recently they blamed a massive rock slide in Switzerland on a warming planet. Yet, geologists say there’s no link.

Hat-tip: Die kalte Sonne.

Last year, August, 2017, a massive rockslide occurred on the north flank of the Piz Cengalo (3369 m) in the Swiss Alps, above the village of Bondo, located near the border to Italy.

Thanks to an early warning system, no one in the village of Bondo below was killed. However the impressive rock slide did claim the lives of 8 climbers.

No data suggesting warming is behind rock slides

In total some 4 million tonnes of rock and mud came tumbling down. The dramatic incident highlighted the hazards posed by rock slides for villages located near the picturesque mountains of the European Alps.

Though rockslides are not unusual, there has been growing scrutiny behind their causes lately. Unsurprisingly climate alarmists are opportunistically pointing the finger at climate warming.

According to the alarmists, rising temperatures are causing the permafrost in the mountains to thaw and so lead to portions of the mountains coming unglued and cascading dangerously down into the valleys and villages below.

The Swiss SRF public broadcasting reported here how Swiss Minister of Environment Doris Leuthard came up with the explanation just hours after the incident: “Climate change”.

According to Leuthard: “Such incidents will continue to occur.”

No link to warming – tend to occur in cold, rainy weather

However, one expert geologist disagrees, the SRF reports: University of Bern geologist Ueli Gruner told the SRF:

No relationship between heat and rock slides can be made – in colder and wet weather there can tend to be even more rockslides.”

According to Gruner, large rock slides (more than 1 million cubic meters) tend to occur every 5 to 10 years. The SRF reports that so far no data supporting a higher frequency of rock slides are available.

The SRF adds:

However, heat fundamentally even has a positive effect, says the geologist [Gruner): From experience, stone behaves in a more stable manner than when it’s cold, snow melts and rain enters into the cracks.”

7 responses to “Geologists: No Link Between Climate Warming And Rock Slides in European Alps!”

  1. Yonason

    Sympathies to the families of those who lost their lives.

  2. Robert Folkerts

    A few years ago we went up the Karwendal at Mittenwald and wandered around the top of the Alps there. The thing that impressed me was the amount of crumbling rock and shingle fans etc. I considered the effects annual freezing and thawing were likely having on this soft rock type. To me was clear evidence the earth is not billions of years old. At this rate of erosion the mountains will likely be unrecognizable in less than another 1000 years. Shows for sure, if ones beginning point is wrong, the conclusions one arrives at will very possibly be flawed.

    1. Stewart Pid

      Robert ur post on the age of the earth is funny! You might want to learn a bit about isostasy and then maybe take a look at the Canadian Shield and the Greenstone belts paying special attention to their provenance.
      Also consider that the Alps have survived approximately 50 glaciations in the last 2.7 million years.

    2. spike55

      Age of the Earth…. really, really old

      Age of some mountain ranges. Not nearly as old.

      1. Robert Folkerts

        You guys try to make it sound as if you are certain. As for me, I’m a natural skeptic of many things. Certainly skeptical of the AGW meme and its “consensus science”. But also skeptical of the ever changing human theories and assumptions regarding origins. That is, origins of everything. Surely it is obvious, if ones starting point is wrong, ones conclusions are not likely to be correct. I’m sure you all apply this logic to the co2 argument.

  3. Brian G Valentine

    Klimawandel – the universal explanation to everything that goes wrong.

    I’m very sorry for the loss of these people, but Government geologists ought to have known the potential for rock slide in the area and closed the paths to climber traffic.

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