Extreme Precipitation Events In China, Australia Show No Increase At All Over Past Decades!

According to a recent paper by Choujun Zhan et al, extreme precipitation events have declined over 90% of China.

Hat-tip: reader Mary Brown
Image right: Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics

According to the paper’s abstract, a newly developed dataset containing daily precipitation in China at 0.5° intervals of longitude and latitude over the period 1961 to 2011 was statistically analyzed.

The authors found “the probability of rainy days has decreased over time for over 90% the surface area of China, and that the extreme precipitation and annual precipitation have decreased for most of the area in China.”

The results contradict the often made alarmist claim of more frequent and extreme weather events due to global warming.

Australia: “no trend in one day precipitation extremes”

In a recent paper titled “Variability and long-term change in Australian temperature and precipitation extremes“, the authors found that although in Australia minimum temperatures have increased, but maximum temperatures not so much, there was no trend in one day precipitation extremes.

The authors summarized in the paper’s abstract:

Daily precipitation extremes rarely exhibit long-term change over the century but are strongly modulated by the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO). The relative importance of long-term change and climate variability therefore depends on the variable or index.

We conclude that in assessing the likelihood of climate hazards, one needs to consider the modulation of climate extremes due to both long-term change and climate variability. Our findings imply that when planning for adaptation, different emphasis needs to be given to changing temperature and precipitation extremes.”

3 responses to “Extreme Precipitation Events In China, Australia Show No Increase At All Over Past Decades!”

  1. Steve

    You can bet that the Sydney Morning Herald’s environment reporter will not report on this paper as he never comments on anything except doom and gloom.He has a degree in Social Work!

    1. John F. Hultquist

      . . . has a degree in Social Work.
      The Sydney Morning Herald is an appropriate environment for him then.

  2. Yonason

    The whole warming scam is based on increases in CO2 causing increases in H20 vapor, and greater heat trapping by the water vapor. Problem is, if more CO2 doesn’t cause an increase in water vapor, as we may infer from the above article, that mechanism doesn’t work. And, since they base their models on that fantasy mechanism, it’s no wonder they produce nothing but nonsense.

    Ian D. Clark does a great job of showing that CO2 has no meaningful effect on climate. None at all.

    The rest of that video is also very excellent.

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