Europe’s Energy Uprising …Hundreds Injured, “Warlike Conditions” As Protests Against High Fuel Prices Rage

Fuel price uprisings spread across Belgium, France… hundreds injured, one dead, major highways blocked, property and windows smashed by “yellow vest” fuel price protesters.

The fact that fuel prices in Europe are sky-high is no accident. They have been willed that way by cash and regulation-hungry governments.

Moreover, the threatened actions aimed at curbing the use of fossil fuels involve yet even higher taxes. Established policymakers and political leaders appear to be disconnected from the citizenry as they let themselves be chauffeured around in taxpayer-financed cars powered by tax-payer-paid fuel or in taxpayer-paid flights burning jet fuel while demanding citizens pay much more.

But recently in some areas of Europe, enough has become enough, and citizens have decided they are not going to take it anymore.


According to reports from France’s AFP, over 400 people were injured, 14 seriously, in “yellow vest” protests over skyrocketing fuel price hikes. One person was killed.

The protests took place last weekend at “locations around the country where protesters had blocked roads to express their anger at a series of hikes in petrol tax,” the AFP reported.

The injured included 28 police and firefighters.

France Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told that 288,000 people took part in Saturday’s protest that led to uprising like conditions at some 2,034 protest locations countrywide.

“Warlike scenes”

Moreover, according to Sputnik News here, “Protests against higher fuel prices have spilled into Belgium across the French border” and described “warlike scenes”.

Sputnik writes roughly “400 protesters hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at police” and went on a rampage, vandalizing property.

The protesters also blocked highways, stopping some 250 trucks on the E16 Mons-Brussels motorway and another 150 at the Belgium-France border crossing on the N6 highway.

Elites gouging citizens

According to Sputnik: “In 2018, gas prices across France increased by between 10-15 percent, with the price of diesel jumping nearly 25 percent. A further increase is set to happen on January 1, 2019.”

In Paris the protests are being mainly held by French students, rail workers, air traffic controllers, and public sector workers who are directing their anger at the controversial reforms of President Emmanuel Macron.

Mainstream media stays quiet

Europe’s mainstream media have been unusually subdued in reporting on the angry fuel uprisings now raging across France and Belgium.

The Belgium-based, German-language here:

The protests were launched by Internet groups, whereby political parties or trade unions remained behind the scenes. “

23 responses to “Europe’s Energy Uprising …Hundreds Injured, “Warlike Conditions” As Protests Against High Fuel Prices Rage”

  1. mwhite

    Might be a problem in Ireland in the not too distant future.

  2. Kurt in Switzerland

    Is this one of those “unintended consequences” which the wise men didn’t expect?

  3. Penelope

    Internet groups behind the riots? Interesting, but I suppose many others joined in. Wonder if it was triggered by the cold weather & necessity to turn the thermostat up. Bully for them; appears the Brits take longer to get angry:

    -1n 2012 “20,000 pensioners died from the cold last winter | UK | News | Express …”
    -In 2015 “Winter deaths soar as elderly suffer in cold weather – Telegraph”
    -In 2018 (re 2017 Winter) “48,000 Brits dead after worst winter in 42 years | Daily Star”

    1. RAH

      Far more important to the London government than all that and of course the knifings, is making sure Brits don’t eat too much.

    2. John Smyth

      That’s cause the British are a bunch of soy drinking cowards

  4. Bitter&twisted

    The French can certainly teach us Brits about “direct action“.
    We already have the fuel prices that the French are protesting about.
    Yet not a dickie-bird.

    1. Dave Ward

      “Yet not a dickie-bird”

      Even worse – our “protesters” are blocking roads & bridges demanding the government take MORE action to curb evil CO2!

      You really couldn’t make it up…

  5. Saighdear

    Aye man, but tonight’s News tells us that fuel is falling ….
    BUT we will be EXTRACTING 100 Thou barrels each day for 30 yrs to help release more CO2 into the environment……. Does the Public not listen to the news and THINK about what’s going on. More than just Carrot n Stick.

    Remember the Phrase ” A Hunger for Compliance ” is more important than the Hunger for Knowledge which we were taught many years ago…..

    1. RAH

      What is “going on” with the fuel prices is Saudi Arabia and the US are putting the screws to Iran trying to make that regime fall. The sustained low oil prices along with other measures like sanctions are really destabilizing the control of the Mullahs. The same low oil prices hurts Russia also, which they want to punish for their participation in Syria and support of Iran among other reasons.

      This why the leftist US press has been obsessing about the assassination of that nobody Jamal Khashoggi They understand what Trumps trying to do and oppose it and wanted to force him to break ties with the Crown Prince and thus destroy the overall objective. Thus more stories and words have been written about the death of a nobody who was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a practicing Wahabi than they have ever written about the death of any American soldier(s) during these long wars.

      1. Robert Folkerts

        I wonder RAH do you give ghe same value to your own life, as you do to this chap you denigrate? Or do you think you are worth more?

        1. RAH

          I know where I stand. I’m a nobody for sure and the press will not spend more than a obit in the news paper on my death or a short blurb one day if I’m murdered, unlike Khashoggi who they have spent WEEKS on and still are. So the question is why do YOU believe Khashoggi’s death was so note worthy? So note worthy that more stories and words have been written about him and his death in the US press than any servicemember in our long war no matter how valiant their service? More stories and words than the average Representative or senator would get upon their death.

          And do you really believe the press are expending all that space and air time because they are honoring Khasoggi? Grow up and join the real world man.

          1. Robert Folkerts

            Actually to me it is the hypocrisy of it all. When the British alleged the Russians tried to murder a former spy, the world reacts with fury, sanctions and diplomatic expulsions abound.
            Here we have much more than allegations, and Trump says no problem really, just so long as they are so important to us financially, we don’t mind what they do.
            Still, I guess there are no pretenses here, true colours are for all to see. It’s all just power games, isn’t it.
            Not hard to spot who the pawns in the game are, is it?

          2. RAH

            It is not financial except in using oil as a weapon. The crown prince is trying to transform the status quo in Saudi Arabia and minimize the influence of the Wahbis. He is also trying to eliminate the threat of Iran. He has gone so far as to even collude with the Israeli government to stop Iran and hurt their Russian ally. Trump and the Saudis worked out a scheme to try and bring down the radical leadership of Iran. The Saudis with the influence in OPEC and their own production along with the US having taken the lead as the worlds greatest oil producer have tremendous leverage on Iran which relies on oil revenue almost exclusively to remain afloat economically. Russia also relies on revenue from oil and NG to remain afloat and without it would fall economically to third world status. Hitting their oil revenue really hurts both. Texas alone now produces more oil than Russia.

            This also why the claim that Trump colluded with Putin is so ridiculous. from the beginning Trump ran on energy independence for the United states. “Drill baby drill”. That would be the last thing Putin or any other potential enemy of the US and the globalists would ever have wanted to see happen and it has happened.

  6. Oh the Irony, Europe is Rioting Over High Energy Prices; I just filled up for $2.19/gal – CO2 is Life

    […] Europe’s Energy Uprising …Hundreds Injured, “Warlike Conditions” As Protests Against High Fuel Prices Rage (Source) […]

  7. Raoul Delimesy

    Not to mention our minister Gérald Darmanin who, to share that he also has cash issues, called for a comprehensive attitude toward yellow vests : “We have to understand them : how can you live with 950€/month, when in Paris when you invite a friend at a restaurant, you have to spend 200€, wine not included !”
    FYI the median salary in France is 1650€/month, a standard restaurant is 15-20€, and, let’s say about 30-40€ in Paris…

  8. Lasse

    Oil prices are down from 85 USD/barrel in October to 58 USD/barrel today.

    1. Bitter&twisted

      Thank God and President Trump for fracking😇

    2. RAH

      Regular unleaded gasoline prices in Indiana are running between $1.88 to $2.08 per gallon today. These prices should be taken in the context that more Americans hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday than any other and thus prices usually are about 10% o 15% higher than usual.

  9. edmh

    Is this the earliest sign of populist resistance to the Green Blob and all its stupidity ?

    \Perhaps a crack in the Damm. Bring it on, more and more please.

    One dat they may realise they are fighting a very unpopular non-problem.

  10. sasquatch

    The beatings will continue until the morale improves.

    Wait until there isn’t any petrol at all, then the fur will really fly.

    A riot is a symptom of more deep-rooted problems.

    Europeans are Stockholm Syndrome addled and are just figuring it all out, about time.

    The outrage, the righteous indignation, is manifested when anything becomes unbearable, a price increase on petrol is a straw too many on the camel’s back. The camel goes splat.

    It would be better to tar and feather the eurocrats who have managed to make a mess of it all from Greece to Germany. Easy to see it is looking like a mess, maybe not, but I don’t think so, it’s a mess.

    Hundreds hurt doesn’t feel good, tarred and feathered eurocrats will feel much better. Got to choose the right scapegoat to persecute, beat. lol

    By the way, during the Little Ice Age there were an estimated 50,000 witches burned at the stake simply because it was believed that witches were instrumental in the cause of the cooling of the Northern Hemisphere.

    After a couple of hundred years of constant less than desirable weather, cold, you become impatient.

    A riot isn’t good enough, you have to find out who is responsible, a scapegoat will suffice, the real culprits, those who manage to enrich themselves at the expense of others, will be lucky to just be tarred and feathered.

  11. RAH

    Well as I write this on Saturday at 17:36 EST, it sure looks like the protests have turned into a full blown revolt. I bet Macron and the authorities are wishing the bitter cold would hurry up and get there.

  12. crosspatch

    I’m sorry but distributing Russian agitprop from RT and Sputnik really reduces the quality of the reporting here. I am sure some legitimate sources of information can be located.

  13. Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #336 | Watts Up With That?

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