2019 Climate “Ship Of Fools” Runs Into 3-Meter Thick Ice… Baffin Inlets Mid Summer Ice Extent No Trend in 50 Years

Our German skeptic friend Snowfan here keeps us up to date on the latest ODEN “Ship of Fools” attempt to travel across an Arctic that is supposed to be ice-free by now.

The incentive to cross the Arctic passages in the summer is huge. Doing so would mean at least a week of fame with the media blaring out your name along with grossly hyped headlines of an Arctic ice meltdown due to global warming. One of these years, a ship might get lucky and manage to get through the Northwest Passages.

Image from: Ship-Tracker ODEN  Snowfan

And the pressure to do so is enormous because over the last ten years Arctic ice volume has even rebounded slightly and if that trend continues, as some expect, the global warming alarmist may never get another chance to get through. Last year failed.

Mid-summer Arctic ice volume has grown modestly over the past 13 years, thus casting doubt Arctic is melting further. Chart: Kirye.

The latest “Ship of Fools” episode this year is an attempt by the above mentioned Swedish ice breaker ODEN, which hopes to get through. Unfortunately conditions so far this summer have not been as favorable as they hoped, Snowfan reports:

Image: here.

This year Arctic sea ice in the area of interest on July 14 is (unexpectedly) thicker than it was last year at the same time, and a heck of a lot more than what some climate models and Al Gore projected a bit more than 10 years ago:

In Lancaster Sound and the Barrow Strait (eastern access point to the NW-Passage) sea ice in mid July 2019 is up to 3 meters thick, i.e. 2 meters thicker than in mid-July 2018! Source: DMI Arctic Sea Ice Thickness. Image: here.

Also defying the models is the extent of ice cover for July 9 at the Baffin inlets Regent – Boothia. Over the last 50 years, there’s been little trend change:


Source: Canadian Ice Service

The latest on ODEN, according to CruiseMapper, is that it is currently well off course. Snowfan writes:

In the night of July 19, 2019, the Ship of Fools has deviated far from its planned route southeast of Coburg Island and is positioned this morning west of this island. We await with suspense to see if the climate fools will overcome the thick ice on July 20, 2019 and arrive on time in Pond Inlet.”

14 responses to “2019 Climate “Ship Of Fools” Runs Into 3-Meter Thick Ice… Baffin Inlets Mid Summer Ice Extent No Trend in 50 Years”

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  2. Brian R Catt

    Why don’t we hear about the North East Passage? Putin’s Suez? Really.

    I have a globe, it looks good to me, same distance to the Berring Strait either way. Less ice per the maps, and more Russian icebreakers keeping it passable, plus the Gulf stream warming the Western end and the Pacific the Eastern end, through the Berring Strait.

    Am I being a bit thick here? Missing the blindingly obvious? Or is it that the idiot greens are mostly from North America and generally lacking in rational thought and/or a joined up approach to anything? Useful idiots.

    This must be a useful route to the North Pacific for Europeans, now the Germans stopped sinking the Murmansk convoys, away from SE Asian problems, China’s artificial islands, Suez or the Southern Oceans. The only pirates will be Godfather Putin’s, offering “protection, comrade” from the dangerous ice in the already cleared seas, “ships can sink”…..

    Going the harder NW way seems to be a political act that proves nothing, except making it more obvious than it already is that Al Gore lied to enrich himself at all our expenses. Ice is still there, and elsewhere, up and down as ever, and hardy changing in human time scales -but only in fact.

    GIven the recent paper showing that solar cycles account for the recent few thousand years interglacial thermal noise up and down, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-E5y9piHNU , and my own deterministic proof from actual emissions records that submarine volcanoes account for variable ocean warming directly with magma at ice age time scales on Milankovitch gravitational cycles, https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3259379 , while the atmosphere’s massive 150W/m^2 of variable feedback to SST change from the evaporation and cloud formation cooling/heat transfer at 100W/m^2 and the 50W/m^2 from cloud albedo simply imposes a powerful equilibrium on the current heat balance that is dictated by volcanic warming and solar output. The atmosphere has never been a cause of climate change, in fact it imposes stability using the massive water vapour hence cloud control from the oceans. All determined from the actual records using deterministic science. In fact from this deterministic rather than statistical approach we know it is likely to get slowly colder long term and likely a lot faster short term when the current warming reverses, soon, eg. over the next few human lifetimes, as expected from the short term solar cycles. So make the most of Putin’s Passage? Comment welcome – if its supported by references to actual primary data and proven physics.

    1. Blais

      Très pertinent et mérite une large diffusion !

    2. Eric York

      Brian, even in reverse, the passage along the Northern Russian coast to Asian and Western N. American markets requires an ice free passage. Contrary to the models (shock), this remains ice choked and impassable without a Russian Ice Beaker leading the way. Especially in the area of Novaya Zemlya!
      So, even there the same issue persists.

  3. tom0mason

    Oh NO Jim (Hansen) it’s STILL has not melted!

  4. 2019 Climate "Ship Of Fools" Runs Into 3-Meter Thick Ice… Baffin Inlets Mid Summer Ice Extent No Trend in 50 Years | Un hobby...

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  5. Green Sand

    Byron Island?

  6. sasquatch

    Since Baffin Island contains the remnants of the Laurentide ice sheet, Baffin Island remains in a glaciated state.

    After 20,000 years of deglaciation, the Laurentide is still around.

    During the winter months, the temps remain below -29 C for days on end on Baffin Island.

    Why don’t the mariners contact the Canadian Coast Guard and ask for information?

    1. Yonason

      Laurentide ice sheet?

      Now there’s an “inconvenient truth,” right there.

      🤫 …oops – too late.

  7. Carin

    Oden is an icebreaking ship from Sweden. In summertime it charges over to research activities. This summer it is out on two missions, research on sealevels, ice, etc in the Northwest passage and second starting August 5 is to checkout the Ryder glacier.
    Even if I don’t buy in to this global hoax on CO2 leasing climate change I still beleive research is good as long as we will receive resultat that is not biased.
    Yes I’m Swedish and that’s why I know Oden.

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