New German Book Casts Doubt Over Alarmist Global Warming Claims: “No Consensus” …”Even Serious Dissent”

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Problems with the climate problem

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At the end of July Eike Roth published a book titled “Problems with the climate problem: A myth crumbles“.  The book’s description:

The climate is changing in a threatening manner. It has already become a degree warmer. It is man’s fault. Its CO2 releases endanger its existence. We have only a few years left to fundamentally change our behavior, otherwise the consequences will be catastrophic. Science agrees on this.

That is what we hear every day from every direction.

In this book precisely this is questioned in the this book. The situation, severity and breadth of the climate optimum, the climatic and non-climatic effects of CO2, the increase in extreme weather events, the strength and speed of anthropogenic climate change, the accuracy of climate models and their agreement with observed climate developments, the possibility or probability of other causes of observed climate change and the effectiveness, prospects of success and side effects of the initiated or required countermeasures are carefully examined.

The result shows that there is general agreement on the principles of the greenhouse effect and its anthropogenic intensification. However, it also identifies a whole series of points on which there is no consensus, at least not yet, and in some cases even serious dissent. For each of these points, it is explained in an understandable way what is specifically controversial and what significance this has for the climate problem as a whole.

All in all, the picture of the climate problem is very different from the one portrayed above. In view of the importance of the problem, it is necessary to clarify the outstanding issues as quickly as possible. Suggestions are made for further action.”

The book costs € 9,50 and can be ordered via BoD or Amazon.

5 responses to “New German Book Casts Doubt Over Alarmist Global Warming Claims: “No Consensus” …”Even Serious Dissent””

  1. Chuck

    Edit needed: “In this book Precisely this is questioned in the this book.”

  2. Paul Aubrin

    Will the information ever reach the public? Media are very effectively blocking it. They follow the “Organisations” and green politicians who insist that climate science is settled once for all. Every apocalyptic news is propagated. Any doubt is blocked.

  3. pochas94

    Convection is the “undo” process for the greenhouse effect.

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  5. Tim Maxwell

    Is this (will this) book be available in English?

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