Iconic German Rock Performer Sends Message: “Don’t Believe In Young Crazy Sects Who Want To Crucify SUV Drivers”

German writer/rock singer Heinz Rudolf Kunze recently performed at at a city festival in Berlin Teltow, and had a message about today’s opinion intolerance, alarmism, political correctness, etc. for Germany’s leaders and supremacist activists.

Regular mainstream German citizens often run the risk of being attacked whenever expressing dissenting views on hot-button issues, such as climate and immigration, in Germany.

Hat-tip Die kalte Sonne

What follows are some excerpts from Kunze’s message in Teltow (from YouTube clip (see below), text written by Severin Tatarczyk:

[…]We are the people who are deeply convinced that the best cure for narrow-mindedness, stupidity, fear and hatred is education. And we are horrified by the almost systematic stupefaction of our children in public schools, where performance-hostile, child-centred so-called educators set the tone, not teachers who deserve this name.

We are the people who worry about the future, but also about the present because we ‘ve already experienced enough hysteria, panic and excitement: the sixty-eighters, arms race, dying forests, nuclear fear… We don’t believe in the predominantly young crazy sects who want to crucify all SUV drivers like in the dark Middle Ages and with vegan mouth-foamers.

Future yes, but not with rabid prohibitions, regulations and constraints, but with creative innovations and initiatives. We are neither the moral superiors nor correctness-smartasses nor right-wing rats for these catchers. We are the inhabitants of this beautiful area. We are the citizens. We are the people.”

Read entire message (in German) severint.net. Youtube Clip:

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