N. Hemisphere In Hypothermia! Widespread Early Winter…”Historic Snowstorms”…”Record Books Rewritten”

Winter has not even officially arrived, but already large areas of the northern hemisphere are seeing “historic snowfalls”, frigid temperatures and even avalanche alarms.

The Northern Hemisphere has certainly caught a major cold, one certainly not caused by the human CO2 virus. Instead of fever, parts of the northern hemisphere are in hypothermia!

Alarmists, media desperate

Though global warming scientists will never admit it, they are really surprised and stunned. All that is left for them is to make up some cockamamie warming-causes-cold explanations and hope there are enough severely stupid among the media and masses to believe it.

“United States — Rewrite the Record Books”

Beginning in North America, “sub-zero temperatures are now blasting” millions of Americans following “the three historic snowstorms which buried parts of the U.S. last month,” reports weather site electroverse.net here.

Electroverse writes that “lows throughout the week will be more like January temperatures” with readings below zero for many U.S. states and “temps down into the teens are even forecast as far south as Texas.” Yesterday, 97 records toppled.

“It’s a big deal,” Electroverse writes in its headline.

Solar activity suspected

It’s not the sort of thing we are supposed to be expecting from a “warming planet”.  Some climate experts blame natural factors, like solar activity, for the cold, and that these warnings have long been known since the sun has entered a new period of calm.

Freeze watches and warnings also extend as far south as Florida. And it’s only early November. And don’t expect to see many FFF activists to show up at rallies protesting hot weather any time soon.

Polar Bear Science site here also reports that the Hudson Bay in Canada has started freezing up earlier than normal three years in a row!

Europe starting to get clobbered by snow, 2m in Alps

Meanwhile cold has also spread across Europe, though not quite as brutal as what we’ve been seeing across North America.

In central Europe, the Austrian online heute here reports that “huge amounts of snow” are on the way for the Alps. German site Wetteronline.de reports here of “new, severe snowfalls in the Alps” with “up to two meters of fresh snow are possible in places up to the weekend” in Switzerland, Austria and Northern Italy, “This is good news for winter sports enthusiasts – but the danger of avalanches is increasing.”

Biggest November snowstorm in 40 years

Even global warming child activist Greta Thunberg’s Sweden is getting hard hit by extreme cold and snow. Electroverse reports the Nordic country is suffering “its biggest November snow storm in 40 years.”

On November 10th, Mika tweeted that temps in northern Sweden fell 10 -34.5°C.

Most snow in 60 years

The German Ruhrkultur site reports how also Finland just saw “the coldest autumn temperature and the highest snow depth in at least 60 years” and that ” the temperature in Enontekiö, a municipality in Finnish Lapland, dropped to 28.2°C on Tuesday 5 November.”

Deepening cold across Siberia as well

“On November 11 in Yakutia, the daily temperature never rose above −30°C (-22F),” reported SOTT site here. “Some parts of Siberia were even colder: In Evenkia and the northern regions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the temperature dropped to −41 … −44°C.”

russia cold

SOTT comments (sarcastically): “I wonder how much ice will melt at −44°C (-47F).

With all the early winter weather, it’s ridiculous to claim the globe is burning up. So it’s no wonder the alarmists have taken their climate ambulance to the far side of the globe, NSW Australia, and kept their narrow focus on brush fires.

Hat-tip: Yota at Twitter

32 responses to “N. Hemisphere In Hypothermia! Widespread Early Winter…”Historic Snowstorms”…”Record Books Rewritten””

  1. Reasonable Skeptic

    I am looking forward to the November temperature anomaly. I am sure it will be colder than normal when it first comes out, but in a few months or years, it will be warmer than normal.

    That is how man made global warming takes place.

    1. Chris Hanley

      That’s a flippant observation I think many make and even a respected practitioner like Roy Spencer has written recently on his blog:
      ‘With the new CMIP6 models coming out suggesting even more warming than the CMIP5 models did, I fear we will see continuing “adjustments” of the instrumental temperature record to produce even more warming. This is the only way that the models can retain credibility in the face of real-world evidence that warming has been modest, at best’.
      That is a terrible imputation and reflection on the professional standards of any ‘supposed’ scientific field and now it’s a common view that climate change ‘science’ is pseudoscience.

  2. Yonason

    Austria Today (HT – commenter harnaś at IceAgeNow.info)

    From the article…

    ” All schools and kindergartens in Heiligenblut, Großkirchheim, Mörtschach, Winklern and Flattach remained closed on Wednesday; as well as the educational center Lesachtal.”

    Sorry, kids, no more global warming propaganda till schools reopen.

    1. Robert Christopher

      Tim Blair, of The (Australian) Daily Telegraph, on January 17, 2013, reporting on the earlier (removed 🙂 ) article in The (UK) Independent, 2000:



      1. Yonason

        Yup. Can’t make that stuff up. And who but a Leftists would even dream of doing so?

        Warmists tell their just-so-stories in the hope that no one will know what truth is, anymore.

        It’s been shown to be false for over a decade now, and still they keep regurgitating their nonsense.

        I guess telling the truth isn’t just “once and done.” We don’t dare stop, or they’ll goose step right over us.

  3. Petit_Barde

    Dear Greta,
    instead of wasting time in Spain (where it is also very cold for the season) you should quickly return to Sweden to help your people :
    – You could greatly comfort them by explaining that if they feel very cold, it is because of global warming.

  4. pochas94

    When the arctic gets loose, the whole world cools.

  5. John F. Hultquist

    ” sub-zero temperatures ”

    For North America:
    Using the Fahrenheit scale many places in the USA were below freezing (32°F)but above 0°F. I did not check Canada.
    The Celsius scale provides the sub-zero headline.
    One needs to note how maps are constructed/captioned.

    Meanwhile, the west coast of North America is in the warmer sector of this weather pattern. For now.
    Cold records were set in Washington State in October.

    1. Yonason

      Off Topic – Do you guys like interesting flowers? If you aren’t aware of this one, give it a try. Cheap, easy, and stunning in bloom.

      It’s a biennial, so if you want flowers every year, plant it two years in a row. Then it should reseed itself so you don’t have to, and you’ll have those every year, from the 2nd year on. One of my favorites.

      (Hard to grow in Florida, like most everything, but easy enough in the North.)

      1. Newminster

        Usually known as Campion. Very useful flower. Many variants. I recommend.

        We now return you to the programme!

        1. Yonason


  6. MGJ

    I am trying to formulate a hypothesis of how cold weather causes forest fires. There must be one. They’ll think of something…they’ve had plenty of practice at applying sticking plasters to doomed theories.

    1. John F. Hultquist

      The last 2 fires in our area were caused by improper chimneys. Likely wood stoves, but the paper did not say.
      Short mental jump to cold causes fires.

      Actually, in the west USA, about 84% of wildfires are a result of something humans do. Example: driving a burning car into dry grass at the edge of a road.

      1. Yonason

        A Few Ramblings…

        “…below freezing (32°F)but above 0°F” John F. Hultquist, and Co. (great looking couple you make)

        Where I was from in Southern New England, it could get pretty cold, but usually didn’t get below zero. Sometimes it would, and then the snow would squeak almost like chalk on a blackboard, and the air would smell fresh but weird, and if it was windy and I didn’t cover my forehead, the headache I got from my sinuses freezing was unbearable (but would go away as soon as I went into my warm home). Usually, “very cold” would be between 0 and 10 deg F. A few days of that, and the pond would freeze enough for us to walk and skate on it safely. One year the cow pasture out back got covered in snow, followed by a cold rain that froze the whole thing solid. Biggest darned skating rink you ever did see. Only happened once in the more than 2 decades I lived there.

        …just a few reminiscences of a time when I lived in a much more interesting place than Florida, climate-wise. Now, however, that the political climate has become so much more unbearably Leftist there than it was then, I’m really glad I now live boring Florida.

        1. bonbon

          Florida boring?
          It’s the lightning capital, with torrential rain bursts folowed by baking heat.
          Even the orange crop froze a couple of years ago. And the frozen O-rings on the Challenger, how could anyone forget.

  7. Alex

    It’s all the result of global warming. I have proven this phenomenon in my own gas oven which produces CO2 as a resault of the CH4 + O2 reaction/combustion. : When I raise the oven’s temperature a bit, it cools down. So you see, Global warming causes cooling, and if you believe this you will believe in anything.

  8. Alex


    The Courier Mail, Monday July 29th, 1946

    Trove, National Library of Australia
    By a Staff Correspondent

    TOWNSVILLE, Sunday. — Fires
    are burning to-night in an almost
    unbroken chain from the edge of
    Brisbane to Townsville, 800 miles

    The coastal fires provide air
    travellers with a graphic picture
    of parched Queensland.
    Deeper inland, even greater
    areas of dry brush and grass are
    burning or waiting, like tinder, for
    a careless match or spark.
    From Rockhampton to Gor-
    donvale, farmers are burning off
    cane. Forestry officers in other
    areas are burning fire breaks.

    Long Smoke Trails
    Columns of smoke loom from
    hills above some coastal towns, In
    the hills north and south of Mac-
    kay to-night smoke from two
    separate groups of fires stretched
    in trails for many miles.
    South of Maryborough there is
    another group of fires. From some
    of these the smoke was rising yes-
    terday afternoon to a height of

    One air traveller said: ‘They
    look like pictures of the Bikini
    bomb explosion.’

    Some fires are blackening areas
    of dry grass on which ‘small and
    large graziers depend for fodder
    while the drought lasts.

    A Forestry Department manage
    ment officer (Mr. Pohlman) said
    to-night that no fires had been
    reported in forestry areas, but
    burning off operations were con-

    Brisbane Fires
    Grass and rubbish fires round
    Brisbane increased yesterday after
    the light rain on Friday morning.
    Fire engines were called to 10 fires
    hi the metropolitan area. No dam-
    age was done.

  9. Northern Hemisphere In Hypothermia – Truth is difficult but essential…
  10. Philip Verslues

    Just imagine the amount Golbul Warming it takes to make things this Cold.

  11. M E

    For Australian Bush Fires. Go to Youtube and look for Skynews Australia where there are many small segments on the scattered fires. There is a recent interview with the chief fire officer. He is putting these small fires close to Sydney easily, he says. PLanes dropping fire retardant foam to make fire breaks. across inhabited areas.

  12. M E

    Putting out!

  13. M E

    Fire commissioner in NSW on putting out fires.
    Sky news Australia link

  14. Yonason

    I’ve posted this before, asking rhetorically if the people in Maine would be happier in a warmer or colder world.

    How many hear would like to live in Northern Maine in the winter, especially in a cooler world? …me neither!

  15. drumphish

    Ya, well, the wind was from the north yesterday, the temp was 22 F, now it is 8 above. Snow and frozen ground cool everything, cold wins. Old Man Winter is not that kindhearted at times.

    Mother Nature doesn’t care if Norwegian cavemen and cave women burned every stick of wood in the forest, then did even more burning using fossil fuels, doesn’t matter to her. Burn all you want of any kind of substance that can burn, ain’t gonna matter.

    Fire needs to be banned, no combustion of any kind by any anthropogenic means. You can’t rub two sticks together, das ist verboten. lol

    And, for God sake, no nuclear fuel consumed whatsoever.

    It is settled, no burning of anything. If lightning strikes and a burn in the forest begins, let it burn until it burns out. Don’t bother to fight it. Mother Nature has already won, you just have to face the consequences.

    However, you cannot use the naturally ignited fire in any way. Just have to watch it all burn, it’ll be the law. The death sentence will not be a severe enough penalty if caught using fire, man’s red flower needs to be gone. Get used to it. No more heat and electricity for you, no car, no nothing.

    Find a few bugs, eat them, if you catch a chicken, eat it raw. The same for pigs, kill and eat them raw. Don’t be surprised if you end up with trichinosis, though.

    Shoot the elk with chronic wasting disease, eat the raw elk meat and have yourself a nice clinical case of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Don’t do that, you’ll become a vegetable and then die.

    Who cares about The Plague, Black Death, let it happen, why should you care? Syphilis? Too bad, go insane, serves you right. Stop with the hyperbole, you idiot. har

    Diseases get cured for a reason.

    Knowledge is important, medical knowledge included. This is not the Reign of Terror anymore, we’re back in Kansas. We are this far because knowledge has taken us there, nothing else, really.

    I mean, mankind has to do the things mankind does because that is how mankind continues to exist. Survival is a basic instinct, you don’t want to go hungry. An empty stomach rules. It is up to you whether you starve or not. You’re in charge.

    For me, that means I set the thermostat at about 68 to stay warm and set the oven temp at 425 to bake the pizza. Cold beer to boot, everything is better that way.

    Mother Nature is a cruel mistress, she’ll freeze you out and can do it.

    The job is to not let that happen. Fossil fuels are there to do the job.

    Forget the fire ban, burn anything to stay warm.

  16. pochas94

    The Arctic Snow Goose is loose!

  17. N. Hemisphere Hit By Record Cold, Snowstorms - Green Wave News

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  18. Phil Salmon

    North America and Scandinavia are the two places where glacial growth nucleated the massive NH glaciation of the last glacial maximum. So exceptional cold and ice in those places is of special interest.

  19. A Viterito

    I had predicted that this year would see a decline in global temperatures in a previous publication, “Have Global Temperatures Reached a Tipping Point?”, a paper that was highlighted on this website (https://notrickszone.com/2018/04/09/new-paper-seismic-changes-signal-95-probability-global-temps-will-hit-1990s-levels-by-2019/). My latest paper, “The Relationship Between Mid-Ocean Spreading Zone Seismic Activity and Global Temperatures Remains Strong Through 2018” (https://juniperpublishers.com/ijesnr/pdf/IJESNR.MS.ID.556039.pdf) illustrates that the increases in West Hudson ice are perfectly mirrored in the seismic declines the past three years.

  20. tom0mason

    So probably 2019 will called only be the 3rd or 4th hottest year ever!

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  23. Yonason

    Found at “The Peoples’ Cube,” so it may be a spoof? But it’s funny.

    Even funnier if it’s for real, which it may be, since impersonating police is a crime.

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