“Von der Leyen’s Green Madness”: Europe Aims To Divert One Trillion Euros…”Best Way To Torpedo Europe”

Michel Gay at the French language Contrepoints here writes that “EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s green madness is the best way to torpedo Europe”.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is all smiles as she proposes 1 trillion euros for “Green New Deal”. Photo: Bundesregierung.

1000 billion euros

The new EU President of the European Commission said she wanted to present a plan called The Green Deal that would cost 1000 billion euros over the next decade in order reduce the European Union’s (EU) greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990.

According to Ursula Von der Leyen, “The European Green Deal is Europe’s new growth strategy. It will reduce emissions while creating jobs and improving our quality of life. To do that, we need investments…. To do that, we will come up with a plan.”

Von der Leyen also announced a European climate law slated March 2020 which would make the transition to carbon neutrality… “irreversible”.

She added: “If some people talk about costs, we should always keep in mind the extra costs if we do not act now.”

Up to 300 billion euros per year

Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of this Commission in charge of the Green Deal, told a press conference in Brussels that these investments would be “a combination of public money, loans and private money” estimated to run as high and 300 billion euros per year.

Public services will be hit hard

But Contrepoints writes that no matter wehere the money comes from, it will have a “siphoning effect” and thus “will be missing elsewhere where it might be more useful (health, public services, national security…).”

The EU’s new leadership is calling on Europe to be climate-neutral by 2050.

Taxpayers will pick up the tab

As to who will pay, Contrepoints says “in the end taxpayers and consumers will be largely involved, as usual.” Then, everyone will benevolently ask themselves “Why are local services disappearing? Why are taxes going up? And why is my standard of living falling?”

Collusion capitalism

Contrepoints calls the new EU Green Deal “collusion capitalism”, which describes an economy where business success depends on close relations with representatives of power: governments, and various commissions.”

“The aim is to create a climate of favoritism, for example, when it comes to the allocation of permits, government subsidies or tax cuts. It appears when cronyism, including ideological cronyism, pervades politics and elected officials,” comments Contrepoints. “It leads to collusion between elected officials and market players, in particular to win public contracts, obtain subsidies and guide legislation. Some of these systems are formalized and dominate an entire economy, but they are generally more subtle.”

Contrepoints writes that with 1000 billion euros to distribute, it will be necessary “to have to have friends at the European Commission to prosper in the shadow of all this public money.”

And due to the high costs and burdens, Contrepoints warns that Europe, with Germany now leading the charge, “wants to accelerate into a dead end!”

24 responses to ““Von der Leyen’s Green Madness”: Europe Aims To Divert One Trillion Euros…”Best Way To Torpedo Europe””

  1. mwhite

    The green blob will destroy the EU.

  2. Pat Swords

    It’s getting increasing difficult to take Germany seriously anymore. Its politicians have long since lost touch with reality and are hell bent on destroying its economic wealth. As it happened today I looked down as I flew over Germany at circa 33,000 ft and one could make out even from there the rows and rows of stupid wind turbines littering its countryside.

    If one thinks that the US media, such as Fox News, is outlandish, well the German flag ship publication Der Spiegel has degenerated itself into a rabid farce. For instance in its reporting of US NGOs at the Climate Conference, who questioned there what was presented, see below (use an autotranslate if not a German speaker):


    The article introduces the reader to the “US think tank Heartland Institute and the German climate change lying association Eike”.

    Really is this the way a mature and balanced society behaves? What type of education is this society demonstrating?

    1. Josh

      I spent the best part of a year in Germany and made the same observations. I hope there’ll be a return to sanity there but I’m not holding my breath. It can seem an unpleasant place at the best of times. Add to this all of the green madness and it becomes almost unbearable.

  3. rusty

    Most of the people in positions of power and influence not only in Europe but in the western developed nations really are fools. When you are governed by fools detached from reality and unable to think independently but in thrall to the artificial reality perpetrated by the distorted ruminations of an ideologically saturated intellectual class then things will only get worse. We are in a downward spiral that will not abate soon.

  4. Yonason

    “collusion Capitalism” = “crony capitalism” = the fascist business model. Business by and for crooks, at the expense of the people.

    1. Henning Nielsen

      Mussolini would have been proud.

      1. Yonason

        Yup. Birds of a feather.

        See also here, if you haven’t got it already.

        It’s not wonder that the same scum that are holding a kangaroo court for Trump are close friends with the European Socialists.

        Some many pockets to pick, so “little time left” to do it in.

      2. Yonason

        On the “lighter” side.

        Yeah, it’s a global communist conspiracy.

  5. Brian

    Dec 17, 2019 Greta, eugenics & fossil fuels: Another UN climate summit fails to save the earth

    Sheila Gunn Reid of Rebel News reports: It’s been a wild time in Madrid, Spain at the annual UN Climate Change Conference.


  6. Henning Nielsen

    The Eu…, well that’s 27 nations. I wonder how many of these billion euros will come from Greece? And what will the Poles say? “Go and have fun, but not with our money”? I think the saving of Europe must come from the east. Poland to Hungary, that’s where sanity is still in charge.

  7. Kestrel27

    These people seem to be so economically illiterate that they don’t understand that the jobs needed to produce ‘green’ energy are a major production cost that puts the price of the energy up.

  8. Sommer

    While you’re at it, read this article too.


    The first comment says it all.

  9. drumphish

    “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” – Ronald Reagan

    Tell me, what really happened? Besides an entire population of Germans carpet bombed to PTSD. Bombed into submission.

    Angela Merkel, dismantle those turbines.

    As useless as some useless wall.

    Gone and gone for good. Lo and behold, another blessing in disguise.

    Wind Turbines = Wall

    Must be gluttons for punishment.

    The beatings will continue until the morale improves.

    I keep beating my head against the wall because it feels so good when I quit.

    No good deed will go unpunished.

    A thousand billion euros, as if money is going to get the job done. Sure it will.

    The health and welfare of the general populace doesn’t matter. As long as it pays, all is well.

    All is well that ends well.

    This will not end well.

  10. DocSiders

    The sooner the EU spends a Trillion Euros and fails to meet their CO2 emissions goals while destroying industrial competitiveness and impoverishing (and freezing from high heating costs) their poorest people the better for the USA.

    The Republican Party in the US will probably keep the presidency, so there will be another 5 years of watching the money disappear in Europe and the protests increase…making a Green New Deal in the US even less popular than it already is.

    The State of California is another “laboratory” to study this idiocy. The low income Californians are already suffering from high energy costs (many are leaving)…and California is just getting started. The Cronyism is already very entertaining.

  11. Adam Gallon

    The Jocks are realising, that the jobs & investment promised for littering their waters with wind subsidy farms, are going abroad.

  12. Yonason

    “Europe Aims To Divert One Trillion Euros…”

    Does Europe even HAVE a trillion spare Euros, …other than in their demented imaginations?

    “If some people talk about costs, we should always keep in mind the extra costs if we do not act now.”

    Yes, lets do keep in mind how much less we’d have to spend to fix what won’t happen. Oh yes, that should motivate us to “do something” REALLY REALLY stupid expensive to prevent what would never have happened from happening.

    Like little Greta, they are terrified of the monsters under their beds, and they want us to be afraid, too. OK, they aren’t terrified, they just want us to be, while they profit from the scare.

    Next they’ll be telling us we have to give them all our money so gravity doesn’t stop working, or so that the sun doesn’t stop shining.

  13. Yonason


    “It will reduce emissions while creating jobs... [cheap jobs performed by others, not you, for the benefit of our cronies, not you]”

    “…and improving our quality of life [“our,” as in “we your unaccountable rulers,” not you pathetic little citizens]. ”

    That’s how it works, folks. They get the goods, and you get the goat. Their “Green” is Red, and Red is evil.

  14. pochas94

    Global Warming is a pestilence that bleeds an economy dry.

  15. Gus

    The “catastrophic anthropogenic global warming” variously renamed as “climate change” and more recently “climate emergency” is, of course, a lie. Why then does EU invest itself so much in it?

    It is because the EU (other than Poland) has no fossil fuels of their own, so for them it’s either be increasingly dependent on fuel imports (from Russia and the Middle East) or to switch to other forms of energy generation, e.g., harvesting by windmills and solar panels, or nuclear.

    But this inevitably makes energy very expensive and its delivery unreliable, so such a transition would handicap EU industry tremendously, whereupon EU manufacturing companies would leave in droves for greener pastures.

    How to stop this? Well, one way is to force this handicap on everybody, including the US, China, India, Brazil, Russia… you name it. And this is accomplished by peddling the fairy tale of “climate emergency,” and using diplomacy and international organizations, such as the UN, to force its world-wide acceptance.

    That science is being raped in the process, EU politicians involved couldn’t care less. For them, it’s about money and EU’s future vis-a-vis the rest of the world. The scientists will do as they’re told. There are ways and means to make them.

    What’s down the road?

    Expect this immense and costly transformation, if at all implemented, to be promptly followed by the EU block on importing goods from countries that don’t toe the line. This is how they plan to force the transition on everybody eventually.

    And you thought the Soviet Union was bad!

    Will it work? If the US does not join them in this game, it won’t. If the US strikes trade deals with China, India, Brazil, and Russia, while turning its back on the EU and “climate emergency” the game is over.

    EU cannot do this alone. Hence the hysterics of Europe’s leaders, demagoguery, “Green New Deal,” and what not. Expect more in years to come, unless the myth itself is exploded and shown for the fraud it is.

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