Fizzling FFF! ARD Trends: Only 27% Of Germans Regard Climate Protection As A Political Priority

At his German news commentary site, Gabor Steingart reports on the results of the latest ARD German public broadcasting trend analyses. Here it’s clear that German citizens are speaking loud and clear on the topic of climate protection: not so fast!

Rush to Green Deal without support

Lately the media and politicians have been pushing hard to start a fundamental change of society to a low-carb, de-industrialized organic garden society. For example, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen just announced a 1 TRILLION euro plan to decarbonate the continent.

Yet, public support for such an ambitious and adventurous transformation project appears to be rather soft at best in Germany.

According to Steingart:

Only 27 percent of Germans regard climate protection as a political priority. 73 percent have other concerns. Outside of the green voters (currently 23 percent in surveys), the alarmism of politicians (“climate emergency”) and scientists (“ecocide”) meets with discontent. The people want to say to the grand coalition government: Don’t throw the baby out with the bath.”

Greenland sets new record low

On another note, according to the Austrian site, Greenland recorded a new all time record low temperature. The site reports:

While 2019 is the warmest year in Australia since records began, as the Office of Meteorology stated in its annual climate report, Greenland has set a new record for cold temperatures: minus 66 degrees C.”

Mother Nature tricks Europe

Meanwhile, parts of central Europe have been experiencing record warm January temperatures, and thus reinforce the collective public’s impression that the global climate is out of whack. It’s not.

How unfortunate that Mother Nature would play such a mean trick on Europe. Everywhere else it’s pretty much winter as usual:

Image: Ventusky, via Pure Climate Skeptic

Now European policymakers are going to have an easier time getting the public to accept the EU “Green Deal”. Boy, are they in for a cold awakening.

9 responses to “Fizzling FFF! ARD Trends: Only 279 Of Germans Regard Climate Protection As A Political Priority”

  1. Murray Snyder

    Your map shows Western Canada (Alberta) being as cold as Greenland. Our local airport reported -42C this morning.

    1. John F. Hultquist

      Just think of the future. After global warming has had another 80 years, a morning like that will be only -40°.

      Down in central Washington State we had -12°C., and a little snow.

  2. Henning Nielsen

    “decarbonate the continent”
    I will sure miss the spaghetti carbonara. And those nice carbon-made bicycles. Steel is not acceptable either. But I’m sure one can make good bikes out of bamboo rods.

  3. Mervyn

    Former German economist and statesman, Ludwig Erhard, the architect of the post-war German economic miracle, must be turning in his grave as he watches Angela Merkel’s intended destruction of the German economy with her obsession over renewable energy and alleged catastrophic man-made global warming.

  4. Hasbeen

    2019 can only be called the hottest year ever in Australia, because the Bureau of Metrology have specifically started their records in the 1900s. They have totally ignored all records from the 1800s when each state had their own weather records.

    There is huge evidence in news paper reports that there were some periods in the late 1800s that were considerably hotter than anything today.

  5. drumphish

    It is minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. That is -30°C, the high temp yesterday was around -10°F, equal to -25°C.

    A colder than usual day, but normal winter weather in any given year in this corner of the world, it hasn’t changed much, every winter is as bad as the next and the same as the one last year, cold with a few days of mild winter weather patterns, Chinooks now and then, as it always has been and will be the same again next winter.

    Be a snowbird and move south for the winter to Uncertain, Texas?

    Nah, too much work, better to stay put and do too much work right here.

  6. bonbon

    The EU of von der Leyen is not alone in this Green New Deal gambit.
    It originated with Bank-of-England governor Mark Carney, called the Green Finance Initiative, announced at the FED confab, Jackson Hole, Aug. 2019, picked up by Sanders et al.

    None other than the worlds largest hedge fund, BlackRock, seconded it then.

    Now the BlackRock CEO newsletter announced this week:
    an exit from Coal. And
    “BlackRock was a founding member of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). We are a signatory to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment, and we signed the Vatican’s 2019 statement advocating carbon pricing regimes, which we believe are essential to combating climate change.”

    So the EU, the Vatican, plus the UN and BlackRock, make strange bedfellows indeed!
    Now I wonder who serves on BlackRock’s board in Germany?

  7. Only 27% Of Germans Think Climate Protection Is A Political Priority |

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  8. Brian James

    The world is wising up help from the net!

    Jan 16, 2020 Earthquakes & Volcanoes | 2019 Data & More

    2019 data on earthquakes, plus longer looks at seismic activity and volcanic output.

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