German Public Television Satire: Corona Virus Is Good “Because It’s Ravaging The Elderly”

Many of us have been noticing there’s a not-so-subtle hate-campaign against the elderly going on.

Not long ago we saw a German production which featured kids singing “my mother is old environmental scumbag“or how Brexit voters were portrayed as incontinent scum.

At a recent performance in Dortmund, Leftist hip-hop band K.I.Z. told a cheering crowd of predominantly women:

People are scared of some stupid virus. The truth is, only old white men die!”

“Corona is practically healing the planet”

Now we have a production again by ARD/ZDF German Public Television, Browser Ballet, that tops it all. The satire is titled: “Corona is rescuing the planet”.

In the skit the moderator begins by telling viewers:

We here at Browser Ballet say ‘yes’ to Corona because this virus is practically healing the planet by itself. Interesting is how fair this virus is. It’s ravaging the elderly, but the youth are withstanding this infection almost without effort. That’s only just because it is the generation 65 and over that has run this planet into a wall over the past 50 years.”

Especially responsible, says the moderator, are the overweight and ill adult Americans, who have been recklessly practicing earth-destroying “turbo capitalism”:

Maybe the Corona virus is merely a response to turbo capitalism, and it is working. Air travel has collapsed, production has been cranked back, consumption is declining. There couldn’t be better news for this planet. Air pollution in China, thanks to Corona, has decreased in a very short time. If that continues, then we may experience a new green paradise!”

He adds:

And isn’t it the problem that there are just too many of us? Less people means less shortages of resources, which means less hunger, which means less war, and that means less causes for refugees. So, probably the Corona virus is simply a nice reflex of nature to tell people who’s the boss here. That’s why: enough with this silly egoism. Corona is here simply because we don’t deserve anything better. “

15 responses to “German Public Television Satire: Corona Virus Is Good “Because It’s Ravaging The Elderly””

  1. richard

    Corona virus has been around since before christmas and killed a few thousand.

    In the late 1960s Hong Kong flue killed a million, of all ages, in the first 6 months.

  2. Maurizio

    Those eco nazi scumbags are insane. And some think _conservatives_ are a threat to freedom and democracy?

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  4. drumphish

    Schadenfreude is my friend.

    It’s so funny I forgot to laugh. haha

    Hey, quick picking on old people, they’re good people too, ya know. Besides, it’s darn near a crime, fercryinoudloud.

    Living is dangerous business and that means all ages are vulnerable.

    Death happens just once, everyone is subject to the final moment at any time.

    At one time smallpox killed plenty of people, diphtheria, polio, mumps, measles, tuberculosis, malaria, influenza, pneumonia, Black Death, all of which have taken their toll by the millions. And, cholera, don’t forget cholera.

    How come those diseases aren’t really much of a threat these days? Science solved the dilemma and predicament, the problem had a solution. Who did that? Without disease controls, immunizations, you are still at risk.

    These insolent fools should be thankful and grateful that past generations have taken the bull by the horns and solved many medical problems, albeit with many bumps along the way.

    A couple in Mongolia died of Black Death back in November. Don’t eat raw marmot kidney.

    Sometimes, living ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. lol

    Really, though, it is the only choice we have here on the Good Earth.

    After a Google search, I found something worth the while. A good read as it were:

    God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.

  5. Philip Verslues

    Stupid and Hate , always a bad combination. The Liberal left lose more self control every day.

  6. Roman A.

    A few seers in Europe and in Germany as well have prophecied a long time ago that one day,in not a distant future from now, Germany would seize to exist as a nation!
    I hope that with their attitude towards the world it will become soon…

  7. Robert Christopher

    ‘Brexit voters were portrayed as incontinent scum.’
    The Brexiters’ aim was to be OUT of the Continent.

    Based on the old joke that Felixstowe (port) was for the Continent, while Frinton (a coastal town for the retired, with adequate means) was for the incontinent.

  8. Petit_Barde

    OT but related to the SARS-COV-2 :

    according to
    there are very high descrepancies between countries.

    Example with two very comparable countries with respect to health care indexes :

    Germany : total cases : 5813, deaths + serious cases : 13+2 -> ratio = 0.25%
    France : total cases : 5423, deaths + serious cases : 127+400 -> ratio = 9.7%

    Where ratio = (deaths + serious cases) / total cases

    Conclusion :
    – Someone is wrong, either with respect to the cases number or with respect to the attribution of the deaths and serious cases to the SARS-COV-2 virus.

    1. Petit_Barde

      An hypothesis (maybe completely wrong) would be that there have been different vaccination campaigns in the past (years, decades) in France and Germany and perhaps some vaccination done in the past in Germany may be somewhat effective now to fight the SARS-COV-2 …

  9. Josh

    This is the genocidal intentions of the green movement on full display. A great many Germans are stupid enough to play along with it, ultimately to their own demise. Seeing stuff like this makes me glad I left that absolute pit of a country.

  10. Gus

    So, now we see clearly how enviro-fascism leads to genocide. But we’ve seen it before… in Cambodia’s killing fields. Same ideas, same outcome.

    Still, regarding the actual disease, it’s telling symbol is the 35-year old Wuhan doctor, the one who warned about the disease still back in December, was arrested for spreading panic, then released, continued to work with the sick, contracted the virus himself and died. It’s not just the old and infirm who are in danger. Roughly 20% of the infected require hospitalization, 5 to 6% die. This, just looking at the numbers available from the Johns Hopkins University site.

    Back to enviro-fascists of EU. What is stunning is not that they exist. After all there are madmen in all societies. What is truly stunning is that they are tolerated and even encouraged, so much so they actually set the tone for the whole Union.

  11. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

    Funny thing is that in the U.S., this thing seems to be mostly attacking the densely-populated urban areas – in other words, the “blue” areas where the leftists are thickest on the ground. The rural areas (which are much-and-mostly “redder”) are mostly not being hard-hit – Idaho and West Virginia are still in competition for who is going to maintain zero cases the longest, and Vermont got a couple cases a week or so back and has had no new ones since.

    The other notable thing from the informational web site cited above is the real metric of how badly a country is being affected – the cases per million people. It’s quite shocking how high the numbers are in western Europe. In other words, it’s all those welfare-state utopias that seem to be doing the worst with handling this.

    The “rejoicing” by these ghouls is disgusting, and I don’t want to play payback. But there’s certainly plenty of grist for counter-ghouls.

  12. tom0mason

    “People are scared of some stupid virus. The truth is, only old white men die!”

    Such dangerous stupidity of the young.

    If it can mutate so that the elderly are mostly affected, do these fools believe that it will not mutate so that the young are mostly affected. It is after all a virus and like many such viruses it mutates very, very often. Thankfully many iterations of mutation are not viable but some day …

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