The Weather Channel’s Bogus Forecast Of 40°C Heat…Also “Record Hot Summer” Forecast Looking Fake

Nowadays as soon as there’s any hint of some heat in the forecast, the European press immediately jump to holler a “record hot” summer is in the pipeline. Brace yourselves!

A total miss

For example, just last week The Weather Channel Germany warned of 40°C temperatures for Germany, probably after some model results sniffed out the possibility of very hot weather 7-10 days out – and likely based on model inputs that everyone knew were going to change, anyway. Certainly they had to know that.

But today the temptation to put out spectacular headlines, even when based on very little, is greater than it’s ever been.

“Tropical nights, extreme heat over the day,” The Weather Channel Deutschland blared a week ago, even though most models showed nothing of the sort. And now that the extreme heat is supposed to have arrived, here’s today’s forecast for Hanover for the next 10 days:

Image: Kachelmannwetter

30°C, not 40°C

Surprise! Not a single model even shows Hanover exceeding 30°C this week, when the 40°C heat wave was supposed to have “rolled in”. But last week’s forecast got some headlines, and that’s all that matters in these times of rampant fake news.

Forecast of record summer looks to fail big as well

As far as forecasts of another record summer this year for Europe go, that too appears to be a complete washout. Yesterday Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann tweeted the ECMWF 45-day forecast for Europe (until the start of August):

Though there’s heat up in northern Europe currently, the ECMWF shows a cooling-off by day 10, and a coming 45-day summer period that’s just run-of-the-mill. So, the headline-seeking forecasts of a “another record hot summer” heard earlier in the media are turning out to be BOGUS.

No hot summer (for Austria)

Also Austrian weather site here reports: “Certainly not a hot summer this year” and “A lot of rain is still to be expected”. adds: “According to the experts of the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG), this mix of sun and rain should continue throughout the summer. In any case, there should not be a hot summer this year.”

“It does not look like it will be a hot summer”, expert Claudia Riedl told the Oberösterreichische Nachrichten. Instead, the meteorologist expects a “normal, typically Austrian summer”.

3 responses to “The Weather Channel’s Bogus Forecast Of 40°C Heat…Also “Record Hot Summer” Forecast Looking Fake”

  1. John F. Hultquist

    I used to look at the on-line version of the Weather Channel.

  2. Aussie

    Similar story here in Australia where the unscientific Bureau of Meteorology and their accomplices at the ABC and Channel 9 are the most prominent here.

    You really have to wonder at the ethics of people who will do this. Its like they can’t accept that things are not boiling up, so they create false weather forecasts so that they can try to force people to think it is .

  3. Stewart Pid

    Same sheet in Canada …. I have friends who were always be posting the “feels like” humidex temp as if it was really that hot but I kept calling them out on the BS of doing that and they stopped. However that is why this GLO-BULL warming scam has such legs …. the ones who didn’t take any math, statistics or science because they were all hard courses have bot into the scam 100% and will natter on endlessly about climate change without a clue about the past history of the weather in there region.

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