NCEP Analysis: Northern Hemisphere Surface Temperature Falls 1°C Since February

Also the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) projects a sturdy Arctic sea ice extent for this July, meaning no falling summer ice extent trend since 2007! The climate alarms are being muffled. 

Snowfan here gives us the latest on global mean temperature and Arctic sea ice.

After the year’s low in June 2020, with an anomaly of +0.48°C from the 1981-2010 WMO climate mean, the global 2-meter temperatures (black line) depicted below shows the July 16, 2020 analysis and forecast up to July 23.

Source: here

Both the anomalies of the global 2-meter temperatures from the WMO mean (black line) and especially the temperatures on the SH (blue line) continue to fall, with the deviations on the SH repeatedly falling below the zero line. This also pulls the global temperatures (black line) down to near zero in the forecast.

But also the temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere (red line) have had a falling trend since the end of February 2020, having since reached a new annual low. There has been no more global warming since 2016. Note: With 81% of the sea surface, the southern hemisphere has the largest energy storage on earth.

Surprise DMI projection

Arctic sea ice trend growth in July 2020?

Source: DMI

A surprising DMI forecast was issued on July 14, 2020 which projects strong growth of Arctic sea ice areas for July 2020. If this expert forecast is correct, it would mean there’s been a strongly positive summer trend since 2007 – instead of the ridiculous Al Gore complete meltdown.

9 responses to “NCEP Analysis: Northern Hemisphere Surface Temperature Falls 1°C Since February”

  1. mwhite

    SSTs seem to be……..

    LaNina this winter???????????

  2. Rob Honeycutt

    Pierre… You have to be joking with the green line on that last graph. Come on.

  3. John F. Hultquist

    Storms, winds, and currents caused the 2007 ice loss.
    The next large ice loss will be caused by storms, winds, and currents.

    Is Gore still around? Maybe selling fake masks?
    Asking for a friend.

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  7. salah bela

    thanks for this amazing web site keep going

  8. Orson

    Ice is gone! It’s Melting! We’re all gonna fry! No. Not…now. Not soon.

  9. ziane

    very interesting article. thank you

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