Snow In Alps Down To 2300 Meters Elevation – In August! July In Germany Comes In Cool

It’s been a rather cool summer in much of Europe so far. And just before some hot weather is about to sweep across Central Europe starting tomorrow, winter made a brief comeback – at the peak of summer – in the Alps!

Image for illustration only. Source: NASA

Snow down to 2300 meters

“At high altitudes of the Alps, precipitation turned into snow overnight,” reported here. “In some areas, the snowfall line dropped to an altitude of around 2300 metres.”

A foot of snow also noted that on Germany’s highest mountain, Zugspitze, “about 30 centimetres of fresh snow fell in the morning at minus 2 degrees.”

“Employees of the Zugspitzbahn were in continuous operation to clear paths and the visitor platforms from the summer snow masses.”

DWD national weather service labels a cooler than normal July “quite warm”

Meanwhile Germany’s DWD national weather service recently issued what I’d call a press release that is designed especially for stupid and lazy journalists who won’t bother fact-checking. In its preliminary report on July weather in Germany, the DWD announced that the mid summer month this year was “rather warm”.

According to the DWD, the average temperature in July for Germany was 17.7°C, which was “0.8°C above the value for the internationally valid reference period 1961 to 1990.”

But what the DWD fails to tell us is that the 1961-1990 period was a cold one. And not only that, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) no longer uses the 1961-1990 reference period. Instead it uses the 1981-2010 period to calculate the means.

The DWD does mention that July 2020 was 0.3°C too cold compared with the valid reference period 1981 to 2010. So at the DWD, 0.3°C below the valid mean is in their eyes “rather warm”.

4 responses to “Snow In Alps Down To 2300 Meters Elevation – In August! July In Germany Comes In Cool”

  1. Ben Vorlich

    I saw the forecast for snow in the Alps on BFMTV yesterday morning but didn’t see any reports of what actually happened this morning, goo to have confirmation it did actually snow. Where I am in Department 87 it was a cool 8’C this morning.

  2. Stephen Richards

    I saw snow forecast for the alps in July as well, for about the same height.

  3. End Of Snow? Snow Line In Alps Drops To 2,300 Meters Elevation |

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  4. drumphish

    The summer months have yet to hit temperatures in the 100 degree Fahrenheit range, it is getting later in the summer, the higher temps will have to happen soon.

    Similar temperatures as last summer’s. No 100 degree temperatures all summer long. In 2007 Temps in August were in the 100s easy.

    Did see a perfect rainbow about two weeks ago in the evening.

    In 1980, during harvest, mid August to early September, there were numerous days of temps in the 100s, 40 degrees Centigrade is not there yet this year for my location. Has been plenty of times in the past.

    1988 was the hottest summer I had ever experienced when the outdoor thermometer read 108 degrees F in the shade, also in mid August.

    Hasn’t been that hot since.

    It is becoming apparent that the AGW CO2 fiasco is falling flat on its face.

    Covid fear propaganda has replaced the 12 years to Armageddon we’re all gonna die propaganda.

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