Faking Crises Never Been More Beneficial In Terms Of Government Power: Germany Now Enacts CO2 Tax

Germany’s Bundestag moves to enact a higher CO2 tax 

The “Corona pandemic”, despite the ever falling death rate, has given governments cover to enact draconian regulation and lockdowns, thus allowing their even wildest power wet dreams to turn into reality.

Just a year ago much of what we are seeing today was considered unimaginable. Yet, here we are.

Never before have modern “democratic” governments enacted such extreme lockdown and government intrusion measures like those we have seen in the current “Corona crisis”. And like real junkies, they need more.

There are other government crackdown opportunities left out there, among them the “climate crisis” – the Big Kahuna when it comes to government regulation, takeover and control. It’s not for nothing they’ve frittered away hundreds of billions propping up this fake crisis.

Germany is already seizing the opportunity, having pledged to ban internal combustion engines soon, modify human eating habits and restricting a host of other amenities we once took for granted. Soon these amenities will be redefined as privileges, and they will be easily available only to the wealthy and elite.

The latest is energy and heat.

Higher CO2 tax decided

The German media, e.g. NTV public broadcasting, have reported that the Bundestag has just decided on a higher CO2 tax beginning already next year, January 1st.

“It is intended to make fossil fuels less attractive. This means that fuel, heating oil and gas, among other things, will cost more,” reports  German public broadcaster NTV. “The CO2 price will be 25 euro per ton from the new year on. The levy acts like a tax and is to climb gradually to 55 euros by 2025.”

That also means higher gasoline and diesel fuel prices, which will make transportation more expensive.

Already German electricity is the most expensive in Europe.

But not to worry: Industries with particularly high energy requirements that are also in global competition will be relieved of the costs. And of course, the rich and elitists will also keep their cushy red carpet lives – so that they can continue effectively doing their important work – while the rest of us are forced to move out into the cold mud.

In the end it’ll be lower income workers and households left struggling with the higher prices for everything. Even heat will become a luxury.

And so continues the cycle of political demise 

And once governments get total control and surveillance over citizens across the world, they’ll try to tell us all just how much better things have become as a result, like the old communists used to do with their state controlled media. Of course, life in reality will become much worse, but we’ll be asked to pretend that it isn’t.

We all know what follows next: Revolution.

8 responses to “Faking Crises Never Been More Beneficial In Terms Of Government Power: Germany Now Enacts CO2 Tax”

  1. luigi

    Of course the pandemic is just the means to suspend democracy. But the problem is that until voters do not react, any governament will not stop pursuing its goals. And it seems that voters do not have interest or believe that the pandemic is true. So Actually it’s voters’guilt.

  2. John F Hultquist

    Authorities should be required to show what the tax is supposed to accomplish – in the sense of reducing global warming. That is the purpose, is it not?
    How much will the temperature be lowered, say in 2025, 2030, …, 20xx?
    Also, there is a need for a “well-being” index.
    Three questions follow, with projected answers after:
    How much does the temperature drop? {It didn’t.}
    How much did this cost? {A lot.}
    Are you better of now than 5 years ago? {No.}

    1. Åke Sundström

      Good question John, and correct answers. And why: because emissions of CO 2 can ONLY be reduced by a GLOBAL CO2 TAX. So it is all lies for political purposes, not for saving the world.

    2. Luigi

      Please let me respectfully point out that yours is a very naive point of view: no tax reduces pollution or GW. If you want to reduce pollution due to plastics (for instance) you do not put a tax on plastic bottles, you just put them out of law and force production stop. Taxes are introduced for the sole purpose to take money from citizens. This one is surely well accepted by the average German citizen because the name (carbon tax) let one think that it acts against carbon production. fuels are such goods that do not undergo elastic response to price increase: people just need fuels and spend more money if their price increase. So there will not be any effect but increase money flow to the state coffers.

  3. drumphish

    CO2 tax, next it will be an oxygen tax, rationing of oxygen. You think I’m kidding?

    All governments suffer from hypoxia, doesn’t matter which one.

    Fake facts, fake crises, fake everything. Good Lord, a come to Jesus moment.

    I see a desolate world the likes of Easter Island, hundreds of thousands of wind turbines twisting in the wind, virtually dead, because they all are and will be. Pinwheels on your boulevard. You’re not there, just the premises. You’re long gone and won’t be back. Everybody is long gone, too bad, so sad.

    I’m being optimistic, not cynical. lol

    Many Easter Island people were captured and enslaved, ended up working the guano mines off of the Pacific Coast of South America.

    That’s what happened to them, believe it or not. The slave trade was an industry, nothing else. Are we there yet?

    Shouldn’t a government want to ensure the happiness and prosperity of its citizens, not encumber them with unfair taxation?

    You know, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Or is that all a thing of the past? We will rob you constantly, every single day, tax you to death and you’ll ask for more, Stockholm Syndrome at its finest.

    How dare you question the mandates issued by the almighty gov, you, you, you insolent fool, you! har

    Queue Howard Beale.

    Welcome to Covid slavery.

    After the mask, it will be a ball in your mouth so you won’t even be able to speak, you can snort through your nose in disgust, nothing more.

    You think I’m kidding? I kid you not, after that, they’ll just cut out your tongue. Crocodiles will shed tears.

    The time to speak up has passed, now is the time for senseless bickering.

  4. bonbon

    Very strange conflation of COVID19 and climate, feverish I would say.

    These CO2 taxes were already on the table long before COVID19.
    When Japan’s Fukoshima hit the headlines, it was claimed as the reason for the nuclear exit, but then documents from the September before surfaced with coalition signatories having already decided on the exit.

    Now watch the EU green finance , digital, initiative. Already decided at the 2018 Jackson Hole FED meeting with Mark Carney, now UN Climate and Finance Advisor. For sure it will be claimed that the inability to enforce CO2 taxes correctly, means we have to go digital to track all industrial transactions for CO2 aspects. A Synthetic Hegemonic Currency anyone ( no kidding, that’s what the call it)?

    Only trouble for these central bankers plans is the COVID economic collapse will never recover to their previous system. So they fully intend to inflate, digitally. In that case the price of energy will be secondary, a coffee will cost millions of digital tokens.

    How many in Germany have heard of 1923?

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