Battery Issues Continue To Plague Electric Cars…BMW Orders “Large-Scale” Recall Of Plugin Hybrids

Technical snafus lead to mass recall of BMW hybrid vehicles. Image: Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz jCreative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Explosive car batteries? BMW recalls large number of electric hybrid cars

By A.R. Göhring
(Translated by P. Gosselin)

Reader M.P. points out how ‘auto motor sport’ and other magazines are reporting that BMW is recalling its plugin hybrids on a large scale. What is the problem?

Since August this year, BMW has been recalling its plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) models X1 to 3 and X5, 3 Series, 3 Series Touring, 2 Series Active Tourer, 7 Series, 5 Series (incl. Touring) and ‘Mini Countryman’.

The reasons given are production errors during welding and impurities, some of which may cause short circuits in the high-voltage battery (i.e. the traction battery). Production batches from the period January 20 to September 18 are partially affected.

In addition to the recall, there is also a delivery stop. More than 25,000 cars are affected worldwide, 8,000 of which are in the hands of customers (Germany: 5,300/1,800). The models already sold currently may not be charged; during trips  only with restrictions. This should not be a problem, as many customers do not load their company cars off the grid.

At the end of October, the Federal Motor Transport Authority will start a check of the cars sold. The procedure will take about 30 minutes without repair, if necessary.

Not only BMW has the PHEV problem. Ford, too, has already had to call back its Kuga model. The reason was a memory error with fire hazard, which prohibited recharging the battery.

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7 responses to “Battery Issues Continue To Plague Electric Cars…BMW Orders “Large-Scale” Recall Of Plugin Hybrids”

  1. bonbon

    BMW last Nov purchased Euro 10 billion ion-batteries from Samsung, and CATL, Korea and China.
    So it is not just Tesla…
    I seem to remember a few years ago Samsung batteries in mobiles catching fire – a lot less energy flux.

    Not known how lithium fires pollute…

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  3. John F Hultquist

    Recalls are common, although this seems more serious than most.
    I had a Ford Bronco (like OJ rode in) that was recalled to replace the cruise control. It worked resonabley well until they “fixed” it, then two weeks later it quit. I didn’t bother going back.

  4. Latus Dextro

    The apex of an unsustainable technological dead end with a titanic toxic sting in the tail.
    The epitome of a politically ordained device, doomed to haul 25 – 30% of its kerb weight in perpetuity for its working life, a manifest colossus of inefficiency and energy extravagance, indeed the very mirror of its political diktat.

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