Baffling Choice For Press Conference Location…Is Trump Team Miles Ahead On 2020 Voter Fraud?

Have Trump/Barr led the Biden campaign into a lethal trap? Was a legal FISA warrant obtained to surveil campaign?

If you watched the Trump Team’s press conference yesterday like I did, you probably wondered why on earth they held it where they did: Four Seasons Total Landscaping, owned by Marie Siravo, located in an industrial zone next to an adult bookstore and crematorium in the outskirts of Philadelphia!

The media was completely baffled by the location choice. Slate, for example, hints the Trump team was probably so incompetent that they mixed up the business with the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia.

But then earlier this morning I stumbled upon a Twitter thread that provided an interesting viewpoint. Normally I’d dismiss such things as a conspiracy theory, yet my gut feeling tells me maybe there’s something behind it. Here’s that Twitter thread. I’ve cut and pasted it fearing that it might disappear.

Could federal agents and crime fighting units really be that smart? If this were true, Barr and Trump would be absolute geniuses. We all know Giuliani is a top notch organized crime fighter with half a century of experience. He’s seen it all. Maybe he’s sending a message to the Democrats: We’re miles ahead of you.

Could this business also be the location for ballot fraud operations? Has it been bugged and surveilled by the authorities for weeks? Oh what irony this would be.

Or maybe that location was simply chosen to fool potential protesters and Antifa from showing up and disturbing the press conference.

Anyway, it’s just a really weird place for a press conference. Maybe some Democrats are panicking. One thing is clear: There’s mounting hard evidence of massive voter fraud committed and the Democrat operatives are desperate to keep a tight lid on it.


24 responses to “Baffling Choice For Press Conference Location…Is Trump Team Miles Ahead On 2020 Voter Fraud?”

  1. Four Seasons Total Landscaping – Small Dead Animals

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  2. John F Hultquist

    It is unlikely that anyone or any agency (whatever) will be able to reverse the Harris/Biden election.
    Election commissions and local authorities might see some consequences, and told to do better next time.
    Expect Joe to become president, serve until after 4th of July activities or there about, and be replaced by Harris prior to the fall session (September) of Congress.
    Harris then will nominate a Vice President – likely already decided when she was picked (for no known reason) as Joe’s running mate.

    I can make up theories as well as anyone!

    1. Mary

      Sweetie…you know what happened in 2000, yes? Gore was ‘pres-elect’ for 37 days. 😉

    2. Yonason

      It is unlikely that anyone or any agency (whatever) will be able to reverse the Harris/Biden election.

      I’m surprised at you John. You should know better.

      You’re a good person. Don’t surrender when you are not losing!

  3. Brian

    Yes: Illegible.

  4. MD

    Keep the faith

  5. Teresa

    We can but hope, GODspeed President Trump and his allies who are willing to fight for him.

  6. Alex

    Trump has won all battles launched by his arch enemies whoever they are, the MSM, gobalists, two impeachment attempts, three SCOTUS judges, the Senate war, five years of an onslaught on him that includes a Chinese virus and the pandemic’s upheaval on all the world’s economies, including that of the USA.

    We all know that Trump was winning with a landslide. By 2 am European Central Time, Trump had taken Florida in a landslide, Pennsylvania was on the brink of being called for Trump, the other swing states were looking very good for Trump, I went to sleep, woke up at 6 am, checked to see if Trump had already claimed the election, and what do I get? A reversal of Trumps landslide in all states except that of Florida which had already been called for Trump and terefore could not be reversed.

    When the corrupt Democrats realised what was happening in Florida and Pennsylvania they immediately went for Plan B, ordered their counting agents to go dead slow, got out their reserve fake votes and started dumping them as postal votes. Restrictions were made on Republican checkers/agents, shutting them down, shuttering glass partitions with paper so nobody would know what happening and etc etc etc.

    Trump is going to court first Monday morning. And he is going to win this against all odds. Trump never loses a battle, that’s how he wins wars.

    1. Yonason
    2. bonbon

      From NewsMax, Rod Blagojevich, who knows, Details Democratic Party Vote Fraud, is former Democratic governor of Illinois, who was framed by the criminals at the Department of Justice after serving as governor from 2003-2009, had his federal sentence commuted by President Donald Trump in February 2020.

      Blagojevich: You ask me, are the Democrats stealing votes in Pennsylvania? Is the Pope Catholic? It’s a time-honored tradition in Democratically controlled cities like Chicago, my home town, in Philadelphia, to do precisely what they are doing now. I’ve never seen it on such a magnitude. It’s not confined to Philadelphia — my Chicago instincts tell me it is going on in Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, Las Vegas. It’s what Justice Powell said about pornography — you can’t define it but you know it when you see it.

      Coming out of the Chicago Democratic establishment, I know how they operate. They control polling places, stuff ballot boxes when their candidate is behind. Then in the wee hours of the morning, in the deep of night, the stealing starts. There are huge numbers in this election, being done with impunity because the media is looking the other way — it is corrupt, not interested in the rule of law, just to defeat Donald Trump. And not just stealing from Donald Trump — they are stealing from us, the American people.

      They are stealing from the American people.

  7. gmmay70

    This strikes me as extremely wishful thinking.

    That said, I wouldn’t put any money on the table against Trump. Ever.

    1. bonbon

      Bloomberg put $100 million in Florida alone, and lost, and that after $100+million for his tiny campaign.
      Good point.

  8. Kevin a

    Look at the map and select COUNTIES then STATES, Notice anything, 80% RED?

  9. Roger B

    If Trump can prove the election system is corruptable it doesn’t mean he wins. His legitimacy also is removed unless he can also prove that the Republicans didn’t have the abilty to tamper with the system. If the election system is shown not to be secure a new system and a new election will be required.

  10. Aussie

    The Main stream media have shown their hand here with terrible election coverage which misrepresented Trumps situation time and again. Now they have all rushed out in a mass virtue signal for Joe.

    I would never write Trump off, but seems that leaving everything to the last minute is an awfully risky strategy. The rubbish about watermarks was just that. And Trump golfing could mean that he is through with politics and already adjusting to a different life.

    I would place most of my faith with the legal challenges and the questionable votes that in a recount, which is properly supervised, may be thrown out. Lets see.

  11. Bruce

    Stop making fools of yourselves for a corrupt conman.

    1. bonbon

      You mean the Biden Burisma clan with with laptop from hell?
      Biden knows he can be impeached at the slightest deviation from total subservience to his British masters in London.

      They have him by the proverbial short and curly’s!

      No wonder Fox’s Tucker Carlson noted Biden is a hologram.

  12. Adam Gallon

    Trump isn’t bright enough to come up with that.
    “Deep State” people are on par with Chemtrailers, Flat-Earthers & every other crank out there.

    1. bonbon

      The vague phrase Deep State, Establishment, or Swamp, is indeed , well, vague.
      It is in fact what the Americans defeated in 1783, exactly the same M.O.
      The British Empire did not go away, and is becoming more visible by the day.
      This fight did not start in 2020, 2016, 1963, 1901, or 1812.

      Now my cat of course has no knowledge of history, even his ancestors.

      Creeping and crawling is not becoming of a biped, what?

  13. Robert of Ottawa

    Alex B, I agree except Plan B was Plan A. This is why the Dems never campaigned seriously, it would have been a waste of energy and resources. This was why, the effort for mail-in ballots. This was why, for weeks, the media had been preparing us for a Trump surge followed by a late come-back by Biden.

    Now, that’s just my theory; we shall see what happens, a very intereting four weeks coming up.

  14. pochas94

    So in the future elections will go to whoever can print the most fake ballots? So much for elections.

  15. Philo

    I would love for this to be true. But I doubt it. And here’s why: Biden’s campaign would know about it. I assume someone in the FBI or FISA would have leaked it to them. And I don’t think Team Trump would wait this long to reveal the plot.

  16. Graham

    Trump Is a Genius.

    4 years they hated him, 4 years he grew the support of the people, 4 years he fights the globalist elite. And now he knows he has them

    Invisible watermarked ballots and counting using the latest encryption was the trap for the Dem party. He KNEW they would commit fraud so set the trap. The MSM are a disgrace to a free world but sadly they have infected the minds of millions with their far left hatred. Their tool of climate fear and climate activism have failed. They played their hypocritical hand and soon the world will see. Now the plot is revealed?

  17. ahlam st

    thanks for the sharing

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