Canada, Iceland November Mean Temperatures Cooling…Sweden Temperatures 200 Years Unchanged

Climate Unchange has Greta pulling her hair out…nothing really to be alarmed about

By Kirye and Pierre

First we start by noting how Greta Thunberg has been obsessed with the climate of the globe and that of her home Sweden. She claims it is changing dangerously fast and how this is supposedly unprecedented.

But a recent paper shows this is in fact all false, at least in Sweden, hat-tip Wei Zhang at Twitter.

The authors of the paper found that Sweden’s temperatures in reality have not at all changed over the past 200 years.

Today’s Swedish climate is well within the range of variability. It’s a bit sad how Greta has dedicated her life to fighting for a false cause. What a waste. But she’s young, and hopefully someday she’ll wake up to the hoax and realize she’s being used.

Record, 1960s-like snowfalls

Right now parts of the globe are experiencing an old-fashioned 1960s type of winter, with record snowfalls. More on this are IceAgeNow. Also record snow has fallen in northern Italy.

Winter arriving a little earlier

Next we look at November mean temperatures for Canada and Iceland using Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) trends for stations with data going back to the 1990s. First Canada:

Data: JMA here.

As the trends show, 5 of the 9 stations show a cooling trend for November, meaning winter is arriving a bit earlier. There’s nothing troubling happening here and certainly nothing to get alarmed about. Greta is all hysterical about nothing. 


Global warming doomsday-sayers also like trying to fool people about the climate in Iceland. So let’s look at the JMA data for the stations with sufficient data to see what’s happening there:

Data source: JMA

Two of 3 stations in Iceland have been cooling modestly, and one has warmed slightly. Note the wide fluctuations, which likely are in large part dependent on natural Atlantic oceanic cycles.

Iceland summers have cooled since the early Holocene

Now a final note on Iceland and its glaciers.

It turns out that according to sedimentological analyses conducted by authors of the below publication, early summer Holocene temperatures had to have been approximately 3°C warmer than in the late 20th century!

A bit of a mixed bag today, but it tells us not to worry about all the doomsday hollering by Greta and Co.

5 responses to “Canada, Iceland November Mean Temperatures Cooling…Sweden Temperatures 200 Years Unchanged”

  1. tom0mason

    How dare you show reality and facts (frowny face)


  2. pochas94

    I am a skeptic, but that doesn’t mean I believe CO2 has absolutely no effect. It doesn’t mean I believe CO2 has the same effect at all locations. Some may warm, others may cool. Some may pick the warming locations and scream the end is near. You can make a nice living that way.

    1. rw

      I don’t see how CO2 increases are going to lead to cooling in some locations. The physics isn’t that loosey-goosey.

      Incidentally, I just ran across a nice paper on this topic that gives a good overview, and which I was able to download from the Web without special privileges:

      D. H. Douglass & J. R. Christy, Limits on CO2 climate forcing from recent temperature data of earth, Energy & Environment, 2009, 20, 177-189

  3. mikewaite

    -“But she’s young, and hopefully someday she’ll wake up to the hoax and realize she’s being used.”-
    Maybe, but the fact that she will wake up as a multimillionaire at just 18 will surely go someway to sooth her wounded feelings.

  4. Adam Gallon

    Poor lass, needs to go to a few parties, get drunk & laid.

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