Try This Lemon-Garlic Concoction Against Colds, Viruses And For Better Overall Health!

It’s been shown that adequate levels of Vitamin D and zinc really do make a difference against COVID 19 and cold viruses in general.

It’s also clear that good nutrition just doesn’t get the attention it deserves when it comes to success against preventing disease, especially COVID-19.

Lemon garlic drink

Today I’m going to tell you about the lemon-garlic drink someone told me about awhile back. You can make at home quickly and easily, and is proven to be very beneficial for health. What’s great is that the lemon-garlic drink costs only a few dollars to make! Here’s what you need:


Recipe, instructions

First peel 30 cloves of garlic and cut 5 organic lemons with the peel into small pieces (so the essential oil comes into the drink) and liquify in a blender. Be sure to thoroughly wash the lemons first.

Next, slowly bring the lemon-garlic slurry to a boil with a liter of water, let it boil briefly. Then allow to cool to room temperature. You can use 1.5 liters of water if you want more.

Next pour the contents into a clean jar or bottle and keep it in the refrigerator.

How often?

Drink daily a small liqueur glass about 20 ml 1 hour before or after the main meals. After 3 weeks, take a break for 1 week and then repeat the lemon garlic cure for another 3 weeks. For best results do this once a year.

Superfood garlic

Garlic is truly a superfood with outstanding health-promoting properties.

The person who gave me the recipe said the lemon garlic concoction clears up the bad stuff in your intestines, promotes digestion, even eliminates worms and excess water, cleanses blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the heart, and is preventive against all types of colds.

Scientifically confirmed

The lemon-garlic drink really worked for me. The first time I tried it, my cholesterol value fell 30 points! Moreover, the scientific literature confirms the concoction works extremely well.

Garlic dissolves undesirable fats in the organism, improves metabolism, improves eyesight, helps ward off arteriosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes, and helps with ulcers and headaches. Garlic is also high in allicin, which helps stimulate circulation and blood flow to organs.

It is said that arrowed veins become more elastic and calcified veins in the brain or coronary arteries are cleansed.

Of course real good health doesn’t come from just drinking a lemon-garlic cocktail for a few weeks every year. You also have to do the other things right: stay away from sugar, junk carbs like snacks, starch and white flour, eat nutrient rich foods (eggs, vegetables, good fats, meat, fish, berries etc.) and stay active.

Also read here.

I’m curious to know what readers think.

21 responses to “Try This Lemon-Garlic Concoction Against Colds, Viruses And For Better Overall Health!”

  1. Stephen Richards

    It’s better, IMHO of course, if you bake the lemons and garlic first. Then blend them and a tsp of erithythol.

  2. Richard Greene

    That garlic lemon drink sounds like the worst tasting drink ever invented. I got nauseous just reading about it. I do not like lemons, or garlic, so that drink sounds like a nightmare to me.

    I do, however, take one gram of odor free garlic oil in a capsule every day — said to be equivalent 100 grams of fresh garlic — to slightly thin my blood and reduce blood pressure, in addition to two prescription medications.

    I tried non-odor-free garlic oil capsules once, and hated them. Gave then to the wife — She broke open the capsules to use the garlic oil as a deer repellent on her outdoor plants. Worked really well until multiple rainstorms finally washed it off.

    I also added one daily 5,000 IU capsule of Vitamin D3 to my diet in March 2020 when COVID hit, in addition to about 3000 IU in my daily multiple vitamin and calcium pill.

    So, I’m on your side, being pro-garlic and pro-Vitamin D, but all the benefits of garlic listed in the article seem, well, excessive, to be kind.

  3. Greensand

    Neit Comrade, if you don’t mind I will rely on my well proven 70 yrs plus immune system. But thanks for your interesting info, it will be exploded!

  4. Greensand

    ‘exploded’ was explored when it left me?

  5. Hasbeen

    If you are going to use organic lemons, do you know if it is the lemon, or the fruit fly lave that is empowering the tonic?

  6. RoHa

    Where garlic is concerned, I agree with Dracula. But I think this drink will certainly help with social distancing. No-one will want to come near you.

  7. Yonason

    Those are some beautiful garlic!

  8. drumphish

    Rub the lemon-garlic ‘sauce’ on a whole chicken, some salt and pepper. Set the oven temp, it’ll be good.

    When workers on the Pyramids were denied garlic for some reason, they went on strike.

    They got garlic.

    My youngest son when a child would be given applesauce with garlic, he wouldn’t eat applesauce if there was no garlic in it. funny.

    I have a mulched bed with about five varieties from seed sources. Been growing garlic for years now.

    Onions are anti-viral too.

    1. Yonason

      “Onions are anti-viral too.”

      Sadly, as good as they taste, onions are migrainogenic, especially if eaten raw. I’ve found I don’t have a headache problem with cooked sweet onions, but I do miss the stronger ones.

      “Been growing garlic for years now.”

      More power to ya. I’ve tried to many times, but it’s not so easy in Florida. They do better when we have cold winters, but after a warm winter, I get nothing. And you never know when it’ll be hot or cold until it’s over. Russian roulette. Cheaper to buy, and a LOT less frustration.

  9. pochas94

    Eagerly awaiting the result of the double – blind experiment.

    1. Yonason

      Drink two. If that doesn’t make you go blind, we’ll call it a success. 🙂

      Seriously, leave the peel on? That’s not in the link provided in support of the mixture. And, while a little lemon zest shouldn’t be a problem, I’m not a fan of the pith between the peel and the fruit, and I don’t think it has any medical benefit to include it. (I haven’t looked it up, but I know that if I don’t remove all of that before I eat a grapefruit, I don’t feel well afterwards.)

  10. tom0mason

    This sound similar to an old family recipe from my youth. My grandmother always insisted this recipe was given to her mother from a Romany family.

    6-8 whole garlic lightly crushed,
    6 lemons sliced,
    A hand-full of Coriander seeds,

    Put all the ingredients in a large lidded jar with enough strong gin to cover. Allow to mature in a cool place for 2-6 weeks.
    Shake the jar before use. Drink with warm water before bedtime especially when coughs and colds, or flu were about. Top-up as required with more lemon/garlic/coriander seed and gin, ensuring the liquor is kept least 1 inch (2 centimeters) above the garlic & lemon mix at all times.

    I’m not sure how well it worked but no one complained that it didn’t. 🙂

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