Grand Theft: Greenpeace Activists “Steal” Keys From 1000 New ICE Cars Awaiting Shipment In Port

200,000 euros damage? 

For some, like Greenpeace activists, VW is moving much too slowly stopping the sales of internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. And so they think they are justified trespassing and removing the keys of cars waiting to be loaded for export. 

Greenpeace activists overcame a fence using ladders and removed the keys from 1000 new cars waiting to be loaded onto a vessel for export at a port in Emden, Germany. Image: Greenpeace.

According to the police in northern city of Leer, some 40 activists used ladders to make their way into the fenced-in premises of a port terminal in Emden and, according to the activists themselves, they withdrew more than 1,000 car keys from new cars awaiting to be loaded on a cargo vessel for export.

“Today we are taking hundreds of combustion engines out of circulation for the time being,” a spokesperson for Greenpeace told the NDR public broadcasting.

Trespassing, “serious theft”

According to Greenpeace, all the cars that are exported from the port city of Emden within a year have an ecological footprint that is equal to that all of Switzerland.

The activists are now being investigated by the police for trespassing and particularly serious theft.

Greenpeace has also called on the VW Group to stop the worldwide sale of internal combustion engine cars by 2025. In 2020, VW sold 9.1 million cars, most of them with internal combustion engines.

Flagship German media cheering on lawbreakers?

Germany’s mainstream media reported on the Greenpeace activists and their law-breaking as if they were heroes.

In a tweet, North German pubic broadcaster NDR Lower Saxony described the Greenpeace action as “shrewd”. (Image: screenshot Twitter)

Above the law?

German climate and energy site Die kalte Sonne here comments on the media reaction:

Although NDR subsequently took back the word ‘shrewd’ in another message, the message itself was left standing. With further thought, was it a shrewd action by Palestinians to launch thousands rockets on Israel and Or shrewd of Belarus president to hijack a plane? Or was it cunning, shrewd, sympathetic?

What would the legendary journalist Hans-Joachim Friedrichs have said about the Greenpeace action and the coverage by NDR? He would have said that a good journalist never gets involved with a cause, not even a supposedly good one. Whether theft is a good thing remains to be seen. Hopefully, the activists did not assume that VW would now no longer export the vehicles.

The action is likely to be responsible for a loss of almost 200,000 euros because Greenpeace “disposed” of the stolen keys. Whether Volkswagen will recover these costs from Greenpeace? The matter is not over yet either. Greenpeace proudly displays the stolen keys on the Internet. Is the NGO actually above the law?”

9 responses to “Grand Theft: Greenpeace Activists “Steal” Keys From 1000 New ICE Cars Awaiting Shipment In Port”

  1. Stephen Richards

    Send the police to their HQ. Arrest all the personnel inside and charge them with theft.
    Freeze Greenpiss accounts worldwide and take compensation for the delays.

  2. Bernd Felsche

    Either invoice Greenpeace for the entire vehicles (which likely can’t be easily registered in the EU because they’re export models) or; prosecute the trespassers and thieves to the full extent of the law. The organizers can be prosecuted for incitement to commit a crime.

    VW can then still sue the individuals for material damages.

    None of that will happen in Germany because prosecution of real crimes by the green-left is highly selective. The judiciary are cowed to politics. There is no actual separation of powers. Green-left thuggery abounds. Unlawful coercion is destroying businesses and they cannot resist because the law is siding with the thugs.

  3. John Hultquist

    No matter what happens next, the climate will not notice.

    Also, charges should include more than theft.

  4. bonbon

    That is the end of keys, on to Biometrics!

    VW had that option, I thought?

    Maybe Greenpeace will next steal fingerprints, fingers an´ all?

    1. John Hultquist

      On a yet to delivered auto, how does that work?

      1. Yonason

        Ouch! 😬

  5. Jimfrey

    Greenpeace think that only they have the monopoly on civil disobedience; good luck imposing your climate diktats on the rest of us. The sauce for the goose is the sauce for the gander.

  6. Grand Theft: Greenpeace Activists “Steal” Keys From 1000 New ICE Cars Awaiting Shipment In Port – Infinite Unknown

    […] – Grand Theft: Greenpeace Activists “Steal” Keys From 1000 New ICE Cars Awaiting Shipment In Port […]

  7. Saulius

    My next car will be vw passat diesel. I am proud to have fantastic car. To all activists-go to chine or Russia if not happy and u wiil see, what is real pollution!!!!

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