Secret Otto Engine Car For German Green Party Minister…”Range Anxiety”…”In The Interest Of The Country”

Another example of Green hypocritical “do as I say, not as I do”.

While Germany’s Green politicians demand regular tax-paying citizens make sacrifices and accept inconveniences on behalf of the climate, they think they get to follow other rules. 

Image: Merriam Webster

Michael Sauerbier of the Berliner Zeitung (BZ) reports on how last March “Brandenburg’s Minister of Health Ursula Nonnemacher (63) touted “the government’s first all-electric official car”… “a new e-Audi” but in reality she “secretly used her state secretary’s gasoline-powered car – out of range anxiety!”

For Ms. Nonnemann, getting stranded by losing battery charge is all part of the sacrifices the regular peasants will surely have to make in order to put the global climate and society back in order. But because her work is so important, that duty doesn’t apply to her.

According to the BZ, her spokesman even audaciously claimed that the driving with a gasoline car was “necessary in the interest of the country.”

The BZ reports how Nonnemacher’s Audi e-tron can travel 350 kilometers fully charged, and that it’s enough for the trip from Potsdam to her home in Falkensee and back to the Brandenburg state capital, though maybe having to cut it close and having to recharge once.

The BZ adds: “But the minister preferred to take the gasoline-powered VW Passat ‘Business’ of her deputy Michael Ranft (62, independent) for the official trip on April 18.”

The reason: “Range anxiety!” reports Sauerbier of the BZ.

Brandenburg’s communist Left Party now wants access to Nonnemacher’s driving logs and those of her state secretaries.

Nonnemacher’s spokesman claims the clandestine gasoline tour was “necessary in the interest of the country.”

What’s strange about it is that the route was well within electric range – and there are in fact two charging stations in her home town of Ravensbrück.

6 responses to “Secret Otto Engine Car For German Green Party Minister…”Range Anxiety”…”In The Interest Of The Country””

  1. John F Hultquist

    That’s amusing.
    Did she pay climate indulgence?

  2. Yonason

    “Audi e-tron can travel 350 kilometers fully charged”

    On a full tank, my “gas guzzler” Hyundai Sonata takes me roughly 500 km before I need to stop for a fill-up, which takes roughly 10-15 minutes, and then I’m back on the road. I can do a 900-1,000 mile solo trip in 2 days (1, when I was younger).

    Color me un-impressed.

  3. Moonshine

    Pfizer macht frei and of course these green slime are mere watermelon commie trash…green on the outside and red thru and thru

    Same as it ever waZ

  4. Gerald the Mole

    No surprises there.

  5. tom0mason

    DO AS WE SAY! (not as we do, you prols!)

  6. John F Hultquist

    Recently our temperatures have been 32° C. (90° F.) from about Noon until 6pm. People going into retail stores frequently have others in the car and leave it run with the A/C on while “dashing” into the store.
    What does that do to the EV’s range?

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