1300% More Cases Of Injury Suspected By German Insurer Than Reported By Paul Ehrlich Institute

Germany’s Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) reported 244,576 cases of vaccine side effects for 2021. But the BKK ProVita health insurer has found that the number may be as high as 3 million!

It’s clear that media, governments and institutions are suppressing the real numbers when it comes mRNA vaccine side effects.

This was confirmed two days ago when Germany’s “Welt” online daily published an article on the findings found by the health insurer BKK ProVita.

“Severe warning signal”

Andreas Schöfbeck, board member of the BKK ProVita, had evaluated data from the 10.9 million BKK insured persons for vaccination side effects. The result: “The number of patients suffering side effects from the COVID vaccines is much higher than first thought.” In the findings, Schöfbeck speaks of a “severe warning signal”.

Up to 3 million cases

In a February 21, 2022, letter to Germany’s Paul Ehrlich Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines, the BKK ProVita wrote that they had evaluated data from the entire first half of 2021 and half of the data from the 3rd quarter of 2021. The letter continued:

The evaluation showed from a sampling, even though the entire data is not yet available for 2021, that we expect to see 216,695 treated cases for side effects after Corona vaccination. When these figures are computed for the entire year and  entire population in Germany, then the result is expected to be 2.5 – 3 million people who were medically treated by doctors for side effects after vaccination.”

Note these 2.5 – 3 million are cases that were serious enough to cause the patient to seek out medical help and does not include those who stayed home and toughed it out.

Germany’s BKK ProVita health insurer sends a letter to the Paul Ehrlich Vaccine Institute warning of “severe warning signal” in the data on patients treated for vaccine side effects. 

4% – 5% affected

“When we factor in the number of vaccinated persons in Germany, this means that about 4 to 5% of the vaccinated people in Germany were treated by doctors for vaccine side effects,” wrote the BKK in its letter to the PEI. “Because a danger to human life cannot be excluded, we request your reply on this matter by 6 pm, February 22, 2022.”

It is not known if the Paul Ehrlich Institute actually replied to the BKK. Earlier the PEI announced that Germany had seen inly 244, 576 cases of vaccine side effects, less than one tenth estimated by the BKK ProVita.

The BKK ProVita is one of Germany’s oldest insurers.

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  1. 1300% More Cases of Injury Suspected by German Insurer Than Reported by Paul Ehrlich Institute – Climate- Science.press

    […] 1300% More Cases Of Injury Suspected By German Insurer Than Reported By Paul Ehrlich Institute […]

  2. Richard Greene

    This is complete nonsense that does not deserve to be at this otherwise fine website. Is the insurance company board member a doctor? I doubt it. Has he examined hundreds of patients in an attempt to determine if their medical issues are ikely to be related to a vaccine? I doubt it.

    The population of Germany is 84 million people.
    The prediction of 2.5 to 3 million people requiring medical treatment from a doctor after a vaccines is far too large to be believed and is also meaningless.

    Lots of people get vaccines.
    Lots of people get medical treatment for many different problems.

    Those facts do not mean every visit to a doctor after getting a vaccine (no time limit is specified here) was caused by the vaccine.

    If this high rate of needing medical help in Germany caused by vaccines was true, I believe almost everyone in Germany would be talking about how many friends and relatives needed medical care after getting COVID vaccines. This would be page one news. But it is not. Because it is baloney.

    Here is the US, our VAERS data likely reflects no more than 10% of adverse side effects. VAERS includes the US and any other nations where people are using US vaccines, but there is no side effect reporting system — so more than 25% of the VAERS reports are foreign, as a result.

    The VAERS universe is many hundreds of millions of people. There is no way to know how many people visited doctors and / or hospitals right after getting Covid vaccines. I can make an educated guess, starting with VAERS reports — It’s possible up to one million people visited a doctor DUE TO an adverse side effect from a Covid vaccin. The numbers being claimed for Germany, with a population of only 84 million, are SIMPLY NOT BELIEVABLE.

    1. William Astley

      Hi Richard.
      I am surprised that you have not ‘investigated’ the dangers of the first release covid vaccines and the controversy concerning their effectiveness. The data shows the first release vaccines unlike natural infection (and unlike older safe, traditional vaccines which we are familiar with) only provide short term protection (less than six months) against covid. The US and other countries have been hiding the first release adverse effects and the lack of vaccine effectiveness, against Omicron.

      The first release covid vaccines cause the body to produce first release covid spikes. The vaccine makers have said/assumed that these first release covid spikes would stay in the shoulder and not migrate to organs. That ‘assumption’ is not correct. The first release vaccine ‘tests’ did not include testing for biomarker changes in the blood samples of test patients. When there is damage to organs/cells in the body there are biomarker changes. These tests would have identified and quantified the problem.

      Omicron has 32 ‘mutations’ on the covid spike which explains why Omicron is significantly less deadly than the covid delta variation and explains why the first release covid vaccines are not effective against Omicron. Does Omicron change the risk benefit of taking a first release covid vaccine? Omicron is so contagious everyone has been or will to be exposed to it.

      This is an interesting discussion/presentation of the data and analysis from a peer reviewed paper. The people that are getting critical ill from covid have comorbidities and weak immune systems.


      Severe illness after vaccination. Actual case.

      Adam. Severe covid vaccine side effects. Is it real? What is like?

      SECRET Fauci Meeting VOTED Against Recognizing Natural Immunity

      1. Richard Greene

        Excellent comment.
        I’m puzzled that you said:
        “I am surprised that you have not ‘investigated’ the dangers of the first release Covid vaccines and the controversy concerning their effectiveness.”

        I have investigates and usually publish a few Covid vaccine articles every day on one of my blogs. The best articles I can find by other authors with a bias favoring articles written by doctors and scientists.

        You talk about “first release” Covid vaccines.
        I was not aware there was a second release.
        I know the children’s vaccines have smaller doses
        and the booster may too. I was not aware of any
        second generation mRNA vaccines
        with a different formula
        aimed at a new variant.
        Of course a virus will mutate
        faster than a new vaccine could be implemented.
        So I just wondered why you emphasized
        “first release”?

        I thought the spike protein had 30 mutations
        rather than 32, but that does not change my point:
        The large number of mutations, and symptoms that
        match a common cold, mean Omicron IS a new coronavirus
        common cold, NOT a Covid variant.

    2. William Astley

      The covid first release RNA vaccine side effects are real.

      There is now research which has been done to find out how the RNA first release vaccines caused the side effects. How many people have been effected? Will there be long term health problems for some people?

      This is a link to an explanation of the findings from peer reviewed papers (links provided) which show the covid first release virus contains multiple patented sequences and it has been shown to genetically alter human liver cells.


      It does incorporate into human DNA. And it’s probably messing up embryogenesis.

      1. Richard Greene

        Not sure if you were responding to me.

        mRNA adverse side effects are obviously the worst in vaccine history.
        But it’s impossible to know what percentage get reported and what percentage that get reported are coincidences unrelated to the vaccines.

        One has to guess what the ACTUAL adverse side effects are.
        My very conservative guess, lower than any other guess
        I’ve read, is still shocking.

        I don’t agree that we know if the Covid vaccines integrate into human DNA.

        There is evidence they stay in the body a long time (too long), they may interfere with DNA repair, and repeated vaccinations / boosters may weaken the immune system.

        There does not seem to be any good news about long term adverse side effects, although what we know so far is preliminary.

  3. dodgy geezer

    This is a HEALTH insurance company. They employ doctors who are specifically tasked to determine causes of illnesses – this is important for insurance purposes. So the figures seem reputable to me.

    Incidentally, in my country people ARE talking about the side effects of the vaccine, the numbers of acquaintances who have died shortly after having a jab, and why this does not seem to be reported in any official media…

  4. Richard Greene

    To ab void misunderstanding, the claim I am referring to is this one:
    “the result is expected to be 2.5 – 3 million people who were medically treated by doctors for side effects after vaccination.”

    That is baloney
    First, it’s just a prediction, not reality.
    Few predictions are correct.
    If one believe it, they must be very gullible.

    I was NOT talking about the claim that 244,576 reported cases of vaccine side effects in Germany for 2021 may be as high as 3 million.

    That would be 30 year old ness here in the US.

    It is well known, based on several studies, that reported vaccine
    injuries to our VAERS are in the 1% to 19% range of actual injuries,

    Claiming gross under reporting in Germany makes sense.

    Here in the US we can look at VAERS data. I look every week, publish a summary of the data on one of my three blogs (see link below for yesterday’s summary).
    I also read a few dozen VAERS submissions, every week for the past year.


    About half the VAERS submissions are for minor side effects that I would never report. I’m unvaxxed, so I have nothing to report. People are supposed to report all side effects because even something that seems minor, such as feeling poorly for a short period after a vaccine, could be a leading indicator of a serious future health problem.

    I have told my blog readers I personally assume 10% of adverse side effects get reported but suspect the actual number is lower.

    I also make the very conservative guess that 2/3 of serious adverse side effects are coincidences, erroneously assumed to be related to vaccine.

    My own guess of actual side effects (I assume actual vaccine side effects are about 3x the reported vaccine side effects) is lower than any other guess I’ve read.

    But even with my very conservative guess, the Covid vaccine side effects are horrible — clearly the worst in vaccine history.

    Even if you just accept the VAERS numbers without adjustments, they are bad news.

    Even worse news for vaccines:

    — More Americans died in 2021 from all causes, versus 2020, in spite of having vaccines. That’s high level evidence the vaccines were a failiure.

    — There are early indications that triple vaccinated (including a booster) have a deterioration of their immune systems. Even when adjusted for age, they appear to be less healthy than the unvaccinated, or even the double vaccinated. This is just starting to show up in data from the UK and Israel. While we are just starting to learn about adverse long term side effects, early evidence is bad news. The belief that vaccines are safe is a delusion. The belief that long term adverse side effects will be mild is just wishful thinking,

    The wife and I immediately rejected a vaccine developed in only nine months — that short cut process (usually at least 10 years, with a 98% to 99% failure rate) had to be very high risk. Instead, we chose our own “experimental medicines”:
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D
    zinc and

    I’ve been taking C, D and zinc supplements for over 50 years, and added quercetic, which helps the body assimilate zinc, in January 2021, when I first heard of it. I ask readers to consider those food supplements rather than vaccines, and especially rather than booster shots.
    Although the following facts prove nothing, I have never had influenza, never caught Covid, and can not remember my last common cold — at least five years ago. I will give those food supplements some credit. I knoow that result is NOR from a good diet and regular exercise.

    Richard Greene
    Bingham Farms, Michigan
    My favorite Covid / vaccine articles are here

    PS: This is one of the top 5 climate science and
    energy websites in the world. I follow over three
    dozen every day of the year — even though
    I didn’t like this Covid article !

  5. JohnM

    Richard, I am not interested in your GUESS, my scientific training and background has impressed on me that FACTS are the only important things to obtain the truth. Many ‘Models’ are even worse than a guess, hence the expression ‘rubbish in = rubbish out’. Often the ‘rubbish in’ is really only someone’s guess of how a parameter effects the process.

    When it comes to Health Insurance, if a bad parameter is put into a model, and the result is financially bad for the company, then not only will the Modeller be out of a job, but many others (perhaps all) will loose their employment. I look upon the BKK data with interest.

    Do not be so dismissive, it makes you look arrogant.

    1. Richard Greene

      John M.

      Grow up John. Many decisions in life must be made with incomplete data and missing facts. It’s possible facts will not be available for years. Data can be biased, and certainly is for Covid and Covid vaccines.

      You have provided nothing of value in your comment except to say the insurance company data are “interesting”, and to insult me several times. You refuted nothing I wrote, but criticized my guess of how many actual vaccine injuries there were, based on how many were reported.
      I said it was my guess — I did not say it was a fact — I also said every other guess I’ve seen was higher. There is nothing in your comment that indicates “scientific training and background”. Or even common sense.

      The prediction of a coming global warming crisis is not based on any data — there are no data for the future. And the fact that humans have a horrible track record predicting the future climate does not seem to bother many people, including scientists. Every decision based on facts and data is just a figment of your over active imagination — not the way the real world works.

      There are few trustworthy facts, and much misleading data, on Covid and Covid vaccine adverse side effects.

      Governments around the world tell people to follow the science. and then hide the science, or don’t fund it.

      Autopsies are avoided.

      Off label drugs that save lives are banned.

      Covid vaccines are claimed to be safe, when they are the least safe in vaccine history.

      Why not use your next comment to refute ANY of the facts I have presented in my comments?

      I specifically stated that I guessed the actual vaccine side effects based on VAERS data, because of so much under reporting. Several studies estimated the reports are only 1% to 10% of actual injuries (my “19%” in a prior post was a typo)

      Vaccines are claimed to be effective when deaths with Covid in 2021 in the US were much higher than deaths with Covid in 2020.

      Cases, hospitalizations and deaths are all grossly over stated. I can easily explain why, if you are interested, but have written enough here.

      We have no idea how many lives vaccines have saved.

      We have no idea how many lives vaccines have cost.

      Here in the US we do know total deaths did not go down in 2021 with vaccines.

      We know vaccine adverse side effects reports are unprecedented in the 31 year history of the VAERS database. No other vaccine was ” in the same ballpark” There is nothing in US data to suggest the claim that 2.5 to 3 million Germans needed to visit a doctor after, and because of, Covid vaccines. That’s baloney, just like your comment.
      Have a nice day !

  6. drumphish

    Vioxx was a prescribed medication for people 65 and older. The number of deaths of people in the age group increased by 50,000 in a single year.

    What you call a red flag and people who study death statistics notice the numbers when they stick out like sore thumbs. Actuarial tables don’t lie.

    Thalidomide had adverse effects on fetal growth in pregnant women. Phocomelia occurred/occurs in newborns, unfortunately.

    Everybody makes mistakes.

    Medical science is not infallible.

    With money involved, it can make matters worse.

    Happened during the Bubonic Plague.

    Doctors would want infected poor souls, intentionally made patients with the plague. Made more money.

    There is corruption in anything, medicine is not exempt.

    Happened during the Bubonic Plague.


    1. Petit_Barde

      Thanks for the link !

      As a French, I can confirm that the traduction on your link is OK (even if there are some missing details).

      But the reference is incorrect. The extract is not from the volume 2, but the volume 4. Here is the pdf of the actual book (p. 395 to 401) :


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