Putin Mocks EU: “Looking For Culprits” To Blame For Their “Unreasonable And Unpredictable” Energy Decisions

Putin mocks Europe: Green energy policies to blame for energy woes. European leaders make really dumb decisions, and then go blaming others.

Now that Germany has rushed ahead on shutting down its baseload nuclear and coal power plants – thinking it can power the country solely with renewables -, its leaders knowingly made themselves reliant on Russian gas exports.

And since Russia invaded Ukraine, Germany thought it could retaliate economically by shunning Russian gas as well. But that strategy is backfiring spectacularly, only hurting German consumers through skyrocketing natural gas bills.

Germany and Europe are now implementing austerity plans, asking its citizens to turn down the thermostat this winter, take shorter and fewer showers. Europeans should even expect gas to be turned off and to figure out ways to fend for themselves.”

“European countries currently fear a severe gas crisis,” reports the online German Merkur here. “To be prepared for the worst-case scenario – a complete cut-off of Russian gas – many countries are drawing up energy-saving plans.”

Of course, it’s all Putin’s fault, EU leaders and media like to claim. But as the Merkur reports, Vladimir Putin sees that very differently, reportedly even scoffing at the EU claims that the Russian leader is behind the gas supply problems. According to Putin: “Well, what’s the point? “You’ve gone completely crazy. Save water, save electricity. What kind of nonsense is that just?”

Merkur and Germany’s DPA press agency also report Putin said. “Russia has nothing to do with it”. There they have made mistakes themselves, don’t know what to do and are looking for culprits.”

Putin commented that in some countries: “They scare people with these problems, and then they make decisions that are unreasonable and unpredictable. And the next step is: they look for culprits.”

One example is Russian state-owned company Gazprom stopping deliveries through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline because a Siemens turbine got held up in Canada due to sanctions.

14 responses to “Putin Mocks EU: “Looking For Culprits” To Blame For Their “Unreasonable And Unpredictable” Energy Decisions”

  1. pochas94

    Not a fan of Putin, but he does highlight the ongoing “Comedy of Errors” that seems to go with our high tech age.

  2. Richad Greene

    Gazprom gas is available to Germany if they pay in Rubles.
    Euros are worthless to Gazprom this year.
    Germany also refuses to allow Nordstream 2 to open,
    which would have been useful when Nordstream 1
    was being repaired. Germany is “punishing” Russia
    by punishing themselves? Who does that?

  3. John Hultquist

    This is shocking!
    Vladimir and I agree on something.
    I think I need a drink.

    1. Jeff


      Could use a drink too, maybe a JiyyanTonnyx (H/T Douglas Adams).

      This winter in Beautiful Downtown Deutschland we’ll probably be singing along with Dandy Don Meredith “Turn Out The Lights, The Party’s Over”… (from Monday Night Football oh so long ago).

      The Watermelon Greens value and place their erroneous and idiotic ideology above everything and everyone. even life itself. As long as it’s not theirs…

    2. Philip Mulholland

      A Vodka I presume?

  4. Graeme No.3

    I understood that maintenance on the Nord Stream 1 pipelines is usually scheduled in summer when demand is lower. Also that the turbines were shipped by Siemens to Canada for maintenance but the Canadian government banned their return as “sanctions”.
    Still, they are apparently back and Nord Stream 1 has restarted deliveries.

    If more natural gas is wanted has the German government coalition given any thought to starting up Nord Stream 2? Of course that would mean paying for the gas, but wouldn’t that be cheaper than the current policy of imitating headless chickens.

  5. Luigi

    I’ve built my house in Germany in 2011. when I had to decide if I wanted gas or heat pump I decided for the heat pump because I did not want Russian gas. At the time, but also 10 years earlier, it was clear what Russia is a dictatorship and democratic countries shall not trade with dictatorships. But apparently German politicians are too cynic to see that one country shall not give itself as present to a dictatorship like Russia. The fact is that German (European) politicians are not better than Putin. So how could they ever see the evil in Putin?

    1. Gerry, England

      A laudable aim Luigi but how are all your Chinese-made goods?

  6. drumphish

    Vladimir Putin, Ras was his great-great uncle, is demonstrating that might makes right, sometimes.

    ‘Popeye’ Putin has had alls he can stands and he can’t stands no more.

    Spinach with butter and garlic is a good side dish at any meal.

    It is difficult to see eye-to-eye when one interest is in need of what another interest has, you’re over a barrel.

    The advice: Always do business with them.

    You are going to and will eventually, no matter what.

    If it happens to be Russians in charge of fungible products, gas, grains, you will have to bear the burden of the demands. Don’t have to see eye-to-eye, but it will help. If you want something the Russians have, go for it, do your best to get’er done.

    Risk can be reduced, conflict can wane and subside.

    Time to see the light.

    Don’t has to be in the dark, can’t see a thing then. Might even start to freeze.

    Russians are shrewd horse traders, they get what they want.

    Too much fussing and fighting has zero benefit.

    “You don’t have to live like a refugee.” – Tom Petty

  7. Yonason

    “Too much fussing and fighting has zero benefit.”

    Right! Call it a “special operation” and we’re good to go.

    Anyway, I’m having bourbon, but if you prefer, I have some vodka around here somewhere.

    Love the spinach recipe, btw. Only thing better, IMO, was once a friend’s wife served sides of spinach pancakes at a party. Drizzled with honey they were awesome.

  8. Vanessa Crichton

    I totally agree with him !!! Our fixation on “green” energy will destroy the WEST. It does not work and it is not “green”. The stupidity we are exhibiting is mind boggling considering how brilliant we have been in developing so much for humanity and now, it seems, we are determined to pull it all down in the name of “saving the planet” !!!! The planet does not care what we do – we are like ants on its surface and certainly not able to “destroy” this amazing planet. It has been spinning in space for FOUR POINT EIGHT BILLION YEARS – and that’s with NO HELP FROM US !!

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  11. KuhnKat

    Not too many years ago we were talking about how Russia was funding the environmentals whack jobs to push the destruction of the west.

    Now that Klaus Schwab and fellow travellers have come out I would think it would be obvious what is happening. Pretty much every move that has been made in the last couple of years has been destroying the global economy.

    It would seem that China is the leader of the NWO now with Pooties selected to bleed the west down to where China will be able to actually exert control with or without military destruction. Well, that is my best guess. Who knows how it will actually play out in the end.

    So who is Pooties actually making fun of?? The useful idiots of course.

    Haven’t been on the climate blogs for years. Thank you for keeping the resistance alive.

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