Climatologists Embarrassed: Increase In Global CO2 Levels Accompanied By Arctic Sea Ice Growth!

Today we look at the polar ice caps, which the global warming wingnuts claim is the canary in the coal mine and predicted earlier they’d melt and collapse. For example, Al Gore warned the Arctic ice would disappear by 2014.

While CO2 has gone up, Arctic sea ice has RISEN over past decade

But we have a big surprise. First we examine the Arctic sea ice extent so far this summer. Has it melted away like Al Gore said it would?

Source: Vishop Artic Sea Ice Extent

To the contrary, the latest data show Arctic sea ice is still very much present and is currently running above the average of the last decade. Our friend Snowfan here reports:

The Vishop plot shows the Arctic sea ice areas (extent/extension, red line) on 2 July 2022 is larger than in some previous years and above the last 10-year average (dark blue dashed line): There is nothing more with the ridiculous ice-melt  fantasies of the two climate lying barons John Kerry and Al Gore, who predicted in 2009 a summer ice-free Arctic in the year 2014, if the global greenhouse emissions would not be drastically reduced.

The CO2 content of the Earth’s global atmosphere has steadily increased from about 380 ppm in 2009 to more than 420 ppm annually by 2022, leading to the further greening of the Earth. The increase in global CO2 levels in the Earth’s atmosphere has been accompanied by growth in Arctic sea ice areas and strong growth in Greenland ice masses this year.”

What an embarrassing development for Al Gore and the tight circle of consensus scientists.

Antarctica continues long-term upward sea ice trend

Looking at Antarctica sea ice, we also see a zero-crisis trend when plotting the data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA):

Chart produced by KiryeNet. Data Source: JMA

The annual mean for Antarctica has risen modestly since satellite measurement began in 1979. There is no polar ice melt crisis at this time. This is humiliating for the climate loonies.

27 responses to “Climatologists Embarrassed: Increase In Global CO2 Levels Accompanied By Arctic Sea Ice Growth!”

  1. Climatologists Embarrassed: Increase in Global CO2 Levels Accompanied by Arctic Sea Ice Growth! - Climate-

    […] Climatologists Embarrassed: Increase In Global CO2 Levels Accompanied By Arctic Sea Ice Growth! […]

  2. Scissor

    It’s not over until the fat ass Al Gore sings.

  3. RoHa

    But it’s much warmer ice.

  4. John Hultquist

    It is summer and the weather is warmer than I like.
    Someone ship me about 500 kg of that ice, and I can
    strategically place it in the house and turn the AC off.

    1. Another Joe

      You will make the house warmer that way!

      The emissions coming from the ice will heat your house.

      This is called the IR heating effect, that is also found in the atmosphere.

  5. Richard Greene

    CO2 levels and global warming are in uptrends since 1975.
    Arctic sea ice extent is in a downtrend since 1975.
    This article ignored the long term climate trend.

    1. Kenneth Richard

      “This article ignored the long term climate trend.”

      The long-term climate trend is that the Early Holocene Arctic was sea ice free all year long, even in winter, in the same locations where it is ice covered 9 months a year today. This means there is nothing even remotely unusual about the sea ice extent of the last 43 years.

      1. Richard Greene

        The article cherry picked 10 years ago — 2012 — as a starting point for a trend of Arctic sea ice extent. That was a biased choice of years. In addition, the context of a declining sea ice extent since the 1970s was left out. That is also bias.

        I never claimed the current Arctic sea ice extent was historically unusual, or even a problem. It does it not affect sea level. More melting might even reveal some new sources of fossil fuels in the Arctic.

        But it is interesting to point out that the warming pattern in the Northern Hemisphere since the 1970s — much more warming in the Arctic, than in the tropics, is not the same as the warming pattern in the Southern Hemisphere. Where sea ice extent is in a long term rising trend.

        The arctic (and polar bears) have been the “poster child” for global warming.
        I personally prefer ‘warmer winter nights in Siberia’ as a better description of the N.H. pattern of warming since the 1970s

        The problem is that few people stop to think that warmer winter nights in Siberia could not be a “climate emergency” … because for the few people living in Siberia, warming is good news.

    2. Ben Vorlich

      Battle of Denmark Strait 24th May 1941. Wreck of HMS Hood at 63°20′N 31°50′W. The German ships had passed through roughly the centre of the Denmark Strait with HMS Suffolk on the Greenland side and HMS Norfolk on the Iceland side. Both keeping out of range of the Bismark’s main guns (24 miles). So around 15 miles to maintain contact. The Denmark strait is around 200 miles wide (189 at its narrowest). So Suffolk would have been less than 100 miles from the Greenland coast.
      One thing that didn’t cause comcern was sea ice. On 24 May 2022 the sea ice extended about 50 miles from the Greenland coast into the Denmark Strait, so within about 40 miles of the track of Suffolk.
      My conclusion, if somewhat unscientific, is that the ice off the Greenland coast into the Denmark Strait in May 1941 was similar to May 2022. Certainly not hugely different, and why would the Arctic Sea Ice in the Denmark Strait be any different from the rest?

  6. Mike Gilding

    Of course the two things are independent: arctic sea ice and atmospheric CO2. The relevant IR wavelengths are saturated, or very nearly so. Additional CO2 has therefore no effect on temperature. Sea Ice is now regulated by other factors, particular heat exchange with variable ocean currents. It is only the scientifically illiterate such as our politicians and criminal organisations like Greenpeace that say otherwise.

  7. Joao Martins

    Allow me a correction, Peter.

    The climatologists are NOT embarrassed with high CO2 and ice growth: Al Gore and all the swindlers who call themselves “climate scientists” are.

  8. ren

    You need to prepare for early autumn in northern and central Europe. La Niña works.

  9. Tom Anderson

    My 2ȼ worth: Here’s a reminder that CO2 like all molecules radiates in spectral energy bands set by their quantum number. Carbon dioxide’s chief spectral band is at the 15μm wavelength, with a Wien’s Displacement Law temperature of 193K ( 80°C) – not much forcing in it.

  10. Tom Anderson

    Correction — the MS Word inseparable dash disappears. The Celsius temperature is minus 80, of course, -80 degrees C.

  11. ren

    CO2 is the food of plants and marine algae during the growing season.

    1. Ireneusz Palmowski

      Plants need heat, water and CO2.

  12. drumphish

    The sun shines for six months night and day and the sun still can’t melt the Arctic Ocean pack ice. Climate change nuts are driven crazy when their ridiculous predictions are not even close.

    At Baffin Island today the temperature is 16 degrees Celsius, sunrise is at 2:35 AM and sunset is at 10:52 PM, 20 and 1/2 hours of sunshine on a clear day.

    The overnight low is going to be 14 degrees Celsius, so it stays warm for all of the day.

    In 2004 I was in Whitehorse, the temps during the day were 25-27 degrees C.

    In Anchorage during the same time, I saw 95 degrees F on a lighted sign.

    Lots of taiga north of Denali and up to Fairbanks. Amazing that there are asphalt paved roads for hundreds of miles in Alaska.

    On the way to Anchorage from Canada and into Alaska, the day grew long, before too long, it was 10:30 PM and the sun was still up in the sky.

    You can wake up at 3:00 AM and it is still light outside.

    It was late July, early August. The Matanuska Glacier was melting big time.

    Sights to behold and not soon forgotten way up North.

    Climate alarmists need to give it up, weather and climates change.

    Great big camels lived in the Arctic 3.5 million years ago.

    The polar bears attacked and ate them all! just kidding

  13. Petit_Barde

    CO2 contributes to the photosynthesis which is endothermic and CO2 is radiatively a minor player in the atmosphere.
    Data show a negative – even if weak – correlation between CO2 and global temperatures (see left part of the [CO2] – Temperatures cross-correlation diagram presented by Prof Murry Salby) :

    Conversely, this same diagram exhibits a clear and significative temporal correlation from T to [CO2].

    Some thoughs :

    Here is the law of conservation applied to the atmospheric CO2 :
    d[CO2]/dt = sum of the in and out flux of CO2 in the atmosphere.

    We can test the hypothesis that the Henry’s law is a significative player in the in and out atmospheric CO2 fluxes by using an approximated formula of the Henry’s law (linearized by limited developpment) such that :
    d[CO2]/dt = a*(Tanomalies) + b

    By integration (and determination of the constants a and b), it is possible to recreate the [CO2] trend observed since many decades :
    – This can be easily done using the interactive website of Woodfortrees.

    Thus, the hypothesis that CO2 main driver is the global temperature variation of the oceans (and perhaps also the soil even if they are only 29% of the Earth surface) is plausible.

    If this is the case, humans can do all they want, even desappear, this will not change the [CO2] in a significative way :
    – the equilibrium between oceans (+ soils ?) and atmopshere, mainly related to the oceans (+ soils ?) temperature evolution, will always be the major player in the atmospheric CO2 concentration.

    Pr Murry Salby is much more elaborated and very instructive for any scientist with a good physics background.

  14. Richard Greene

    Murry Salby is a fraud.
    Humans caused all of the CO2 increase since the estimated 280ppm in 1850
    That is a +50% increase.
    Nature is a net CO2 absorber, not a cause of the rising CO2 level.
    I estimate that99.9% of scientists would agree with that.
    (In 25 years of climate science reading I found only one scientist who claimed total CO2 was only a few percent manmade CO2 (the correct answer is about 33%)

    The oceans – atmosphere CO2 balance is a very long term relationship that requires large changes in ocean temperatures. Not +1 degree C. In the Vostok ice core record, CO2 peaks followed temperature peaks by an average of about 800 years.

    The CO2 level – global average temperature correlation was strong and positive from 1975 to 2020, after being strong and negative from 1940 to 1975 (based on 1975 data) … but after 1940 to 1975 global cooling was “revised away”, there was almost no correlation in the 1940 to 1975 period. So this is not settled science.

    You seem to be confusing natural causes of climate change with manmade causes of climate change — they are not the same. but happen at the same time.

    Murray Salby was a scientist at one time but now is a crackpot.
    His claim that CO2 increases are almost entirely natural is complete nonsense.
    I recommend you follow the sensible work of “skeptic” scientists
    such as William Happer and Richard Lindzen, instead.

    1. Macha

      Utter rubbish claims R Greene

      1. Richard Greene

        Yes, “utter rubbish”
        would be the English translation
        of my correct description
        of former scientist Murray Salby

      2. Yonason

        His two main weapons are unsupported claims, name calling and affected intense righteous indignation, …three! His three main weapons….


    2. geoff@large

      Well Richard, it seems you’re more versed in propaganda than science. Start by reading the recent paper in the Proceedings of the Royal Society that states “The problem related to the causal relationship between atmospheric temperature (T) and concentration of carbon dioxide ([CO2]) is regarded by many as part of a ‘settled science’ yet it remains challenging and still debated. For example, the study by Koutsoyiannis & Kundzewicz [4] concluded, making use of the HOE causality concept and based on the analysis of modern measurements of T and CO2, that the principal causality direction is T→[CO2], despite the common conviction that the opposite is true”. (The “applications” paper is accompanied by a “theory” paper in the same journal,

      This builds on earlier work showing the same

      You have not made a single scientific argument, just libel. Disgraceful. Study science.

      1. Richard Greene

        “The problem related to the causal relationship between atmospheric temperature (T) and concentration of carbon dioxide ([CO2]) is regarded by many as part of a ‘settled science’ yet it remains challenging and still debated.

        I agree 100% with the statement.

        But there is evidence that CO2 is a greenhouse gas, and more greenhouse gases in the troposphere should impede Earth’s ability to cool itself by some unknown amount.

        There is evidence that the Northern Hemisphere has warmed in the pattern expected from increased greenhouse gases since the 1970s, although not so much in the Southern Hemisphere.

        There is C13 C12 Ratio evidence of manmade CO2
        There is C14 evidence of manmade CO2

        There are satellite measurements of increasing downwelling
        infrared radiation, as expected from an increasing greenhouse effect.

        Yet it is still impossible to state exactly what CO2 does because there are so many other climate change variables. It would be surprising if the +50% increase in estimated CO2 level since the 1800s did not cause some global warming. But not impossible, unless you completely dismiss natural causes of global warming, as the IPCC did in 1995.

        I’m sorry you don’t agree with my science, but my science is mainly the claim that no one knows what the future climate will be, and the past 47 years of global warming has been very pleasant. I want more of that.

        I publish the best articles I read every morning on my climate science and energy blog, which has had over 329,000 page views so far. You would most likely enjoy the same articles I include. But no comments are allowed.
        So you can’t insult me there.
        I know that would be disappointing,

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  17. Richard Greene

    I doubt if climatologists would ever be embarrassed by wrong forecasts.
    they have not been embarrassed for the past 50 years!

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