Germany Sees Record Warm October, Helps Ease Heating Costs And Gas Shortage

How was October in Germany in 2022?

An extremely warm October, 2022, with record potential is how the German Weather Service describes the month from a weather and climate perspective.

October 2022 was extremely warm in Germany. It is still open, as it is a matter of tenths of a degree, whether the previous record from 2001 with a mean temperature of 12.5 ° Celsius will be set or exceeded. Uwe Kirsche, press spokesman for the German Meteorological Service (DWD): ‘We have experienced an October with temperatures more in line with May, which is typical in this country. Again, a glimpse into our climate future.’

From the middle of the month, October sent summery warmth once again, especially to the south of the country. Only sporadic low pressure systems moved in, which also brought heavy precipitation and thunderstorms. Characteristic to the season, the weather chronology also included dense morning fog, but only rarely frosty early temperatures. This is reported by the DWD after initial evaluations of the results of its approximately 2,000 measuring stations.”

The German DWD weather service is still working with two reference periods, although one is no longer valid. However, October was warmer than the respective 30-year average in both comparisons. The difference is 0.4 degrees Celsius, depending on which period is used.

The average temperature in October was 12.5 degrees Celsius (°C), 3.5 degrees above the value of the internationally valid reference period 1961 – 1990. Compared to the current and warmer period 1991 – 2020, the deviation was +3.1 degrees. Completely contrary to the otherwise typical temperature course of October, the month began comparatively cool and the highest values  reached especially in the south only at the end of the month. In Müllheim, southwest of Freiburg im Breisgau, the mercury climbed the most nationwide with 28.7°C on the 28th. Wielenbach, west of Lake Starnberg, as well as Munich city experienced exceptional four summer days, i.e. a temperature maximum of ≥ 25°C. In some federal states and at numerous stations, old temperature records were surpassed. The lowest October value was reported by Karlshagen, east of Greifswald, on the 20th with -2.3°C.”

The Economics Minister may well have enjoyed the month. He already orated before the autumn that Germany would get through the gas crisis with a little weather luck. October 2022 is likely to have had an impact on the level of heating costs.

8 responses to “Germany Sees Record Warm October, Helps Ease Heating Costs And Gas Shortage”

  1. Germany Sees Record Warm October, Helps Ease Heating Costs and Gas Shortage - Climate-

    […] Germany Sees Record Warm October, Helps Ease Heating Costs And Gas Shortage […]

  2. John Hultquist

    The German DWD weather service is still working with two reference periods, although one is no longer valid“.

    I’ve seen this done by other agencies with no explanation for the choice(s).

    I hope the early weather luck continues.

  3. voza0db

    It seems that Winter will be COLD & FUN!

  4. RoHa

    See? All that Man Made Global Warming turned out to be a good thing after all.

  5. John Culhane

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch cold often does not arrive until January.

    Winter 1946-47 Was very mild until . . .
    Once that blocking high from Greenland established itself for a month things got bitter for a month.

  6. drumphish

    The middle of the North American continent was very pleasant weather all through October with near record temperatures, plenty of warm days. Early October had a day where the record high was 77 degrees F during the 1930’s and a record low of -16 degrees F was set in 1919. Most of October this year has had days in the 60’s and some 70’s. Perfect harvest weather this year.

    Been a long time since an autumn warm spell was here. A Chinook, Indian Summer, sure puts your mind at ease to not have to deal with an early cold spell. September was cold and wet four years ago, miserable weather.

    The beginning of November has been good weather also, however today is windy and a colder weather pattern is here with an overnight low of 9 degrees F (-15 C) expected.

    Learned a new hack to insulate old/older windows, use foot wide bubble wrap, cut lengths to the window width, run warm water over the bubble side then it’ll stick to the clean window. The effects are immediate, you’ll have a much warmer room. A hundred foot roll is less than 20 USD at a big box hardware and lumber store. Works, if you don’t want to look out the window and don’t need to, it is worth the effort.

    Have an old home and have to winterize, just the way it is.

    There are no problems, only solutions.

    1. oebele bruinsma

      “There are no problems, only solutions.” and the weather…

  7. Michael Peinsipp

    Just wait Germans…it will get COLD! And I will laff at ya’ll just like you laffed at President Trump.

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