The Great Buffalo Christmas Blizzard Of 2022!


The first half of December here in Central Europe was on the frigid side, but has since warmed up nicely and gotten wet.

USA, on the other hand has been seeing extremely brutal winter conditions. Buffalo is now seeing one of its worst blizzards in recorded history, accompanied by power outages:

Snow blowers and plows just can’t keep up.

But Joe Bastardi at Weatherbell’s latest Saturday Summary sees a significant thaw coming, so don’t despair. Relief is on the way.

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  6. John Hultquist

    A relative lives 5 miles from the lake, east of that spot – –
    Hoak’s Lakeshore Dining
    4100 Lakeshore Rd., Hamburg NY

  7. Climate Heretic

    Seasons Greetings to One and All.

    Best Regards
    Climate Heretic

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  10. drumphish

    It is hopeful that there can be an agreement with regard to the conflict in eastern Europe; to see eye-to-eye has to be an improvement.

    The cold temps hit fast and hard north of the 45th parallel in the US. The minus 24 degrees F for a few nights are dangerously cold temps, you stay put. Plenty of snow has fallen over the past seven days, no travel, roads closed, drifts 16 feet tall on I-90 in South Dakota. Have to grin and bear it until it’s over. Better temps today at least, still tough to get around.

    I was alive in 1959, I remember in December of that year there was no snow, the ground was bare. 1960 and 1961 were two dry summers and plenty of blowing dirt in the air. It was dry. Sun-drenched black dirt will heat to a high temp, bare feet will be so hot, you’ll dance.

    If fact, the winters during the late fifties seemed to be not as severe to me, also a more innocent world then. I was younger and stronger with a more active metabolism, so there’s that. I was a child, that’s the best part.

    Grew the tree used for a Christmas tree this year. One nice tree that is drinking a pint of water every day. Cut it above where deer were using it to scrap their antlers, it’ll still grow nascent branches. In ten years, a new trunk will be there, it does happen.

    The Christmas season is a healing time, can be efficacious.

    The Holidays can be happy. Not all bah humbug, just sayin’.

  11. voza0db

    We can’t forget that all that area was not that long ago covered with deep snow… So, as usual, uman animals like to occupy all sorts of lands and when the random events of Nature happen they start to blame everything except our own idiocy.

    It’s like the morons that build cities in river beds and then complain about rain and floods!

  12. Michael Peinsipp

    It will get warm again and than it will get colder and snowier the next…and repeat for the next 3-5 decades since Earth is in the EDDY Minimum meaning a Solar Minimum COLDER than the Maunder Minimum…enjoy the HELL that is coming!!!

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