Germany’s ZDF Public Television Suggests Bathing Once A Week Would Be Beneficial

Private daily showers to become a luxury for the privileged and wealthy in Germany? 

“What if we showered/bathed only once a week?”

You won’t shower any more, and you’ll be happy, German ZDF broadcaster suggests. Image cropped from ZDF kugelzwei. 

What the BBC is to Great Britain, are what the WDR and ARD public broadcasting are to Germany in terms of television and radio presence.

Just some weeks ago, the Instagram site of WDR kugelzwei presented some tips that save heat and energy for citizens to consider: showering only once a week.

After all: “Around 100 years ago, it was still customary to bathe only once a week,” wrote kugelzwei. “Today, people almost look at you strangely if you tell them you don’t shower several times a week.”

The “benefits” of showering only once a week

Supposedly, there are in fact numerous benefits from showering much less frequently, according to ZDF’s kugelzwei. For example, people would maybe learn to become “a little more tolerant of body odor”, and the unwashed would save time in the bathroom every morning.

Use sinks, not showers

Moreover, fitness studios could replace showers with just plain sinks. After a sweaty workout, one could freshen up in cubicle with with a simple sink and a washcloth instead of using a shower cubicle.

Make the weekly shower a public social event

Another idea proposed by the WDR’s kugelzwei is public bathing: “Maybe showering or bathing could become a weekly highlight,” they suggest. “We would celebrate this in public bathhouses – perhaps also in the company of others.”

WDR also cited research from Great Britain on the impacts that lockdowns had on showering. “In a YouGov survey, 17% of Britons said they shower less since the lockdowns. Among younger people aged 18 to 24, as many as 27% skip showering sometimes.”


19 responses to “Germany’s ZDF Public Television Suggests Bathing Once A Week Would Be Beneficial”

  1. Curious George

    “You won’t shower any more, and you’ll be happy.”
    Not once a week ..

  2. Jimfrey

    Desperate PR work; the eco-types really are scraping the barrel to justify the years of their ill-considered and failed policies. The biggest improvements in public health and longevity have been due to clean drinking water, proper drains and personal hygiene; something they now wish to reverse.

  3. OpaObie

    Pro Tip: 1 pair of underwear can last 4 days:

    Day 1: Wear normally.
    Day 2: Wear backwards.
    Turn inside out.
    Day 3: Wear normally.
    Day 4: Wear backwards.

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  8. Luigi

    When I was still using public means of trnasport, before the plandemic, in the underground and buses I often met people that clearly were bathing much more seldom than once a week.

  9. Adam Gallon

    Some truth in this.
    If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, there’s no need to completely wash yourself every day.
    Faces, hands, armpits & genital regions are all that’s needed.
    that’s a few litres of warm water in a sink.

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      I’ll shower every day now just to use the water you don’t use okay? AND I’ll let the shower warm up while running 10 minutes before I get in …just to be sure ya know!!!

      1. John L

        I am old enough to remember when most Americans took baths on Saturday night for prepare for Sunday church
        Madison Avenue advertising sold us the lie to shower every day

        Did you buy it ?

  10. Petit_Barde

    That stinks

  11. JohnM

    I shower once a week, whether I need it or not.

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  13. John Hultquist

    George Carlin covered this topic years ago.

  14. voza0db

    Start bathing twice a day… just for FUN!

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  16. Ned Nikolov

    When I was a kid, my grandma was telling, how back in the day, when she was a teenage girl living in northern Greece, they used to take a full-body bath only once or twice a year. I think the “green movement” is headed in that direction!

    We may soon be able to recognize the true believers in human-caused climate change by the intense body oder they emit… 🙂

  17. Bird of Paradise

    At one time people bathed once a week but that was back when still had the old hand pumps in the kitchen they filled big washtub heated it on the stove(Using Wood or Coal)then took their bath and their showers was a bucket of cold water place where you just pulled a rope and dumped the water on yourself and now some screwballs suggests back to a once a week shower/Bath over a fake crisis telling you some persons belong sin the Nut House

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