Tim McCarver Nominated For 2012 Nobel Physics Prize – McCarver’s Theory: Home Runs Correlate With CO2!

Share this… Facebook TwitterAnd thus he has a good shot of joining the elite ranks of Nobel Laureates along with the esteemed Al Gore and the IPCC. Hat-tip: Hot Air. If anyone needed more evidence that climate change science has become completely irrational and idiotic, here’s another glittering jewel. It’s another sign of the spreading mental […]

"Caused by global warming!", warmist sites claim.

Altered States And Sensory Deprivation: As The Globe Warms, The Cold Spreads!

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe widespread frigid cold gripping Asia and Europe is illustrated by the following chart (Source here) . Media outlets have reported that this is the worst February cold wave to hit Europe and western Russia in 25 years. Dozens have frozen to death over the last few days. So it goes without saying […]

The Communist Chevy Trabant – GM Back In The Fast Lane! (To Failure)

Share this… Facebook TwitterAt Climate Depot the ever active Marc Morano brings our attention to the troubles dogging the massively subsidized GM Chevy Volt and compares it to the communist East German Trabant: Neil Cavuto however admits he doesn’t know what a “Trabi” is. Nothing wrong with that – not everyone can have the fortune of […]

North Pole stop in the 1950s.

The Paul Ehrlich Of Climatology Reveals His Latest Halloween Horror Visions

Share this… Facebook TwitterHalloween is already in full swing at the Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Reseaarch in Germany. Witches, goblins, flesh-eating zombies and scary monsters are stirring about and spreading disturbing horror visions. Right now Stefan Rahmstorf is frozen by such a vision like a deer in the headlights. Rahmstorf, who has the unscientific habit of taking […]

German Rapper Raps Corrupt Climate Science – Skeptic Video Going Viral In Germany

Share this… Facebook Twitter  I expected this video to have a few dozen, or maybe a few hundred viewers at most, but surprisingly already more than 25,000 have watched it so far – not bad. Too bad there isn’t an English version, or at least English subtitles. (I’ve provided a translation of the lyrics below). […]

Josh On Sea Level Rise And Quacks

Josh On Sea Level Rise And Quacks

Share this… Facebook TwitterJosh weighs in on the sea level debate… Thanks for making my day, Josh!  See all of Josh’s cartoons HERE. Share this… Facebook Twitter

“Sustainable” Is The Marketing Word Of The Day

Share this… Facebook TwitterIn the older days, whether selling detergents, applicances or food products, marketers often used the slogan: “new and improved!” to con consumers and to boost sales. The German online DIE WELT reports that companies have changed their marketing slogans to make their business more profitable and sustainable. The new slogan used to pitch products […]

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