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German Daily ‘Die Welt’: “People Rebelling Against Wind Power” …Viewed As “A Destructive Force”

The July 24, 2016 print edition of national flagship daily Die Welt wrote a feature story on how German citizens are becoming fed up with the widespread crony capitalism of the wind energy business and are thus now mobilizing a fierce rebellion. The German daily writes of health issues for people living in their vicinity. The […]

Germans Rejecting Wind Power …Public Health Issues, Industrial Blight, Damage To Ecosystems

Once welcome as a clean alternative for producing energy, wind turbines in Germany are today faced with ever more hostile political and social environments. As the turbines increase in size, so do their impacts on people and ecosystems that are near them. In the southern German town of Winterlingen hundreds of people recently packed into […]

Spiegel Puts Spotlight On Germany’s “Green Sleaze” … Wind Industry’s “Corruption Of Greens, Environmental Groups, Local Pols…”

The latest hardcopy issue of flagship news magazine Der Spiegel reports how Germany’s green energy revolution has bitterly divided the country’s environmental movement. Enoch zu Guttenberg, one of Germany’s most prolific environmentalists has become an outspoken critic of wind energy in Germany, and believes children in the future will be able to see Germany’s idyllic landscape […]

German Medical Doctors Warn Hazards Of Wind Turbine Infrasound Are Very Real, Worse Than First Thought!

Dr. med Johannes Mayer made a presentation on the serious hazards of infrasound (1 – 20 Hz) from wind turbines saying: “It is unbelievable the flood of international scientific publications that has appeared over the last one and half years.” In the presentation Mayer cites “120 scientific papers” confirming the hazardous impacts of infrasound on human […]

German Authorities Open Investigation Into Wind Energy Corruption ..."In Part A Criminal Business"...Only A Few Profit

German Authorities Open Investigation Into Wind Energy Corruption …”In Part A Criminal Business”…Only A Few Profit

Yesterday I wrote about how wind park planners and the city councilmen who recklessly approve them may be held personally liable for damage to health that they cause, primarily through infrasound.  With locals wind parks, too often crony deals are involved and legitimate opposition gets brushed aside or squashed. The result is often a select […]

Germany: City Council Members Approving Wind Parks May Face Personal Liability For Damage To Health!

The legal winds are shifting! Many city councils and wind park planners are going to have to clean up their acts when pushing through their pet wind park projects. Germany’s Fundamental Law specifically expresses that the State is obligated to protect the life and physical body of the individual, foremost from illegal attacks by others. Consequently, […]

Rapidly Evolving Protest: German Wind Energy Opponents Form Political Party In Response To A Deaf System

Not a single one of Germany’s established political parties officially opposes the construction of wind parks despite all the proof of their inefficiency, hazard to health and wildlife, ugliness, and lack of economy. As a consequence, a growing number of citizens are becoming fed up with a political system that has become deaf to the […]

Lured By “Unrealistic Promises” Of Profit, German Communities Wind Up With “Financial Disasters” And Damaged Environments

The FDP Free Democrat party in the state of Hesse (central Germany) writes in a press release how local utilities and communities are suing wind park development company JUWI, accusing it of “making unrealistic promises” regarding wind energy projects, and calls them “highly speculative business with enormous risks for public budgets“. Over the years German […]

Catastrophic Turbine Failures, Targeted Blackouts Plague German Power As Wind, Solar Energy Increase

Thanks in large part to wind and solar energy, not only have German electricity prices paid by consumers skyrocketed over the past years, thus casting a large number of homes into home fuel poverty, but also the supply itself is rapidly becoming precarious and unreliable. One problem is the stabilization of the power grid in […]

Engineering Fiasco…Spiegel On Offshore Wind Parks: “Does Not Fulfill The Hopes Of Reliable Energy”!

Today I have a short but interesting report from here concerning the performance of North Sea wind parks, which were once seen as the future backbone of Germany’s energy supply. Unfortunately things are not working out that way at all. Photo right: Bard Delivering only a tiny fraction of rated capacity Spiegel writes that Germany now […]

Vermont State Arrogance…Vows Windparks Despite Residents’ Huge “Stinging Rebuke” Against 500-Foot Turbines!

TV station WPTZ here reports that developers planned to build seven 500-foot-tall wind turbines near the town of Swanton, Vermont, near Lake Champlain. However the industrial colossuses are no longer welcome in a state that proudly views itself as green. Hat-tip: Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D Vermonters are finding out quickly that wind parks are massively industrial, […]

German Court Strikes Down Wind Turbine Project, Citing “Disfigurement Of The Natural Scenery”!

The website of flagship ZDF German public television here writes a very short, well-buried report on a recent fast-track ruling by a German court in Arnsberg concerning the approval of a wind park project in Central Germany. The court found that wind turbines do in fact severely blight the natural landscape and therefore may not be built […]

Germany's Anti-Wind Energy Elements Morph Into A Massive Network Of Protest Groups... Call Wind Energy "A Lie"

Germany’s Anti-Wind Energy Elements Morph Into A Massive Network Of Protest Groups… Call Wind Energy “A Lie”

The last two posts were getting a lot of traffic, and so yesterday I decided to take the day off and let them run. Today I’m back with the next post, which is also about the wind energy folly. Resistance to the junk green energy is growing in Germany. Last month a print edition of Germany’s […]

Shocking Before-And-After Photos: How Wind Parks Are Devastating Idyllic German Countryside!

Shocking Before-And-After Photos: How Wind Parks Are Devastating Idyllic German Countryside!

Note: Most, if not all, of the “before” photos were produced by airbrushing away the wind turbines from the real “after” photos, as some readers have pointed out. This is the most effective way of accurately showing the real extent the turbines have blighted the landscape. ================================================= Wind energy is supposed to rescue the planet from an […]

Beleaguered Industry: Wind Parks Coming Under Fire Due To Health Impacts From Infrasound…Danish Permitting Halts!

The debate on the effects of infrasound on the health of people and animals living near wind parks has been raging on with more intensity than ever – especially since Denmark unexpectedly halted the permitting of new wind parks due to “health concerns” from infrasound. Infrasound is defined as low frequency sound under 16 Hz – below […]

Growing "Swept Area" Of Annihilation...Study Points To Wind Turbines' Barotraumatic Mayhem Of Bats

Growing “Swept Area” Of Annihilation…Study Points To Wind Turbines’ Barotraumatic Mayhem Of Bats

As wind turbines increase in size and scale, so do their deadliness to wildlife and hazards to human health. Today’s modern wind turbines now soar to heights of up to over 200 meters, can have outputs of well over 5 MW, and blade tip speeds of over 300 kilometers per hour, thus making them especially lethal […]

Denmark Monitoring And Analyzing Windpark-Critical Citizens … Opposition To Windparks Growing To Formidable Dimensions

Wind energy country Denmark spying on and analyzing critical citizens By the European Institute for Climate and Energy Copenhagen/Hamburg: A Danish study that cost the taxpayer more than €2.6 million and supported by the freeloaders of the wind power, led by world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers Vestas, Siemens, and Vattenfall in Denmark, is to provide […]

Surprise! Payback From Windparks Far Less Than Promised…Wind Models Exaggerated Projected Wind Indices!

In relatively windy Germany many people think wind turbines are a reliable investment. After all, especially near the North and Baltic seas, the wind blows almost all the time, and surely wind energy is competitive, even when generated onshore. But that’s proving to be a total myth, so reports Germany’s leftist-greenie daily, TAZ. According to […]

Skeptic Papers 2019 (3)

Skeptic Papers 2019 (3)

Climate Model Unreliability/Biases/Errors and the Pause Tapiador et al., 2019     Uncertainties in modeling persist for large parts of the world, suggesting models still limited to the research realm. … It turns out that both GCMs and RCMs [global/regional climate models] appear still limited to provide practical estimates of the world climates even for present […]

"Vegawatts" Now Getting Fed Into Energy Grid... German Power Utility Now Offering "Vegan" Electricity And Gas!

“Vegawatts” Now Getting Fed Into Energy Grid… German Power Utility Now Offering “Vegan” Electricity And Gas!

A German power utility now offers “vegan power” and “vegan gas” to consumers who wish to buy energy that is green, sustainable and whose production and use are gentle to animals. German energy company now offering vegan energy to consumers. Credit: CC0 Public Domain. Many of us are familiar with the strict aspects of […]

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