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The Rotors Of Sickness… Wind Energy Proponents Refuse To Acknowledge Proven Wind Turbine Health Hazards

The Rotors Of Sickness… Wind Energy Proponents Refuse To Acknowledge Proven Wind Turbine Health Hazards

A report on infrasound (low frequency sound below 20 Hz) by German public television ZDF here further reveals how infrasound from wind turbines causes widespread health issues, despite claims by “experts” that these illnesses are “in peoples’ heads” and not really real. The dubious argument that “if you can’t hear it, then it can’t hurt […]

Occupational Health Expert Exposes The Serious Hazards Of Infrasound From Wind Turbines

Earlier this year in Ljubljana, Slovenia, acoustics and health expert Dr. Mariana Alves Pereira explained the impacts low frequency infrasound can have on health. It’s far from pretty. Infrasound is very low frequency (<20 Hz) and is below the threshold of human hearing. It is sensed by the human ear only as pressure waves. Hat tip: […]

"Heart-Jamming" Wind Turbines ...New Medical Research Confirms Infrasound Negatively Impacts Heart Health!

“Heart-Jamming” Wind Turbines …New Medical Research Confirms Infrasound Negatively Impacts Heart Health!

While German activists are growing hysterical over fine particle emissions from today’s relatively cleaner diesel automobiles, the German Allgemeine Zeitung here reports that researchers have determined that low-frequency infrasound from wind turbines indeed do have a negative impact on the human heart. Infrasound from wind turbines can affect heart health, new findings show. Image: DrJanaOfficial – CC […]

New Study Sees New Health Risk To Humans From Wind Turbines: “Micro-Seismicity”

German wind energy protest site ( tells us of a new study: “Numerical modelling of micro-seismic and infrasound noise radiated by a wind turbine” and the possible the effects on human health. It turns out that not only infrasound have negative impacts on humans, but perhaps so do the micro-seismic waves that turbine vibrations […]

German Wind Turbines “In Conflict With Health”…Physicians Recommend 3-Kilometer Minimum Distance!

NDR German public television recently broadcast a critical report on the health effects of wind turbines. According to state physician Thomas Carl Stiller, infrasound from wind turbines causes an array of ailments among a segment of the population, such as dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, fatigue, sleeplessness and difficulty concentrating. Nationally, protest groups are banding together in numbers never seen […]

German Expert: Wind Turbine Infrasound Travels 25 KM…Warns Of Health Hazards…Advises Minimum 5000 Meter Distance!

Professional engineer Bernd Töpperwien made a presentation (in German) on infrasound and its impacts on human health, specifically addressing the impacts of a wind park proposed to be built in the region he resides. Though low-frequency infrasound (<20 Hz) is not audible to the human ear, the pressure variations are felt by the inner ear, […]

“Acoustic Torture” …Austrian Chamber Of Physicians Warns Of Health Hazards From Large-Size Wind Turbines

Once dismissed as something merely imagined by people close to industrial wind turbines, health disorders caused by infrasound are emerging as being very real. Austrian site here has a press release by the Vienna Chamber of Physicians warning of health hazards from large-scale wind turbines, citing “comprehensive studies”. It calls for a minimum setback […]

Greens In Denial: Health Impacts From Wind Turbines Are Real – And Not “In People’s Heads”

The following video is really worth taking the time to watch. It explains clearly how very low frequency sound waves (infrasound) from wind turbines have an adverse effect on some people, making them feel ill. Like the motion sickness that people experience in a car, plane or boat, infrasound sickness results from “sensory conflict” in […]

Overwhelming Rejection! German Community Shoots Down Planned Wind Park By Vote Of 269 - 11

Overwhelming Rejection! German Community Shoots Down Planned Wind Park By Vote Of 269 – 11

Onshore wind energy in Germany has long lost its luster as a “clean” way to produce electricity in Germany. Currently green energy proponents are pushing to significantly ease restrictions against the construction of wind parks, and don’t want to hear any complaints from pesky local citizens. But resistance to projects has reached a massive scale. […]

Increasingly Powerful Headwinds Ahead: Germany's Wind Industry Faces Extinction ..."Several 10,000 Jobs Lost "

Increasingly Powerful Headwinds Ahead: Germany’s Wind Industry Faces Extinction …”Several 10,000 Jobs Lost “

Online site wind energy proponent site, here presents a commentary telling why Germany is seeing ever increasing resistance to wind energy projects and how the wind industry could be seeing the final nail in its coffin. German wind industry losing its shine, seeing growing resistance. Photo: Pierre Gosselin Behind the mounting resistance are hundreds […]

Germany Pulls Plug On Wind Energy... Wind Industry In "Severe Crisis"...Wind Giant Enercon To Lay Off 3000

Germany Pulls Plug On Wind Energy… Wind Industry In “Severe Crisis”…Wind Giant Enercon To Lay Off 3000

German online weekly FOCUS here reports how cuts by wind energy giant Enercon will lead to 3000 layoffs. According to Enercon chief executive Hans-Dieter Kettwig, “politicians have pulled the plug on wind energy.” German wind energy industry in turmoil. Photo: By Pierre Gosselin Subsidies cut Once lavished with huge incentives, the German wind industry is […]

How Wartenberg, Germany, Ruined Its Natural Landscape To Make Way For “Green” Wind Turbines

Probably the most disturbing aspect of wind energy is its destructive impact the green energy source has on the environment, never mind its sporadic supply, adverse health impacts and high costs. As Germany ignored all warnings about wind energy’s shortcomings and its threats, government officials charged ahead blindly and obstinately, without a plan, into the […]

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