Austrian Meteorologists Stupefied Into Silence! Data From Alps Show Marked Cooling Over Last 2-3 Decades!

UPDATE: GISS data confirm Jung’s results.

Note: the temperature data was evaluated by meteorologist Jung, and not the Austrian weather service, as was mistakenly reported. The result, however, remains unchanged.


Perhaps you’ve been wondering why the alarmists have been so shrill lately? It’s not because the climate is overheating, to the contrary it’s beginning to cool – and so their sham is about to be blown out into the open for everyone to see.

Alps public domain photo

Austrian meteorological data show that European Alps have been cooling, at times massively, over the last 20 years. Public domain photo.

Evaluated data from the Austrian ZAMG meteorological institute now unmistakably show that the Alps have been cooling over the last 20 years and longer, “at some places massively” thus crassly contradicting all the loud claims, projections, and model sceanrios made earlier by global warming scientists.

German meteorologist Dominik Jung reports on the data he himself evaluated from the European Alps and concludes at the German-language Huffington Post here:

We are obviously very far away from milder winters. The trend actually is moving in the opposite direction! A few years ago climatologists advised winter sports locations in the Alps to reduce their investments in winter sports facilities – because of the ever increasing mean temperatures, they soon would not be worth it. So we ask ourselves, which increasing temperatures are the ladies and gentlemen even talking about?”

Some places have seen “massive cooling”

According to an expert review conducted by Dominik Jung of data from the Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG), the Austrian state weather service, using weather data going back 20 years, or more: “Winters there indeed are shown to have gotten colder over the last 20 years, and in some places quite massively. The last two winters at Kitzbühel were in fact the coldest of the last 20 years.”

Jung then writes that also four other high elevation stations in the Alps were assessed: Zugspitze in Germany, Schmittenhöhe in Austria, Sonnblick in Austria and Säntis in Switzerland. Result:

They all yielded the same amazing result: Winters in the Alps over the last decades have become significantly colder, the data show.”

Jung writes that data from extra long datasets from 20 to 30 years were examined, “just like climatologists always insist.”

Jung then informs readers that he asked the Austrian meteorological experts on site what they thought of the results. According to Jung, the reaction was either dead silence induced by shock, or attempts to downplay the results. Had the data shown warming instead, then of course we would be hearing just the opposite of silence and downplaying…we’d be hearing the hysterical screams of bloody climate murder!

Humiliated science

Jung speculates that the reason meteorologists and climatologists don’t want to hear about the results is because “it doesn’t fit with their world view.”  After all, just a few years ago they were cock-sure about their predictions of winters without snow and that skiing was only going to be possible at extremely high elevations. Science just possibly could not be humiliated to a greater extent.

Near the end of his Huffington Post essay, Jung comments that it appears that “climate warming has become a religion. Those belonging to it do not tolerate new findings“, even those that stem from solid observations and measurements.

Meteorologist Jung concludes that it’s almost scandalous that the responsible authorities are simply ignoring these findings.


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  1. “almost scandalous”

    How bad would it have to be to qualify as ‘scandalous’? These people are not just failing to do their job, they are issuing advice based on fabricated evidence (or no evidence at all). They should either issue their apologies, in large type, or find work to which they are better suited, like cleaning floors. Or both.

    1. Guns can (!) kill people . Forks could kill people as well, or a towel etc. Its always the user. The gun itselfs is a useless junk of metal.

      1. Yeah well, I think not even the German media has managed to manufacture any gun crime scare over the last year. All the violence in the city centres I track is knockout game style / headkicking killings. Police of Bonn is giving up on parts of the city etc. Nothing at all to do with guns.

        The subcontractor management of the Germanic sector (SPD/CDU) is just following its orders.

      2. Cold can and does kill people when will the scum that gave us AGW pay the price for the misery they have caused?

  2. I would cheer the coming cooling as I would my favorite team to cause those whose religion is global warming come face-to-face with their shame. I suspect however, that they would never abandon it nor admit they were wrong, even if they were in the final stages of hypothermia.

    I say I would cheer…however, the horror though, is that due to past energy policies vast numbers of people may suffer (or perish) from insufficient, inexpensive energy to deal with a cooler environment. Therefore, I cannot cheer.

    Should such an eventuality come to pass as it already appears to be in Germany and the UK at least, the onus and responsibility lies squarely on those who have perpetrated this fraud by any means at their disposal, leaving the horrific mess that the rest of us will have to clean up.

    And clean up we will.

  3. It is a basic requirement of all articles like this to supply a DIN or at least a link to the data. Otherwise it’s just words. The warm side of the debate often makes claims without evidence. It’s sad to see a sceptic page committing the same mistake.

    1. This blog merely reports on news from Germany and elsewhere. You have the link to the HuffPo, and you’re welcome to contact meteorologist Jung directly:
      I’m sure he’ll be happy to give you the data you want. His name is not Michael Mann and he won’t claim the data are protected by “intellectual property rights” or “exempt from the FOIA” or that he “can’t find them” or that they are “only available to scientists”.

  4. No surprise of course, since the world has cooled down ~18K over the last 84 million years, when a series of large magma eruptions ended.

      1. The article is really of interest since the temperatures in the Alpine Region grew faster in the past, than the average global record. I tried to find a graph of the temperature of the past 30 years at the ZAMG (Austrian Met Office) web page – in vain.
        What is to add: The phantastic photograph is from Switzerland – showing the three “giants” Eiger, Moench, Jungfrau.
        kind regards from Vienna,

        1. You have to learn how to read…
          Mr Jung used the data available from the ZAMG to calculate the cooling. Please ask him directly.

          And of course, you won’t find it from the ZAMG, nor at DWD, nor any other warmist place. There’s a reason for that: They don’t want anyone to see it! That’s the scandal Jung refers to.

  5. It is always the same story, first they say look..another evidence that man made warming is occurring.. then ..well this is not relevant after all.
    who can be sure that any variation we see is cause by so called man made global warming? none.

  6. You can bet that if a cooling trend occurs they will still blame human activity. They just want to find an excuse to destroy society. This is TREASON of the highest order. Uber treason . The punishment must fit the crime. Sorry will not be good enough. Time for scientists to confess to the pressure to lie or face the consequences of complicity with the Devil. Us “deniers” will be well and truly owed an apology.

  7. – Only talking about one region in stead of global trends
    – Using “the last 2 winters” as an argument
    – Not looking at moving averages
    – Only talking about winter, the least important season for Alpine glaciers

    You’re talking about weather, not climate.

    1. Gee, I guess we could learn a lot from people like you who use a single 1-day weather event like Yolanda to make conclusions on climate trends.

      1. Don’t worry, I don’t do that. And no serious meteorologist should ever link a single weather event to global warming. But if global warming continues there will be more energy in the atmosphere so the frequency of severe weather patterns like Yolanda will increase.

        So with that out of the way, what do you think about the rest of my remarks?

          1. I must admit that I don’t know enough about cyclones/hurricanes to ask enough critical questions about that article, but from what I’ve read it’s not really the frequency of hurricanes in general that would go up but the intensity of the average hurricane. Which might as well mean that there could be less hurricanes in total, but with more destructive power. ( )

            People with more knowledge on the matter, please do chime in.

            Other than that, any comments on my initial remarks about this article?

          2. How can temperature change the frequency or intensity of storms when temperature did not change for 17 years?
            The only remarkable thing about climate is how stable it is.

        1. Lieven Dekeyser
          23. November 2013 at 15:02 | Permalink | Reply
          “But if global warming continues”

          It has stopped 17 years ago already. The rise of CO2 hasn’t. Obviously there is no correlation, and the naiive CO2AGW theory has been falsified. Notably, the postulated positive water vapor feedback has never been observed; it exists only in the models, not in reality.

          Econometric statistics techniques rule out that CO2 concentration causes temperature; but does not rule out that the derivative of CO2 concentration has a causal influence on temperature. (Granger cuasality; Granger got a Nobel for that)

          1. Oh, a “refutation” by the guy who speaks of himself in the third person and thinks he’s a rabbit; I’ll pass that one.

            But thanks for the link correction.

    2. You accuse sceptics of talking about the weather and not the climate. Do you have any shame. See the Philippines typhoon as an example. You bloody hypocrites.

      1. As I answered earlier, I’m not linking any specific weather event to global warming. Don’t call me a hypocrite, but please do read my remarks and respond to those. Thanks.

  8. Your German is either very bad or you have simply made up the entire paragraph about the “expert review conducted by the Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) “. There was no expert review by the ZAMG according to the original German article; it was Dominik Jung who did the ‘expert review’ himself. All ZAMG did was provide the data.

    (Nach einer fachlichen Prüfung meinerseits bin ich sehr überrascht. Die Winter sind dort in den letzten 20 Jahren tatsächlich nachweislich kälter geworden, und das teilweise ganz massiv. Die letzten beiden Winter waren in Kitzbühel sogar die kältesten der vergangenen 20 Jahre.)

    Also, Jung speaks of just 5 places in the Alps in wintertime (without ever providing any actual data) yet your article here claims “that the Alps have been cooling over the last 20 years and longer”. There is absolutely nothing in the original article to support such a claim.

    Are you making stuff up or is your German that bad?

    1. In the earlier sentences I write that Jung evaluated the data. The later sentence was wrongly formulated and I should have proofread it, of course. The final result remains unchanged…The Alps have been cooling, like the planet itself (last 8 years), and nobody wants to talk about it. Jung is right: This is a scandal.

      1. It is nice that you recognize the mistake you made but shouldn’t you have pointed that out to your readers in a clear manner (ie via an Update)?

        “Über-alarmist GISS also says winters in the Alps have been cooling. ”

        That is very nice if true but that is not what you claim here. You still claim that “the Alps have been cooling over the last 20 years and longer”, a claim not supported by neither Mr Jung’s article nor your new post about GISS.

        I also find it intriguing that you would instantly believe a HuffPo article which provides no data at all, just claims. Had that article been by a warmist claiming the opposite I am pretty sure you would have accused its’ author of just making wild claims without any proof whatsoever.

        I have no intention in contacting Mr Jung himself about his data. Why? Because there are thousands of people writting stuff on blogs and making wild claims for which they do not provide any actual data. Such claims are best ignored. But you Mr Gosselin chose to report on Jung’s ‘findings’ on your own much-read blog, committing a now admitted but crucial error of translation and making up data while doing so.

        You are the ‘skeptic’, are you not? You should have asked for Jung’s data to verify whether his and your own bold claims can actually be backed up. You did not.

        1. I know all this unexpected cooling is terribly frustrating for the warming believers, but you’ll just have to find a way to come to terms with it. The sole purpose of the article was to quote what an expert claimed he found at the famous HuffPo – the Alps are truly cooling. People have to decide for themselves whether to believe it or not, just like the readers at HuffPo are expected to do. Personally I believe Mr Jung, and it’s fine if you don’t. My view is that the GISS chart confirms all the conclusions reached by Jung are spot on. If that is not clear enough for you, then perhaps you should adopt the UN IPCC decade statistical trick: i.e. the last decade in the Alps was cooler than the previous one.

          1. There’s no need to come to terms with anything, at least not for me, as I am not the one instantly believing what Mr Jung claims nor do I extrapolate those claims for just 5 (FIVE) locations in the Alps to the entire area as you do.

            You’re not a skeptic as you claim; you’re a wishful thinker just wishing Mr Jung is right and for that reason you cannot be bothered neither to check the data nor to be too precise in your translations and claims.

  9. I am PRETTY SURE that the MAIN CAUSE of CLIMATE CHANGE/GW/ClimateRuin is NOT CO2 emissions but MASSIVE TREE LOSS/Forest-Denudation of the Earth/Bald Planet Syndrome [UNADMITTED]. My source/data/proof/support? I am a PROPHET of THE BLEEDING OBVIOUS. If U wish to contact/poo poo etc me Twitter @leshutch2001. I do not look at Facebook or e-mail. The OTHER 5 or 6 causes of GW? Eg 1 TRN? litre cubed HOT CAR EXHAUST/day from stored Sun’s energy from millions of years ago + + + + ETC

    1. You’re probably right. But as long as policymakers are convinced it’s CO2, don’t expect the real problems to be solved.

      1. Thank you for posting and replying to my post, Pierre. I also appreciate your honesty in your ‘about’ section. I too have an Applied Science Degree, Metallurgical Engineering of all things, not Climate Science. But we can all OBSERVE, and Climate & weather in Australia have definitely ‘got the wobbles’/strange things are happening with them. This surprises me not, as the DEFORESTATION of Oz has been horrific, for livestock grazing, wheat-crop-growing, open-cut-mining, housing sprawl, etc. Even 1 tree affects its surroundings – whole forests have a Cooling Function for Continents, surely, among all their other services, such as Rain-Cloud Production. Eg1. I have observed first-hand crop failures in Australia, and watched TV News reports of others, because in some cases expected warm weather in Spring or early Summer did not happen, to ripen grapes, say. Eg2. In Victoria, whose Capital City is Melbourne, usually our coolest State since Southerly [closer to Antarctica], the bushfires raged last Summer [Nov Dec Jan] all the way thru til APRIL! I could give you Egs3++, but you get the idea. Here is a link to a graph from our Australian Bureau of Meteorology BOM which shows annual average temps in Oz 1910-2012 , on a sharply? rising trend for the last 50 yrs, about 1960 onwards?
        [And we’ve just had a record warm/hot year in 2013, with bushfires in SPRING Sept/October, amongst hot, 38-42 degrees, ‘tinder’ dry conditions.]
        I EXPECT Earth’s Climate to be seriously affected [polite words] by 7bn humans, our cars, trucks, deforestation, coal-fired power stations’ HOT EXHAUST AIR/warmed cooling water, etc. In fact I hardly see ONE aspect of Nature which humans HAVEN’T screwed up. I WONDER if ppl just quote CO2 Emissions as the scapegoat because they’re loath to antagonise the ACTUAL culprits of Climate Ruin eg Car/Oil Inds or Big Oil, Big Coal, etc etc?? [Eg. GM’s EV1 Electric Car et al shredded in 2006? so Big Oil could flog us $100TRN more oil: DVD Who Killed The Electric Car; Now they offer us EC’s like the Leaf, IMiev, etc, for AU$50,000 just to put us off? when you should be able to get a basic 3-wheel EC for say AU$7,000+. Eg. In Oz our Great Barrier [Coral] Reef is being devastated by a Crown-of-Thorns starfish invasion, presumably because Fishermen and fool ‘hunters’ shoot seals, which are its natural predator. But can you get ‘Strayuns’ to admit/accept this? In Oz we like to blame all but ourselves/our own kind. Oh no – more ‘research’ needed [to tell us the BO Bleeding Obvious.]
        I am cognisant of the Climate fluctuations of the Pleistocene ‘Ice Age’. I EXPECT our human activities are having appreciable affects on top of Earth’s usual climate wobbles. It’s like the old scenario ‘light one match in a room, you hardly notice it, but have 30 ppl in the room lighting matches at the same time [crowded!] you will asphyxiate on SO2/P2O5 probably.’ That is, with 7bn ppl+cars+tar, cement & paving ++++ EXPECT effects on Earth-scale?
        If as I suspect MASSIVE TREE LOSS is by far and away the Main Cause of Climate ‘Instability’ [Warming? Cooling?] ‘Erratic-ness’, then HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Already there are reports of Forest Die-Offs due to hot, drought conditions, which means subsequent years may be even hotter-drier with even more tree die-offs, and SO WE MAY BE ON A SPIRAL OUT-OF-CONTROL to hotter-drier times?? The GREEDY are still knocking forests over in Oz, and our newest Government are lapdogs of Vested Interests.
        From my self-appointed position as a[n imperfect] Prophet of the BO [Bleeding Obvious not Body Odour] , I predict, at least in Oz, we may broil in our own sweat during coming Summers. And Beware Ye, my predictions usually come true, to the chagrin of my long-term work-mates of previous years.
        Sorry this post so long, but much to talk about/discuss?
        Cheers, Les.

  10. Well Austria might be cooler but Australia is warming up. Either way surely no one can deny the climate is changing.

  11. This piqued my interest because I live in Austria. Unfortunately Jung doesn’t share any data or graphs, just words, and so I’ve asked the ZAMG for data and/or their view. I’d also like to know what the situation is for the rest of the year, temperature-wise, and for more weather stations than just 5. Other than that it is not a secret that Eurasia has been experiencing colder winters since the acceleration in Arctic sea ice loss since 2005, as changes in the jet stream cause more cold to spill southwards.

    One nitpick with this blog post:

    According to an expert review conducted by the Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG), the Austrian state weather service, using weather data from the last 20 years or more: “Winters there indeed are shown to have gotten colder over the last 20 years, and in some places quite massively. The last two winters at Kitzbühel were in fact the coldest of the last 20 years.”

    There was no expert review by the ZAMG, only a review by Jung. In German it says this:

    Nach einer fachlichen Prüfung meinerseits bin ich sehr überrascht. Die Winter sind dort in den letzten 20 Jahren tatsächlich nachweislich kälter geworden, und das teilweise ganz massiv. Die letzten beiden Winter waren in Kitzbühel sogar die kältesten der vergangenen 20 Jahre.

    I’ll leave it up to you whether you deem it worthy to correct, Pierre.

  12. Okay, for anyone interested, on another blog I was pointed to graphs of the Austrian weather station data in question:

    Sonnblick – Winter Year

    Schmittenhöhe – Winter Year

    As expected there’s a clear trend upwards for the entire year, but even looking at winter one clearly sees that temps are still much higher than in the past. As a matter of fact, and contrary to what Jung claims, the last two data points on the graphs for Schmittenhöhe as well as Sonnblick are among the 6-7 highest on record.

    Personally I think Jung is trying to mislead us, but maybe someone can further clarify the matter. And of course, all of this is leaving aside the causes which are discussed on another thread here.

    1. Schmittenhöhe winter definitely shows downward trend…and so does Sonnenblick. And as you said, they end at 2007. Are these the latest from ZAMG? If so, who’s misleading who? Do you have the link to the ZAMG data for the other stations? Also 20-year low pass filter seems like overdoing it. Why not something like 7 or 9 years?

      1. Sorry for not linking. I found those graphs here. I couldn’t find any more, unless you pay for data. Which is unfortunate, but perhaps understandable.

        Too bad, I’d like to see this winter cooling quantified, not just for 5 weather stations, but all of the Alps. And also see it compared to other seasons and the year as a whole. I’m also curious to see if this cooling continues, presuming Arctic sea ice loss will resume.

        I dropped the ZAMG a line. Maybe they have more.

  13. Just to report that the ZMAG has replied, and basically they say that more detailed data can be compiled, but at a price.

    So, conclusion (for me): Jung unfortunately didn’t post any graphs, and I’m not Either way, I’m sure that recent winters have been colder in the Alps, as they have been in many parts of Europe. I don’t agree however that this somehow negates global warming, because it’s regional and there are some suspicions that this might be tied changes in the jet stream, which in turn might have to do with Arctic sea ice loss. We’ll know in 10-15 years if this is just one of those short-lived downturns that we see so many of in the graphs, or whether something else might be going on.

    And the implication that Austrian scientists are somehow stupefied into silence and shoving this under the carpet, is just the usual skeptic hyperbole.

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